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8 Free Questionnaire Templates for Efficient Data Collection

Questionnaires are essential tools for managers needing efficient data collection to understand their audience or customers better and, in turn, improve their products and services. Designing a questionnaire may appear simple enough.

That is until you realize it involves various complex tasks like formulating questions, selecting formats, ensuring data consistency, and nailing down the visual design. 

This is exactly where questionnaire templates shine! ☀️

These predesigned tools offer an efficient framework that you can customize to fit your particular objectives, providing a user-friendly, personalized, and consistent approach to better collect data, understand the customer journey, or what learn why your loyal customers stick with you.

After diving deep into the realm of these handy tools, we’ve created a list of the eight best questionnaire templates that will help you capture critical insights, feedback, and other forms of data from customers and employees.

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What Is a Questionnaire Template? 

A questionnaire is a valuable instrument that contains questions aimed at gathering insights from customers or employees about their experiences, thoughts, and actions. While a survey refers to the overall data-collection method, a questionnaire is a specific tool or technique employed within the process.

A questionnaire template is a predesigned but customizable layout that facilitates the process of creating a questionnaire for purposes like research studies, surveys, or assessments.

These frameworks usually include standard placeholders for questions, response options, and instructions, making it simpler to structure and design a personalized questionnaire.

ClickUp 3.0 Form view Bundle with Custom Fields
Drag and drop custom fields into the Form view to craft comprehensive surveys or collect data and feedback in ClickUp 3.0

You can add, remove, and modify questions based on specific objectives or survey goals, all while keeping the template’s design and structure consistent. This makes your quantitative data more solid when you’re conducting research.

You can use questionnaire templates to gather both numerical and descriptive data. They commonly contain both open-ended questions, allowing detailed answers, and closed-ended questions, more appropriate for preset yes-or-no-type response options.❓

Benefits of using a questionnaire template 

Here are the main benefits you get when using questionnaire templates for a customer feedback survey:

  • Structured design: They offer a clear framework with pre-determined sections for questions and responses
  • Efficiency: Since the structure is already in place, you can focus on the content and research objectives instead of spending time on formatting and layout
  • Customizability: You can modify the templates to suit specific objectives while retaining a uniform style and format
  • Clarity: The templates include standardized wording and formatting, ensuring that the questions are clear and concise for an average responder
  • Consistency: They ensure that all respondents receive the same set of questions and/or response options
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8 Top-Notch Questionnaire Templates for Various Purposes

For many people, the first name that comes to mind when thinking about questionnaire templates is SurveyMonkey, a widely used online survey tool. But if you look further, you’ll find several other quality providers. We’ll introduce you to a perfect alternative offering numerous options that won’t cost you a dime. 🆓

We’ve selected the eight best free questionnaire templates from ClickUp, each an excellent starting point for your data collection endeavors. Buckle up, and let’s explore their unique features to create your own survey! 

1. ClickUp Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

ClickUp Customer Satisfaction Survey Template
Ensure your company’s services meet customer expectations and discover their true feelings with our customer satisfaction survey template

Elevate your customer experience with the ClickUp Customer Satisfaction Survey Template! It’s your key to unlocking valuable insights into how your customers perceive your product, services, and support. Use the gathered data to better understand customer needs, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately boost customer retention. ❤️‍🩹

The template’s Customer Satisfaction Survey Form view is equipped with fields such as helpfulness, clarity, and resolution quality, enabling respondents to offer valuable feedback on your products or services. This questionnaire form efficiently translates all collected data and feedback into organized ClickUp views.

In the Respondents List view, you get a comprehensive outline of your surveyed customers, with their concerns categorized as either resolved (Yes) or requiring attention (No). On the flip side, the Knowledge Rating Board view assesses the feedback quality, spanning from a full rating (best) to none (bad).

You have the flexibility to arrange the acquired data according to your preferences. Just click the Group By button in List and Board views to effortlessly select your preferred grouping criteria.

2. ClickUp Voice of the Customer Template

ClickUp Voice of the Customer Template
Gather and classify the customers’ expectations and reactions to your product/service to understand what you can do to improve it

Be the mind reader your customers never knew they needed with the ClickUp Voice of the Customer Template. It’s the ultimate toolkit for collecting, analyzing, and organizing customer feedback, allowing you to supercharge your product and outshine the competition. 🌟

This List questionnaire template effectively captures customer feedback from a variety of sources, including surveys, social media, online reviews, product testimonials, and customer service interactions. It also guides you toward identifying and implementing solutions for addressing customer satisfaction or concerns.

The template consists of the following three key components:

  • Voice of the Customer (VoC): Encapsulate a customer’s review or feedback in a concise statement. For example, “The customer service is too slow”
  • Customer Need: Interpret what the customer is seeking. For instance, “Customers need a faster response to their queries”
  • Solution: Outline how you intend to meet the customer’s identified need. For example, “Provide response to client questions within 10 minutes”

This problem-solving format allows the customer to see that their feedback is not only heard but also acted upon. As a result, you’ll enhance customer satisfaction, foster customer loyalty, and increase the chances of your business getting recommended to others.

Additionally, the template’s Board view offers a holistic summary of customer feedback categorized by VoC Source. This visual representation aids in identifying both the similarities and differences within feedback originating from multiple sources of your target audience.

3. ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template

ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template
Enhance your products in line with your customers’ needs by asking for their opinion directly with the ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template

The ClickUp Product Feedback Survey Template is your secret weapon for gathering invaluable customer insights and improving your products accordingly!

Distribute the Product Feedback Survey form to your target audience, enabling them to select the product they wish to provide feedback on. Gather additional information such as their usage duration, frequency of use, and product ratings.

For form customization, access the Editing view to add or remove Custom Fields as needed. There are three views available within this survey questionnaire List template:

  1. Submissions List view: A comprehensive list of submitted customer responses categorized by status (To Review, In Review, and Reviewed)
  2. Product Ratings List view: A summary of customer ratings with various Custom Fields like Quality, Price, First Use Experience, Usability, Customer Service, Purchase Experience, and Usage Experience
  3. Overall Satisfaction Board view: A Kanban board that displays your product feedback sorted by Overall Product Satisfaction

You can use Automations in ClickUp to distribute the survey form quickly using email, social media, or other platforms.

4. ClickUp Survey Project Plan Template

ClickUp Survey Project Plan Template
Create and manage a survey project plan from start to finish using the ClickUp Survey Project Plan Template

Surveying customers and stakeholders is the proper path toward understanding your product, market, and user needs. With the ClickUp Survey Project Plan Template, you’ll smoothly navigate your survey projects from start to finish, ensuring accurate results and data-driven decisions.

Start by adding the task name and activity details to the Project Plan Template List view. For example, you can create a task named Develop Survey Questions and provide specific information using Custom Fields, including its status (set as Not Started), impact level (marked as High), and the relevant department (assigned as Research). 🕵️

In the Planning Progress Board view, tasks appear as cards representing specific actions, such as developing survey questions, designing the survey layout, and launching the survey. You can easily update a task’s status by dragging and dropping its corresponding card to an appropriate place on the board to reflect its progress accurately.

Online questionnaire examples like this let participants fill in crucial information while you sort and filter it out into tasks.

5. ClickUp Employee Engagement Survey Template

ClickUp Employee Engagement Survey Template
Assess employee workplace satisfaction and pinpoint areas for improvement using the ClickUp Employee Engagement Survey Template

Gain precious insight into your team members’ engagement, dedication, and enthusiasm with the ClickUp Employee Engagement Survey Template. Survey templates like this are a powerful tool that helps you better understand employee motivations and identify areas for improvement. 🧰

Use the Employee Engagement Survey Form view as a questionnaire to ask your team members queries about aspects like workplace satisfaction, motivation, and the support they receive from their superiors. The form is fully customizable, allowing you to add questions and statements for a more in-depth assessment.

Include a rating scale dropdown (from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree) for responses to direct statements like “I can maintain a healthy work-life balance.” Moreover, you have the option to use open-ended questions like “How can we enhance your experience?” to gather comprehensive feedback on employee experiences.

Once submitted, all feedback forms will appear in the Quantitative Feedback List view. This view includes Custom Fields such as Employee Name and Team. It shows responses to closed-ended questions like job satisfaction, support, and collaboration.

Explore the Verbatim List view to access the big-picture feedback. Here, you can read employees’ responses to open-ended questions and see their roles and team affiliations. The view offers an efficient way to pinpoint issues and their origins—leading you to higher customer satisfaction.

6. ClickUp Engagement Survey Action Plan Template

ClickUp Engagement Survey Action Plan Template
Use the ClickUp Engagement Survey Action Plan Template to seamlessly create a plan of action after analyzing employee feedback

Collecting feedback from your employees is just a starting point for improving their satisfaction. The ClickUp Engagement Survey Action Plan Template makes your efforts count by helping you devise a strategy for enacting impactful changes for customer satisfaction.

Let’s imagine that the first issue you want to address is the lack of motivation in the workplace. This Doc template comes with a predesigned table where you can include the following elements:

  1. Problem description: You could say that the previously conducted survey revealed that employees lack motivation and enthusiasm in their roles
  2. Area for improvement: Add employee engagement and morale as the areas for improvement
  3. Root cause: List the leading causes of the issue, like heavy workload, lack of recognition, and limited growth opportunities
  4. 4M1E classification: Use the Man, Machine, Method, Material, and Environment framework to classify the root cause of the issue. For instance, outdated technology (Machine) can cause a lack of motivation, as can limited access to necessary resources (Material)
  5. Solution: Suggest a solution like implementing a recognition program, delegating tasks more evenly, and promoting growth opportunities
  6. Metrics: Identify the action plan success indicators like the increase in employee satisfaction scores, decreased turnover rate, and increased productivity
  7. Responsible: Assign the responsibility for implementing changes to the HR Department, Managers, and Team Leads
  8. Completion Date: Choose an action plan completion date. Six months would be reasonable in this example

7. ClickUp Employee Feedback Template

ClickUp Employee Feedback Template
Learn how your employees feel about your company to enhance their experience using the ClickUp Employee Feedback Template

The ClickUp Employee Feedback Template is your ace in the hole for capturing employee sentiment on everything from management and corporate culture to salaries, perks, and the workplace atmosphere.

Start by sharing the Employee Feedback Survey with your team members to gauge their views on different aspects of your business, enabling targeted improvements. Craft response statements and provide a rating scale from Strongly Agree to Strongly Disagree for a quick assessment of customer satisfaction.

The questionnaire form is entirely customizable, allowing you to add, modify, or enhance questions and statements, introduce emoji-based ratings for engagement, and designate required fields to ensure constructive responses. 🎨

In the Responses Board, all submissions are sorted by the Department Custom Field. Task cards show each respondent’s name and all submitted information in this online questionnaire.

To customize the view, you can group the submissions according to other Custom Fields to focus on employee ratings regarding management transparency, communication with the manager, and openness to change.

8. ClickUp Feedback Form Template

ClickUp Feedback Form Template
Use the ClickUp Feedback Form Template to collect and analyze customer feedback regarding your services and team

The ClickUp Feedback Form Template is your digital genie in a bottle for learning from past mistakes by gathering customer feedback on anything from product features to pricing and customer support. 🧞‍♂️

After you’ve provided a service or made a sale, simply share the template’s Feedback Form link with your clients and customers to collect their input. Of the survey templates in this list, this online questionnaire comes with readymade fields for assessing their experience and needs. You can also add more fields to easily modify the form to your liking to better understand the data collected.

The Service Rating List view displays customer feedback grouped by the service they reviewed, like exterior painting, kitchen renovation, and bathroom remodeling. Here’s what the key components of this list look like if we take kitchen renovation as an example:

  • Overall rating: The number of stars given to the product (e.g., four out of five)
  • Reason for score: The user could provide something like, “I’m happy with the result, but there’s room for improvement”
  • Suggestions for improvement: They could offer a suggestion like, “We could have finished on time if the service provider ordered the materials sooner”

You can assess your team’s performance in the same way by opening the Provider Rating List view, where you’ll see a roster of your team members along with their ratings, improvement suggestions, and score reasons, among other Custom Fields. 

Lastly, open the Overall Recommendations Board view to see your employees grouped by ratings ranging from highest to lowest. Click on cards displaying individual feedback to find more details like the service provider’s name, customer tier, and type of service.

This online questionnaire allows you to respond effectively and celebrate achievements with your team or provide coaching to employees with lower ratings. 

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Collect Feedback Easily and Elevate Your Business with Free Questionnaire Templates

Analyzing feedback to prioritize improvements is a walk in the park with these eight free questionnaire templates. They assist you in gathering detailed insights on everything from employee engagement to product feedback and customer satisfaction.

And if you ever need a hand with tasks beyond data collection, delve into the ClickUp template library, a goldmine boasting over 1,000 options for facilitating just about any kind of work.

Unleash their full potential and witness your business soar to new heights! ✈️

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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