Kasey Childers: How I Build a Flexible Work-Home Schedule With the ClickUp Hierarchy ClickUp Blog

Kasey Childers: How I Build a Flexible Work-Home Schedule With the ClickUp Hierarchy

Kasey Childers runs a digital marketing agency from home with two adorable helpers—her toddlers. How does she manage work-life balance? ⚖️

Lucky for us, we have the one-and-only Kasey here to share her journey about using ClickUp, a productivity platform that helps her organize repeatable processes and save hours each week to spend more time with her family.

“Over the last four years, Childers & Co. has morphed into something I could have never imagined. We have had unbelievable success, we have had (a lot) of failures, but most importantly, we have made an impact,” Kasey says.

We’re thrilled for Kasey, her growing business, and the clients she’s helped throughout the years! Kasey, we’re passing the mic over to you. Please show us your ways!🎙

Tell us about yourself and your business! How did you get started in your industry?

I am definitely the “accidental entrepreneur” story! Even though I come from a long line of entrepreneurs, I always saw myself climbing the corporate ladder…until God showed me another way! I have always had an interest in marketing since high school. After taking every marketing class my school had to offer, I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from Appalachian State University. I then went on to hold two corporate marketing jobs for Fortune 300 companies.

During my time at my (soon-to-be last) corporate position, I was going through a rough patch in my life. To help process everything I had been going through personally and to find a way to help others do the same, I started a lifestyle blog that quickly grew to thousands of followers! I have never been a big reader or writer (oh, the irony lol), but running this blog exposed me to all that the online world had to offer.

After joining tons of blogging communities, I started to learn more about how people were making money online from home while understanding more about how to grow my own blog. I then began taking on freelance marketing clients and helping them with anything from social media to web design.

Realizing that this could be my way out of my 8-5, I officially opened my marketing company Childers & Co. in September 2017, QUIT CORPORATE three months later… and haven’t looked back since!! 💪

We primarily work with local businesses on their digital marketing strategy and offer SEO, web design, social media/reputation management, graphic design, and so much more!

What pain points were you experiencing with other tools that made you look for a better solution? Why did you choose ClickUp?

When I first started freelancing, I was introduced to Trello, Dubsado, Asana, and a few other project management/CRM tools. Each one is great in their niche, but I was finding myself having too many programs to manage. 😮‍💨

I am a self-proclaimed minimalist, so I absolutely HATED the idea that I needed ALL of these platforms to make my business run. I was on the hunt for as close to an all-in-one solution as possible that was affordable.

Everything we need is in ClickUp and can be easily accessed from anywhere, which allows us the freedom to have a flexible work-home life.

Access ClickUp on any device, anywhere, any time

I was working with a freelance client at the time (who I am VERY PROUD to say is now a top ClickUp Consultant!!!), and she had just started diving into ClickUp. We worked together on the program to run her business, and I knew right away I needed to make the switch for my own business!

If you could only use one ClickUp feature OR integration to use, what would it be and why?

This is SO HARD to choose… but if I had to pick one, I would say the ClickUp Hierarchy as a whole. I love to organize things, so moving things from Space level all the way down to subtasks and checklists makes my heart happy lol. 💜

Create your perfect ClickUp Hierarchy structure that scales with your needs

We’ve been able to build extremely in-depth SOPs using the parent task > subtask > nested subtask > checklist system that practically anyone could do our job just by reading the processes! 🤩

ClickUp subtasks add an additional layer to your structure to organize action items

With all this time you saved from using ClickUp, it’s now time to unwind! What are you doing?

I have been able to make my corporate (50+ hours/week) salary on VERY part-time hours thanks to ClickUp helping me build processes anyone can follow!

I have spent the time raising our two toddlers who are under three from home while also allowing my husband to quit his job to help run the business!! 🎉

CREDIT: Kasey Childers

What advice would you tell your past self (before ClickUp) about life, business, and leisure?

I PROMISE IT GETS EASIER!!! All of those late nights working while the baby slept, all of those 18+ hour days when you were just getting started, all of those people who didn’t believe in you (including your corporate bosses who said you still had a job “in case it didn’t work out” 🙄), all of those personal sacrifices you made, all of those failures…THEY WILL BE WORTH IT!!

Entrepreneurship is not for the weak, and YOU WILL MAKE IT!! You will have a legacy for your family, and God will provide for you every step of the way. Just keep pushing…

Also, go ahead and dump those other programs that aren’t saving you any time and get on ClickUp like yesterday. 💻 ⚡️

CREDIT: Kasey Childers

👉 Follow Kasey’s business page on Facebook and check out her digital marketing services online at childersandco.com.

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