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How Time Tracking Projects With Time Doctor Can Make You More Efficient

Let’s say that you – as the project manager – are searching for a means of scrutinizing your employees’ progress while working on assigned projects.

Firstly, you don’t want to appear too invasive. Besides, things could easily backfire. Remember, everyone has a smartphone these days. It wouldn’t take much for a staff member to put you on blast on social media because of some real or imagined breach of company protocol.

It’s best to be straightforward from the beginning… period! Let your employees know the purpose of why you are using a time tracking system.

Let them know that it’s not spying and that it’s beneficial for managing project productivity which ultimately benefits them and the company. 

In this article, we will focus on the benefits of using time tracking tools for your business. 

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3 Key Ways Time Tracking Tools Benefit Your Business 

1. Decrease Costs

Using a time tracking system will help to manage your employees’ time spent on assigned projects. By default, time tracking software also exposes project delays and what needs improving; thereby, decreasing costly mistakes.

What’s more, lacking the appropriate software, your business may lose revenue simply due to inaccuracies. Ergo, the probability is high that manual mistakes will cost you big-time. Installing time tracking software will essentially optimize work time and participation data, making your labor force more productive and cost-effective. 

In fact, you could easily squeeze out a full day’s work – roughly 8 hours – by instituting time tracking software that allows your employees to concentrate on more demanding aspects of their work. 

2. Improves Day-to-Day Operations

The day-to-day operations of your company will improve greatly with time tracking software. You will be better equipped to plan projects, the time spent on them, and what measures to take for future operations.   

Keep in mind that your dear employees won’t be attentive every working minute of the day. It’s just the way it is. A bit of flexibility and a calm demeanor is advised. Let’s face it, if a worker can’t answer the call of nature without permission, it’s time for some serious company-employee mediation!  

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Nevertheless, time tracking tools and templates can produce a positive vibe and a sense of trustworthiness in your workers. It’s up to you to let them know that monitoring software is not meant for penalizing anyone, but to increase efficiency and to hold your company accountable as well. 

Remote employees will feel more inspired and become more efficient. It’s also about being part of a team, even if they’re working remotely, and better informed. Time tracking software gives employees independence and increased confidence as they become more focused and capable. 

Bonus: Employee monitoring tools for Mac users!

3. Helps Assess Client Value Faster

Time tracking apps will help you assess client value faster as well. It’s an uncomfortable fact that your company’s progress is literally dependent upon your clients’ economic participation. There’s little room for sensibilities, so it’s best not to be insensible when it comes to company revenue.    

It’s not a call to drop clients in favor of more profitable ones… OK, not really. It’s all about priorities. If a customer brings in a substantial amount of earnings to your business, and you have another client that drops you a line every-now-and-then, well, you’re going to have to make some serious prioritizing decisions. If not, you may find yourself without a business altogether.   

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Tip: Why not really impress your client by granting them access to the step-by-step progress of their project data? With technology, it’s possible. You can easily customize features so as not to reveal too much, but just enough to keep your client confident in your expertise. 

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Time Doctor and ClickUp Integration

Two cloud-based software successes that come highly recommended are Time Doctor and ClickUp. Together, this dynamic-duo provides a two-in-one mechanism for efficient time tracking accuracy.

The integration of Time Doctor’s chrome extension time tracking software in ClickUp enables quick access to accumulated time data in regard to completed projects by your employees.

To a large extent, Time Doctor acts as a nerve center. It gathers applicable data from ClickUp and provides a comprehensive summary of what your workers are doing while working on projects. 

Here’s a preview of several key features of ClickUp and Time Doctor separately:


  • Functions as a cloud-based project management work program for a variety of employee groups and companies
  • Expedient free version providing vital features not found in paid versions of paid software programs like real-time collaboration, dashboards, proofing, and around-the-clock support
  • Appropriate for freelancers, teams, and all business sizes
  • Professional dashboard command providing extraordinary visuals and data directly from the control panel  
  • Designate tasks to project participants, oversee projects for clients, and engage with co-workers on documents, and more

ClickUp offers a number of tools and features that accomplish workplace goals efficiently and in a convenient way. In fact, the software company keeps up-to-date by releasing additional features each week, and selects the most beneficial features according to the feedback received. 

Users can observe projects and data in a multiple view format for increased perception and speedier tracking. For example, workers can choose between an Activity view, Table view, Timeline view, Box view for dashboards, Map view, and more!   

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Employee workspace is easily modifiable, details of work status is clear, colors and themes for visual aesthetics are available, etc. A formidable contender in project management tools, ClickUp is beneficial for SMBs, teams, and solopreneurs interested in individual online PM, team work solutions, and extensional productivity

Time Doctor

  • Offers precise and innovative time tracking
  • Employee productivity assessment and documentation 
  • Screenshot capture and recording dynamics
  • Time tracking, overtime calculation, and employee scheduling 
  • Multidimensional time-tracking software incorporated with CRM and white label efficacy 
  • Calendar management, FMLA/family, medical, leave, act tracking, time zone tracking, and more
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How Does Time Doctor Work?

Time Doctor is a SaaS time tracking and performance management tool compatible with over 60 distinctive project management and productivity apps.

To boot, as a multi-functioning time tracking software, Time Doctor’s time-management analytics are quite impressive! Pivotal tracking metrics include start and stop timers, website monitoring and app usage, keyboard and mouse activity, time dedicated to projects and tasks, and more!

The bedrock of ClickUp and Time Doctor’s Chrome extension collaboration is the ease of assembling accurate time data in accordance with completed tasks by your ClickUp workforce. Important project details are disclosed, offering an across-the-board summary of what your employees are up to.

Your company remains up-to-date and knowledgeable about employee work participation, project investments are better understood and dispersed more evenly, billing is less complicated, and efficiency is increased.   

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Whether your company needs project management, employee monitoring, better communication apps, or time-shared work functionality, time tracking software helps to streamline procedures making your company more efficient and profitable.

With solutions specifically designed to instinctively track digital movements on the job, your company can clearly view employee activity, develop more awareness about efficiency, and assess work conduct and effective patterns that ultimately result in constructive changes.

Make one of the best moves ever for your business. Start your free trial today with the ClickUp project management tool enhanced by the Time Doctor extension! 

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