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20 Free Spreadsheet Templates in Excel & ClickUp

Spreadsheets are among the most versatile organizational tools you can find. From mailing lists to project management, it’s almost impossible to find a business task that wouldn’t be improved with those handy cells, rows, and columns.

But we get it.

It’s tough to stare at an empty Google or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and create any of those functions from scratch. But there’s good news—with spreadsheet templates, your framework is already created and ready to go.

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20 Free Spreadsheet Templates to Use in 2024

Whether you’re looking to improve time management or build a budget, we’ve got plenty of the best available spreadsheet templates out there to fit your specific needs. Get started with these 20 ready-to-use spreadsheet templates.

1. ClickUp Spreadsheet Template

Keep it simple with this Spreadsheet Template provided by ClickUp

Sometimes, the best things in life are simple. That’s certainly true with the ClickUp Spreadsheet Template, which provides you with a basic but effective layout that helps to keep track of your B2B customers at all times.

Simply enter basic information like customer type, industry, contact, website, and revenue into each row. Then, use the individual views (such as filtering by industry, customer by type, and more) to easily sort through them and keep an overview of your customer base.

Want to hear the best part? The ClickUp’s spreadsheet software even includes a customer intake form that fills in a new customer’s information into the spreadsheet’s fields right at the beginning. That simplifies data entry and allows you to focus on what you do best: selling your products and building your business!

2. ClickUp Project Management Spreadsheet Template

Easily track your projects with this Project Management Spreadsheet Template by ClickUp

Every business needs to plan its project. But not every business has the right processes and tools in place to make that process simple. You need a project management workstream, and this ClickUp Project Management Spreadsheet Template can help you get there.

Each project is a row in the template, and you can easily edit its status or flag it as a priority. Track your progress through varying project phases, note down approvals, and specify the start and end times for each phase. Then, sort by each of these variables to always keep track of what projects need to be worked on most urgently, and where you might be able to breathe easily.

The best part: these project management templates also integrate with some of our favorite project plan templates. Keep the overview in your project management spreadsheet, then attach a project plan to each of them for more details. And voila! A simple but effective workflow.

Or turn this entire table into a downloaded file (Excel or CSV) to quickly create spreadsheets of your own in other tools.

3. ClickUp Editable Spreadsheet Template

Stay organized with this Editable Spreadsheet Template by ClickUp

Ready for your next financial statement? If you’re like most managers, probably not. But at least you can get the tools in place to make that painful process just a little less painful.

The ClickUp Editable Spreadsheet Template comes to the rescue. This budget template is specifically designed to help you build financial statements. It even includes a review and approval function to keep track of the supervision through which a new financial statement has to go.

And that’s just the start. You’ll also get custom fields for line items like gross sales, cost of goods sold, administrative expenses, and net sales. You can even include more nuanced notes, such as approval stages all the way up to your CFO and CEO, returns and allowances, and more. Add it all together and this is a truly comprehensive budget template for business looking to ease the process of financial reporting.

4. ClickUp Real Estate Spreadsheet Template

Make your niche nicer with this Real Estate Spreadsheet Template by ClickUp

Experienced real estate agents know that keeping track of the many properties you’re currently selling can quickly become impossible. That’s what prompted us to build the ClickUp Real Estate Spreadsheet Template.

Track progress on buyer or seller status and all the details you need with this versatile template. Additionally, this spreadsheet can work as a budget template with specific custom fields to track real estate marketing and closing costs, fees, asking and final price, and so much more that comes with the industry.

Custom fields could also include important money management issues with your clients like property insurance costs, property taxes, estimated purchase prices, repair costs, and market increase forecasts. If you want one of the most customizable free templates for real estate purposes, this is it.

No more Excel templates are necessary with customizable views that let you see an overview of all properties on the market or filter by location (Map view), sales status (List view), and more.

5. ClickUp Project Budget With WBS Spreadsheet Template

Manage your project budgets with ease with this template

The process of managing project budgets can get complicated fast. Before you know it, you’re behind schedule and budget, desperately trying to catch up and deliver what you need on time. There has to be a better way.

But of course, there is! Enter the ClickUp Project Budget With WBS Template, a spreadsheet specifically designed to make keeping track of any of your business projects simple and straightforward.

Easily categorize different types of expenses. Flag those expenses at different priority levels. Track labor rates and hours, costs, and more. As an added bonus, you can assign a WBS stage to ensure that expenses line up with the greater project flow and timeline across this budget template!

6. ClickUp Personal Budget Plan Spreadsheet Template

ClickUp Personal Budget Spreadsheet Template
Manage your personal budget with even more ease with this template

Not all budgets, of course, have to be business-related. Sometimes, you just need to keep track of your own finances, which is where an alternative like the ClickUp Personal Budget Plan Template comes in handy.

Use this list template as your financial tracker to achieve your financial goals and prevent your finances from spinning out of control. Fill in the Expense and Income sections, then bring it all together in the Budget Summary overview, which automatically calculates numbered items in custom fields (i.e. total budgeted or total cost).

Simplicity is key here, with only six columns keeping your focus on what matters most. Add expense or due dates, planned and actual budget, and more to customize your most important details to keep track of with your money. By the end of it, you’ve got the overview you need to keep that hold of your finances.

7. ClickUp Simple Budget Spreadsheet Template

ClickUp Simple Budget Spreadsheet Template
More budgets? More budgets.

Let’s stay on the topic of budgets, just for the fun of it. The ClickUp Simple Budget Template works well because it’s not just easy to use, but it also organizes everything by month which allows you to quickly look forward and plan ahead.

The goal here is an annual overview, and everything in this management template points that way. Under the income and expense sections is plenty of space for individual line items, while you can also designate expense, income, and account types for easier categorization to keep track of your most important bookkeeping things

Data entry templates like this also exhibit another core advantage of well-built spreadsheets: the ability to perform calculations on your behalf. Monthly expenses and income are tallied up automatically, allowing you to always keep that accurate picture you keep your annual money flow on task.

8. ClickUp Time Management Schedule Template

ClickUp Time Management Spreadsheet Template
Master your schedule with a comprehensive starting point

No more trying to figure out how to calculate time in Excel. Sure, it’s a helpful skill—but you won’t need it once you’ve started to use the ClickUp Time Management Schedule Template.

Time management is one of the biggest challenges in most people’s daily lives. You have plenty of everyday tasks that need you to schedule time. But you also want to find the time to achieve your larger goals. This template helps you optimize and keep track of your schedule to bring organization into your daily life.

Activities are organized by days, with categories in a simple drop-down list to select things like personal, school, and work adding to the organizational structure. You can estimate the time needed for each task ahead of time, or track it in real-time. Best of all, this template uses all of those inputs to create a workload that lets you see where you’re spending your time and where you might need to slow down a bit.

9. Excel Business Budget Spreadsheet Template

Excel Business Budget Spreadsheet Template
via Microsoft Excel

If you’re looking for a budget spreadsheet template outside of ClickUp, this might just be the right option for those with Excel skills. Of the free Excel templates in this list, the Microsoft Business Budget Template is best at helping you easily track your organization’s income and expenses, all formatted in a way that allows you just plug in numbers to get started.

Of course, you can still customize this Excel spreadsheet if you need to. All text, images, and graphics are fully unlocked and can be changed or branded. That includes the charts on the side of this Excel template that visually summarize the information to keep a quick and effective overview for anyone reading or reviewing your budget. 

10. Excel Project Tracker Sheet Template

Excel Project Tracker Spreadsheet Template
via Microsoft

It might not be a full-on project management option, but this Excel Project Tracker Spreadsheet Template can still become a core part of your project documentation efforts. Similar to the above-mentioned ClickUp Project Management Template, there’s a line per project, along with some basic project details to keep an easy overview of this free Excel template.

Track your projects by category, or sort by each project owner to establish responsibilities and workload. Add start and end dates, estimated time required, priority levels, and more to establish which projects matter most and determine follow-ups where needed.

Then, share your project tracker with core stakeholders to keep everyone in the loop by downloading your sample templates in Excel files. Of the Excel spreadsheets in this list, this one makes for a great inventory management template to get all your most critical details in one Excel file.

11. Excel Gantt Chart & Spreadsheet Template by Vertex42

Ah yes, the good old Gantt chart. It’s more than 100 years old, but still popular for a reason.

This Excel Gantt Chart Template chart brings all the visual graphs and bars to your screen, helping you understand the different tasks involved in a larger project schedule. 

If you’ve ever tried to build a Gantt chart from scratch, you’ll love this free Excel template. It gives you all the benefits of the tool, without the headaches of creating those countless rows and columns by hand that are common in other spreadsheet templates.

Organize different tasks into categories, then outline their start and finish dates in this Excel template. Block those tasks out automatically in the Excel spreadsheet, with a weekly categorized timeline that’s just detailed enough to stay on track.

12. Excel CRM Spreadsheet Template by Salesflare

Salesflare Excel CRM Spreadsheet Templa
via Salesflare

Time for a simple truth: if you manage customers in any way, you need at least some type of CRM system. Know where your potential and current customers stand at any given time to engage them as effectively as possible with Excel spreadsheet templates like this.

Doing so can lead to big, complicated software solutions with six-figure investments. But, at least as you’re starting out, you can start with the basics within this Excel template.

Input basic customer data into Salesflare’s Excel spreadsheet templates like this one and then set custom stages to show the current stage of the sales cycle for each customer. Store contact information, value, expected revenue, and more, then work with your team to move these leads through the funnel and keep track of progress through the automated Insights tab.

13. Excel Resource Planning Template by Tactical Project Manager

Especially for large teams and projects, resource allocation becomes a core part of the project and organizational management equation. That’s what makes this Excel template for Resource Planning by Tactical Resource Manager so valuable.

Organized by month on one end and team member or lead on the other. Spreadsheet templates like this provide an easy, two-dimensional way to keep an eye on who gets what funds and when.

Just as importantly, this document can work like an inventory management template by helping you predict who needs resources for upcoming tasks. This free Excel template neatly integrates into any type of project scheduling software designed to move your organizational priorities forward.

14. Microsoft Excel Quarterly Sales Report Template

Quarterly Sales Report Template for Excel
Quarterly Sales Report Template for Excel

Looking to track how your various products are performing across a multi-month timeframe? You’ve come to the right place. The Microsoft Excel Quarterly Sales Report Template does just that, with an emphasis on quarterly results.

Enter your products and their exact sales by quarter into the timeline template. Then, watch Excel tally up the annual sales and convert the data into a bar chart that helps you analyze trends and make future decisions.

Even better, you can pull out sales reports that are unique to every project in Excel spreadsheet templates like this one. And of course, you get to benefit from all the usual features of Microsoft, like animations, graphics, and transitions that improve sharing Excel files and reviewing the reports you create.

15. Excel Issue Tracking Template by Template.net

Excel Issue Tracking Spreadsheet
Via Template.net

Every piece of software or other types of product will have bugs and issues in its development and update phases. The right issue-tracking process can help you record and monitor these issues to eliminate them before they turn into serious problems.

The Template.net Excel Issue Tracking Spreadsheet works just like a to-do list template but with so much more. Log each issue your team or testing process uncovers, and assign a team member, priority, and time frame to fix it.

Then, keep track of the process of resolving the problem. This allows you to have an easy overview of the things your team still needs to do to iron out its bug before or after launch—all with the help of this to-do list template.

5 Bonus Excel Spreadsheet Templates

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Start Tracking Projects With Spreadsheet Templates

The right spreadsheet templates are a godsend. But, as anyone who’s used them can attest, they still exist in isolation. Even the best Excel spreadsheet template can’t easily connect to the rest of your project workflow or your other work.

That’s what makes a software platform like ClickUp so valuable. You can use it to manage projects, budgets, and time sheets, interact with teams, and more. You can even use it as a file-sharing software to move and collaborate on files of any type—and yes, that includes spreadsheets. 

So what are you waiting for?

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