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Free Knowledge Base Templates

Whether it’s helping customers learn about your product, teaching employees about company policy, or storing and organizing your documents, knowledge base articles are powerful resources.

From dedicated wiki software to something more basic, knowledge base templates ensure your documents are consistent and easily accessible.

Some of the best project management tools have built-in knowledge base functionality, making it easier for your team to share and retrieve project-related information. Spend less time searching for information and more time doing. 🛠️

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What Makes a Good Knowledge Base Template?

A good knowledge base template will make information easy to find for the user and easy to maintain for the owner. When evaluating your options, look for some of the features below:

  • Clear structure: Templates should have a logical structure, making topics, categories, and subcategories easy to read through
  • Extensible: A static knowledge base is much harder to maintain. Adding additional content or editing existing entries should be easy
  • Consistent: Consistency enhances the user experience. Detailed fields in a template can enforce consistency and remind users of what data to include
  • User-friendly: Not every user who updates a knowledge base will be tech-savvy. They should be easy enough that even non-technical users can get started after reading the how-to article
  • Cross-linked: The template should support internal cross-linking when topics relate to make it easier for readers to gain a deeper understanding of the topic, for example, linking to troubleshooting articles
  • Responsive: A responsive design looks as clean on any device, and your knowledge base article should be accessible on different applications
Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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11 Free Knowledge Base Templates 

Finding the best knowledge base software to match your goals will save stakeholders time and headaches finding the information they need. Our 11 great knowledge base templates list can help you find the best knowledge base software for your needs.

1. Simple Knowledge Base Template

ClickUp Knowledge Base Template

ClickUp’s Knowledge Base Template is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the creation and organization of a digital information library within your team or company. This template provides a structured platform for storing and sharing in-house knowledge, embodying a practical and user-friendly design.

This knowledge base template is divided into distinct sections for knowledge articles, FAQs, and resources. Each section is tailored to hold specific types of information, making it easier to categorize and retrieve data. The knowledge articles section is ideal for in-depth discussions and guides, while the FAQ section addresses common queries and problems. The resources section can be used to store relevant documents, links, and other important materials.

An added advantage of this template is that it mimics a help center experience. This allows team members to navigate through the knowledge base with ease, promoting efficient knowledge transfer and collaboration.

2. HR Knowledge Base Template

ClickUp HR Knowledge Base Template

A knowledge base is a powerful tool for human resources (HR) departments to organize company policies, procedures, and information. With the ClickUp HR Knowledge Base Template, you can build a centralized, easily searchable repository of all critical HR documents.

The template includes custom statuses to track document progress and Custom Fields to categorize information. ClickUp’s List, Gantt, and Calendar views allow you to present the data most logically. Features such as comment reactions, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priorities improve organization and collaboration.  

Gather all relevant HR information and create tasks to track the information you receive and what still needs follow-up. Organize information into logical categories with the Board view. Write clear documents for each section and publish Docs in a shared folder for accessibility. Finally, set a recurring task to remind yourself to review and update the knowledge base. 

You can use this template to create a single source for your HR team to access the latest policies, procedures, and regulations. Having one source reduces the time spent searching for information and ensures consistency across your business.

3. Landing Page Database Template

ClickUp Landing Page Database Template

The ClickUp Landing Page Database Template helps you build a centralized hub to organize, store, and track all your landing pages in one place. 

The template’s custom statuses allow you to mark progress, while its Custom Fields can save data, including URLs and conversion rates. Examine stored data using any of ClickUp’s powerful views. Its time tracking, tags, and automated reports features add to its functionality.

Create a template to standardize landing page data collection, gather all the necessary data for each landing page, and input it into a table. Analyze the data and look for ways to tweak it using this process. You can create and track the ClickUp tasks you want to make. 

You can eliminate manual work, analyze landing page performance, and collaborate across teams with this template. It’s flexible yet structured for easy customization and content consistency.

4. Book of Record Business Template

ClickUp Book of Record Business Template

Proper record-keeping practices are critical to running a business. Records should be accurate and easily accessible when you need them. You need effective document management software to maintain proper record-keeping practices. The ClickUp Book of Record Business Template allows you to centralize your business records, making them easily searchable and accessible.

The template easily tracks income and expenses in one central location, clearly showing budgets and projections. Create custom reports with your data for a thorough analysis of your business. 

ClickUp’s task feature tracks the documents you enter into the database. Outline a cohesive system for storing the data using the Board view and organize your data according to where it fits in the timeline using the Gantt view.

This template simplifies record-keeping for legal compliance. It eliminates tedious manual work while providing easy access to your business information. The increased visibility into your company history will help inform future decisions. 

5. Plan of Record Template

ClickUp Plan of Record Template

A plan of record outlines business goals, objectives, and strategies. It’s critical to planning the company’s future and seeing those plans come to fruition. 

The ClickUp Plan of Record Template helps you build a roadmap to align your teams, allowing them to track progress and meet deadlines. It includes custom statuses, fields, and views to optimize planning and collaboration. With proper usage, the template will help you identify potential risks and obstacles early in the process and adapt to them. 

ClickUp’s project management features will help you create tasks and assign team members to them. The Calendar view easily tracks project timelines and any upcoming deadlines. Finally, it provides you with the information you need to track the plan’s progress on a custom dashboard. Conveniently save the information in a project report to share with stakeholders if necessary.

6. Directory Template

ClickUp Directory Template

A directory of contacts makes communication much easier, but creating a directory that integrates with your other tools can be tricky. The ClickUp Directory Template includes several custom views to organize and track employee information:

  • The Departments view displays employees under their teams 
  • The Active Employees Directory view shows current staff 
  • The Employment Status view provides an overview of each employee’s status 
  • The Employee Information Form view simplifies the collection of employee details 

Combining this template with other features of ClickUp creates a powerful employee management solution. With the time-tracking tools, you’ll have a convenient record of each employee’s timesheet. 

The project management features allow you to pull information from the directory when assigning tasks to employees. Use this feature to track your team’s progress on the project. 

This template is a great launching point for obtaining a complete view of your employees’ performance and activities. 

7. Process and Procedures Template

ClickUp Process and Procedures Template

Having clear, documented processes and procedures is vital for operational efficiency. The ClickUp Process and Procedures Template provides a convenient and centralized location to track and manage business procedures from start to finish.

Track progress on your processes and procedures using the custom statuses on the template. Fill out details about business procedures using the relevant template fields. Standard ClickUp features, such as task management and timelines, bring further utility to the template.

The template’s Process Flowchart view helps to map out procedure steps in an easy-to-understand way. Any documents needed to understand or complete the task can be added to the Documentation List view. Another viewing option can show you the stages of your team’s procedure. 

Your team needs to update the statuses as they move through the tasks to indicate how far along they are. Key stakeholders receive an automatic notification upon the completion of each task. Don’t forget to set a reminder task to review and update any procedures that need changing.

Process documentation templates like these can go a long way toward streamlining workflows and boosting productivity.

8. Company Processes Document Template

ClickUp Company Processes Document Template

Clearly documenting company processes supports consistency and efficiency among teams. The ClickUp Company Processes Document Template provides a structured way to create a repository of documents.

The template has everything you need to add multiple articles and keep track of their status. You can enter all the relevant details about a process and use ClickUp’s view types to examine the data. 

ClickUp’s collaboration tools enable you to receive feedback from stakeholders on the details of processes. This collaboration ensures everyone is on the same page and no important details are left out. Once everyone is on board, the document-sharing functionality makes accessing the data easy.

Create projects to track process implementation using the project management functionality. Set up project objectives, create tasks, and assign them to team members.

Using this template for your company processes gives your team a single source for guidance on appropriate procedures. 

9. Brand Style Guide Template

ClickUp Brand Style Guide Template

Branding is one of the most important elements of effective marketing. Having a consistent look across your customer touchpoints helps to cement your brand into customers’ minds. The more consistent your brand, the more likely people are to remember you and bring you repeat business. 

At the heart of effective branding is the brand style guide. This document outlines all colors, fonts, logos, and other visual elements in your company’s branding. It also conveys your company’s message, ensuring all customer interactions are on brand. 

The ClickUp Brand Style Guide Template provides a repository for everything you need for effective branding. Add short how-to articles within the style guide to show teams brand-approved design choices.

You’ll also have access to task and project management features. These features can aid in your initial creation of the branding guide, any necessary updates, or any projects that will rely on the branding guide.

10. Word Knowledge Base Template by PoweredTemplate

PoweredTemplate Knowledge Word Template
Via PoweredTemplate

If your company works primarily with Microsoft Office products, the organization of your documents can quickly become chaotic, but a good knowledge base requires structure. PoweredTemplate’s Knowledge Word template provides a reusable framework to create knowledge base articles, bringing order to the chaos.

The template includes sections, tables, and formatting to standardize knowledge content. Easily create pages to document processes, guidelines, FAQs, training materials, and more. The structured format provides consistency across multiple documents, so you don’t have to recreate the formatting each time.

You can build a library of knowledge base article templates that are organized, easy to navigate, and simple to update. It streamlines creating documents that follow best practices for knowledge sharing. Employees can quickly find the information they need without hunting through disjointed resources.

11. PowerPoint Knowledge Base Template by FPPT

powerpoint knowledge base article template by FPPT
Via Free PowerPoint Templates

Sharing knowledge fuels progress and growth. This Free Knowledge PowerPoint template is great for spreading information and educating audiences. It simplifies creating effective knowledge base articles for schools, book clubs, authors, and more.

The template comes in an easily customizable form. Users with little knowledge of PowerPoint or other Microsoft Office products can change the format to better fit their project’s needs. 

Use this template to quickly build PowerPoint presentations that engage learners and deliver key messages to the intended audience. The visually impactful slides provide a great starting point for creating compelling content. The template works with nearly any version of the software, including PowerPoint 2010 and Office 365.

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Stay Organized With Knowledge Base Templates

Building helpful resources for every team doesn’t have to be challenging. ClickUp’s robust library of templates makes it easy to find the right combination to keep track of your organization’s knowledge.

Start learning today! ClickUp is free forever and comes with all of these knowledge base templates, and so much more. 🦄

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