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10 Best Tiktok Alternatives for Video Sharing in 2024

TikTok reigns supreme? Not quite! The platform exploded in popularity a few years ago, but it’s not the only short-form video game in town. 

Fueled by viral trends, short format videos, and vertical screens, TikTok became a launchpad for creators and a marketing tool for businesses. 

Your content marketing efforts must now cater to other channels, too. TikTok’s competitors are rising, and your next viral moment could be on one of them. 

Let’s explore the 10 best video-sharing apps available in the market.

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What Should You Look for in TikTok Alternatives?

Consider these key factors when choosing a TikTok alternative:

  • Content niche: See if the platform caters to your specific interests, be it humor, gaming, business, or educational content
  • Discovery features: Look for strong recommendation algorithms to help you find engaging content and grow your audience
  • Editing tools: Ensure the app offers editing features that suit your creativity, allowing you to add music, effects, and text
  • Monetization options: If you aim to make money from your content, verify if the platform offers built-in monetization features like tipping or creator funds
  • Established user base: A larger user base increases the potential for reaching a wider audience and sparking virality

Also, see if these apps are free or, at least, affordable; some apps may require you to buy certain advanced features or unlock greater functionality. 

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The 10 Best TikTok Alternatives to Use in 2024

There can be several reasons why you’d consider a TikTok Alternative: You’re wary of privacy concerns or you’re looking for a content platform that aligns with your preferences, maybe more features, or just a different community vibe. 

Whatever your reason is, you’ll find a match below.

1. Instagram reels

Instagram Reels is a powerful tool for creators and businesses to produce TikTok-like short videos. 

It lets you create short, creative, and entertaining videos up to 90 seconds long, packed with music, effects, and creative transitions.

It helps you scale your content production as a creator or a business. Think snackable, engaging content that can go viral, boost brand awareness, or simply showcase your personality. 

But Reels aren’t just about fun and games. They offer a dedicated space in the Explore tab, allowing you to reach a massive audience beyond your followers.

Instagram Reels’s best features

  • Keeps viewers hooked and scrolling for more with a familiar, no-frills interface
  • Reach a wider audience beyond your followers through a dedicated space in the Explore tab
  • Partner with creators or utilize Reels ads to reach your target audience 
  • Creators can explore brand sponsorships or utilize affiliate marketing
  • Use the readily available editing tools, music options, and effects for a high degree of creative expression

Instagram Reels limitations

  • Compared to TikTok’s 10-minute maximum video, Reels are capped at 90 seconds, limiting storytelling options
  • With a massive user base, competition for views and engagement on Reels can be fierce

Instagram Reels pricing

  • Free Forever

Instagram Reels ratings and reviews

  •  G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

2. Snapchat

Snapchat isn’t your average social media platform. Launched in 2011, it became famous for its unique disappearing photo and video messages called “Snaps.” These Snaps disappear after being viewed, creating a sense of urgency and intimacy. 

This is a platform for building real-time connections and creative expression that keeps evolving with new features and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Snapchat best features

  • Overlay fun and wacky digital effects on your snaps, transforming your surroundings or adding playful filters to your face
  • Share a collection of snaps that appear for 24 hours, allowing you to document your day in a narrative format
  • Explore curated content from celebrities, brands, and news outlets, offering a glimpse into various topics and trends
  • Engage in one-on-one or group conversations with friends, complete with video calls and the option for disappearing messages
  • Broadcast live video moments to your followers in real-time

Snapchat limitations

  • While the impermanence of Snaps can be appealing, it can also be frustrating. Users might miss a funny Snap or important message if they’re not paying close attention
  • Unlike platforms with robust search functions, finding new friends or content on Snapchat can be more difficult

Snapchat pricing

  • Free Forever

Snapchat ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5  (283+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5  (1048+ reviews)

3. Youtube shorts

Riding the short-form video craze, YouTube Shorts is a feature that sits within the familiar YouTube platform. Specifically designed for creating and sharing bite-sized videos, it lets you capture, edit, and post videos directly up to 60 seconds long straight to YouTube through your phone.

The app offers various editing tools for adding music, text overlays, and even stringing multiple clips together. 

The best part? YouTube Shorts is a dedicated section within the YouTube app, that allows viewers to discover and scroll through a never-ending stream of short videos.

Youtube Short’s best features

  • Access YouTube’s huge existing user base, which gives creators the potential to reach millions beyond their subscribed viewers
  • Utilize the familiar YouTube platform and its editing tools to create engaging Shorts directly on their phones
  • Add music, text overlays, and even stitch multiple clips together with a range of editing tools
  • Build a library of engaging content. Unlike disappearing Stories, Shorts are permanent fixtures on YouTube
  • Earn ad revenue from Shorts views

Youtube Shorts limitations

  • Videos are capped at 60 seconds, limiting the depth and complexity of storytelling compared to longer-form content
  • Detailed analytics on Shorts performance are less comprehensive compared to regular YouTube videos

Youtube Shorts pricing

  • Free Forever

Youtube Shorts ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.3/5  (6+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.8/5  (700+ reviews)

4. Huddles

Huddles used to be known as Byte or V2, and it aimed to be a successor to the popular short-form video platform Vine. 

Unlike its predecessor, Huddles focuses on fostering communities around creators you enjoy. The app allows users to follow creators and view their short looping videos, similar to Vine’s format. 

But Huddles goes beyond just watching. It incorporates features like chat functions and tipping options, allowing you to connect with creators and show appreciation for their content directly.

Huddles best features

  • Chat and interact with creators and other fans, building a strong sense of community
  • Show appreciation for creators’ content by tipping them through the app
  • Immerse yourself in the fun and engaging world of short looping videos, similar to the popular Vine format

Huddles limitations

  • Primarily focuses on short looping videos. This might limit the creative expression of creators who prefer different formats or storytelling styles
  • While tipping exists, it’s not a guaranteed source of income for creators

Huddles pricing

  • Free Forever

Huddles ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

5. Funimate

Funimate is a mobile app designed specifically for creating and editing short, eye-catching videos. It caters to those who enjoy engaging music videos and adds creative flair and special effects to their content.

Funimate best features

  • Capture videos directly within the app or import existing clips from your phone’s library with an easy user interface 
  • Trim and edit video length to fit your desired format
  • Access a vast library of video effects and transitions. Add slow motion, reverse playback, green-screen effects, and more to make your videos stand out
  • Overlay text, stickers, and animations to personalize your content and add humor or visual interest
  • Include your favorite music tracks from Funimate’s library or import your tunes to create a soundtrack for your video
  • Utilize sound effects to enhance specific moments or add comedic touches
  • Share your creations with friends or the broader Funimate community. While the focus is on editing, Funimate offers optional social features 

Funimate limitations

  • On older devices or with resource-intensive projects, Funimate can experience lag or glitches during editing
  • While you can create amazing content, Funimate itself doesn’t offer direct monetization options for creators

Funimate pricing

  • Free Forever
  • One-Time Subscription: $7.99/ per user

Funimate ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

6. Lemon8

via Lemon8

Lemon8 is a curated community for lifestyle enthusiasts. It is a platform that blends Pinterest’s visual inspiration with Instagram’s engaging content creation, all under the umbrella of specific lifestyle categories. 

Love browsing stylish fashion looks or discovering mouthwatering recipes? Lemon8 caters to your interests! 

The app allows you to post photos and short videos that focus on sharing detailed information. Share your latest outfit and tag the brands you’re wearing, or unveil your culinary masterpiece with a step-by-step recipe and ingredient list.

Lemon8 best features

  • Post in-depth content within specific lifestyle categories like fashion, food, and travel
  • Share knowledge and inspire each other with groups of viewers who share similar interests
  • Make visually appealing and informative content accessible to everyone with the user-friendly layout and built-in editing tools 
  • Help users discover content relevant to their interests with intuitive search options and a strong hashtag system, fostering a personalized experience

Lemon8 limitations

  • Compared to established social media giants, it has a much smaller user base
  • It doesn’t offer built-in monetization features like ads or tipping

Lemon8 pricing

  • Free Forever

Lemon8 ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

7. Triller

Triller is a one-stop shop for creating and sharing music videos. You can capture videos directly within the app or import existing clips and then unleash your creativity with a variety of editing tools.

Triller allows you to add music from a vast library or even use your own tunes, making it perfect for anything from showcasing your dance moves to creating funny skits with perfectly timed sound effects. 

But Triller’s best feature is its AI-powered auto-editing feature. Simply film multiple short takes with different filters or edits, and the app seamlessly stitches them together, allowing you to create professional-looking music videos in minutes.

While the auto-editing feature is impressive, the manual editing tools are available for those who prefer a more hands-on approach.

Triller best features

  • Incorporate your favorite tracks or even use your own audio. This is perfect for creating music videos, dance challenges, or lip-sync battles
  • Film multiple short clips with different effects or filters. The app intelligently stitches them together, creating professional-looking music videos in minutes
  • Share your creations with friends, follow creators you admire, and participate in trending challenges with a vibrant and interactive community

Triller limitations

  • Triller has a small user base
  • If your focus is on comedy skits or non-music-related storytelling, you might find other platforms more suitable

Triller pricing

  • Free Forever

Triller ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

8. Likee

via Likee

Likee is a platform designed to unleash your inner video star and keep you scrolling for hours. The app lets you capture and edit short videos of up to a minute long using many special effects, filters, and music options. 

Want to transform yourself into a cartoon character or add hilarious sound effects to your skit? Likee’s got you covered. 

The fun doesn’t stop there! You can also explore live streaming, showcase your talents, or simply connect with your audience in real-time.

Likee best features

  • Create visually stunning and engaging short videos with a vast library of special effects, filters, and music options
  • Interact with your audience in real time, host Q&A sessions, or showcase your talents in a more interactive way
  • Watch the content you’ll genuinely enjoy, from funny skits to makeup tutorials, with an algorithm tailored to feed you your interests
  • Reach a broader audience or discover diverse content from the significant user base worldwide

Likee limitations

  • Finding inappropriate content on Likee, especially for younger users, has been a concern in the past
  • Leans heavily toward lighthearted and entertaining content. Creators seeking to share informative or educational content might find less traction

Likee pricing

  • Free Forever

Likee ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

9. Lomotiff

Lomotif is a video-sharing app that allows users to create short videos and photo compilations using its video editing tools, music library, GIFs, and filters. 

Users can use Lomotif to edit videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. The app can work with a wide variety of videos and photographs but has relatively high CPU usage compared to other apps for video editing.

Lomotiff best features

  • Stitch together short-form videos into engaging video collages, often synced with music
  • Choose from a vast library of music or import your tunes to create the perfect soundtrack for your video collage
  • Share your creations with friends and followers, explore content from other users, and participate in community challenges
  • Create highlight reels showcasing specific moments or themes, similar to Instagram Highlights

Lomotiff limitations

  • Has a smaller user base compared to Instagram and Snapchat
  • Monetization options for creators are limited
  • In-app purchases can increase the overall cost of using the app

Lomotiff pricing

  • Free Forever

Lomotiff ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

10. Byte

via Byte

Byte is a social media app that allows users to create and share ultra-short videos, up to six seconds long, with their followers. The app is available for Android and iOS and was developed by Dom Hoffman, one of Vine’s original authors. 

Byte best features

  • Create and edit short videos easily with a user-friendly interface, even for those new to video editing
  • Express messages in a creative manner within a limited timeframe

Byte limitations

  • Features haven’t been updated for a long time
  • It may get discontinued soon

Byte pricing

  • Free Forever

Byte ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews
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Other Marketing Tools

We’ve covered the best video-sharing apps for 2024, but you must opt for a work management platform to manage your content campaigns efficiently.

In a fast-paced marketing world, staying organized and keeping everyone on the same page is crucial. 

The ClickUp Marketing Project Management Platform emerges as a powerful solution that goes beyond simple task lists, merging everything from team management and content writing templates to boosting productivity in one place. 

If you’re a marketer looking for marketing campaign planning software, ClickUp’s the way to go. 

Create a centralized knowledge base that is securely accessible by your team and clients. Use ClickUp Docs to create content plans, content calendars, brand strategy and guidelines, and anything else you can think of. 

ClickUp Docs
Create beautiful ClickUp Docs, wikis, and more—and connect them to workflows to execute ideas with your team

ClickUp Docs can be a powerful asset in your social media project management stack, offering a collaborative and centralized space for various marketing needs. 

Are you working on a blog post, landing page copy, or email campaign? ClickUp Docs allows your team to co-author documents, ensuring everyone stays on the same page from the initial concept to the final draft.

Use a built-in commenting system to leave feedback directly on the document. Tag specific team members, highlight changes, and discuss edits efficiently.

Combine the content prowess of ClickUp Brain and its AI Writer For Work with Docs. The AI-powered tool can generate publish-ready responses based on your prompts, expand ideas, and simplify content without you having to edit it.

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Feeling stuck for content ideas? Use ClickUp Brain’s AI hacks to explore related topics, find trending keywords, and discover unexpected connections. This can spark new ideas and help tailor your content to resonate with your target audience.

Alternatively, you can tap into 1000+ ClickUp Templates to brainstorm, edit content, create video content scripts, content calendars, and more. For instance, the ClickUp Social Media Post Template can be used to manage social media content across platforms. 

Organize your content to be posted on various social media platforms with this ClickUp Social Media Post Template

Creating fresh ideas, writing catchy captions, and managing visuals take serious time.

But what if there was a way to streamline your social media workflow? This template is your secret weapon for conquering social media. 

This handy list template helps you:

  • Track your content creation process with custom statuses like “In Progress” and “To Do”
  • Never miss a detail with custom fields for hashtags, engagement metrics, and content links
  • Organize your content with custom views tailored for different platforms like Pinterest and Instagram
  • See all your post data in one place for easy analysis
  • Focus on creating great content, not managing tasks
  • Become organized and efficient with project management features like time tracking and automated emails 

Need to create a content calendar from scratch? Use the ClickUp Content Calendar Template to get a headstart!

Organize your content for the year with the ClickUp Content Calendar Template

Creating a content calendar can feel like a juggling act. Deadlines loom, inspiration wanes, and keeping track of everything becomes overwhelming. But not with ClickUp’s content calendar templates.

  • Use Calendar View as your visual command center. Schedule content across different platforms (blog posts, social media, emails) by dragging and dropping tasks onto specific dates. See your entire content strategy unfold week by month!
  • With Board View, organize tasks by category (e.g., “Blog Posts,” “Social Media Graphics”). Move tasks across columns like “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Ready to Publish” to visualize your workflow
  • Use List View, a simple, sortable way to overview all your content tasks quickly. Prioritize based on deadlines, assign team members, and track progress at a glance
  • With Timeline View, depict the content creation process visually. Arrange tasks in chronological order, see dependencies between steps, and ensure a smooth flow from ideation to publication
  • With custom statuses, automate tasks to move from In “Review,” “Scheduled,” and “Published” and get notifications as your content moves through the stages till it gets published

No more scrambling to meet deadlines or wondering where your content pieces stand! 

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Upgrade Your Content Creation Process with ClickUp

The world of short-form video content is booming! From music video lovers to comedy enthusiasts, there are thousands of videos for everyone. 

However, creating captivating content takes planning and organization. ClickUp, a powerful marketing project management tool, goes beyond simple social media management. 

Leverage its flexible views and custom fields to craft a content calendar that works for you. With ClickUp, you can visualize your strategy, streamline your workflow, and ensure consistent content delivery—all within a user-friendly platform. 

So, pick your favorite video-sharing platform, and with ClickUp as your secret weapon, watch your creative vision come to life! Sign up on ClickUp today!

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