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10 IT Templates For Technology Managers & IT Teams

Managing IT operations within your organization is a complex process. The sheer number of projects, including software development, helpdesk processes, and bug reports, take significant time and effort.

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid starting from scratch every time you have a new IT project, presentation, website, or technology product? That’s precisely where templates come in.

No matter what type of organization you manage, IT managers and IT teams in all industries will enjoy faster, more efficient, and more streamlined project launches with the powerful IT-focused templates in this guide.

Whether you’re crafting PowerPoint presentations or building out knowledge base documents that help track bugs, these templates will save you time, energy, and headaches.

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What Is an IT Template?

IT templates help technology managers and teams standardize and streamline their processes and workflows by quickly outlining the work necessary to develop software or maintain a piece of technology.

For a software company or web design agency, that might mean better organizing your software and SaaS development process. For a helpdesk, it might revolve around ticket and issue tracking.

Mixed Group Filters in ClickUp Dashboards
New Mixed Group Filters in ClickUp Dashboards allow you to further personalize and customize with “and” and “or” operators

IT templates are simple documents or spreadsheets that help organizations create and execute standard operating procedures. A pre-set document ensures that you’ve established the details, helping colleagues and stakeholders remain on the same page regarding the document’s format and structure.

The right template can even assist in communication with customers. A software company may use a template to outline its services to clients in a standard package, for example. That helps make the project appear more streamlined and professional, even as the team benefits from increased control and standardization.

Companies can use the right template to help their IT team plan ahead and look to the future, knowing exactly what to expect the next time an issue occurs or an app needs building.

What makes a good IT template?

Different templates are useful for different solutions. As a result, it can be difficult to define exactly what makes a good IT template. That said, the best options do share a few common characteristics, as follows:

  • User-friendliness: Everybody on the team should be able to easily jump in and start using the template with confidence, knowing exactly how they can benefit from it
  • Integration with project management: Ideally, your template should integrate directly with your web development project management or app development tool, allowing users to create tasks or turn an idea into a broader project
  • Low (or no) cost: The template you use should either be free with your tool of choice or offer a demo that allows you to test it before committing
  • Collaboration features: A good template helps your team edit the content together and collaborate to execute it
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The 10 Best Free IT Templates For Technology Managers and IT Teams

Time to get specific. Whether you’re a software company looking to streamline your agency processes or an organization looking for better IT solutions, the templates in this guide will help your business accomplish your most important technology goals.

1. ClickUp IT Project List Template

ClickUp IT Project List Template
ClickUp’s IT Project List Template is designed to help you manage and track IT projects.

Regardless of your company’s size, chances are that your technology team has plenty of work on its plate. The ClickUp IT Project List Template helps team leaders keep track of projects and stay ahead of deadlines.

It’s the perfect option to display and manage your project portfolios or help improve your ticketing software for your IT services desk.

The template itself consists of three core views:

  • The Summary view gives you a straightforward overview of your projects. You can check variables such as due dates, priority levels, status, and impact level to make quick strategic decisions
  • The Process overview provides the same information but organizes it by current status. Use it to relate projects back to teams and track outstanding tasks in each stage
  • The Calendar view creates a date-based project builder and overview. It’s a great tool for digging into long-term planning and capacity overviews in a given month

Combined, these views give your company an overview of all projects to ease management and workflow.

2. ClickUp Agile Scrum Management Template

Agile Scrum Project Management Template by ClickUp
Agile Scrum Project Management Template by ClickUp

An agile approach can be a lifesaver when developing software, websites, or SaaS solutions. ClickUp’s Agile Scrum Management Template helps you execute and streamline your approach.

There’s a reason why agile has taken over as the dominant project development approach for most companies. But executing it can be difficult for organizations just getting used to the concept. This comprehensive template can help, thanks to a wide range of features and views that include:

  • A whiteboard ceremonies and events flowchart that aims to keep the software flow moving
  • A board view of the various spring steps, including planning, standup meetings, reviews, and retrospectives
  • A product request form that helps you optimize the solutions you’re building through external feature feedback
  • A product backlog builder that allows you to keep track of design features that might run behind schedule
  • A bug-tracking view that aims to protect your app from potential future issues
  • A list of test runs to make sure that your software runs smoothly

Best of all, many of these views and features are pre-built and presentation-ready. That means that you can create PowerPoint and other professional presentations within minutes to keep stakeholders informed of your apps.

3. ClickUp IT Security List Template

ClickUp IT Security Template
Minimize risk and manage your systems more efficiently with ClickUp’s IT Security Template

The ClickUp IT Security List Template aims to keep your data secure by tracking and visualizing your security initiatives, monitoring system performance, and helping you coordinate with your teams to protect the organization on the technology end.

It starts with custom statuses that track active potential threats and efforts to mitigate them. From there, you get various visual logs on bugs and threats that may be on the list to fix in the future. Custom fields allow you to add attributes to better manage your initiatives.

But once again, and as with many ClickUp template options, the views and integrations are what truly make this an indispensable download for your security team.

On the views end, you can group tasks and initiatives by asset type, security function, and other parameters. Integrations with project management and collaboration tools can move your software security issues from overview straight into an actionable plan so you can resolve them.

4. ClickUp IT Incident Report Template

ClickUp's IT Incident Report Template
Document, track, and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently with ClickUp’s IT Incident Report Template

If your team doesn’t manage them well, technology incidents can disrupt your website, app, or even your entire company. The ClickUp IT Incident Report Template helps maintain operational integrity as you work through resolving incidents.

You and your IT team can enter and keep track of incidents at a high level, including:

  • The department
  • The employee who reported the incident
  • The incident type, which you can customize based on your company and operations
  • Data sensitivity, which allows you to give priority to sensitive data incidents
  • The potential negative impact on the software or website and the company as a whole
  • Recommendations for how to resolve the incident

This template includes standard to-do tasks you can customize to ensure that your company takes all the relevant steps for resolution. The time tracking advanced feature allows you to monitor how long it takes to resolve a problem, which can inform action plans for future incidents.

5. ClickUp Bug & Issue Tracking Template

Bug & Issue Tracking Templates
Optimize bug and issue tracking with ClickUp’s collaborative solution

The ClickUp Bug & Issue Tracking Template helps IT teams find and resolve bugs and other issues for your website, software, and app solutions. Multiple views, custom statuses, and a streamlined process flow allow IT professionals to standardize the process.

The featured view is a whiteboard outline of how your company or agency typically manages and resolves bugs. The Defect Master List keeps an overview of issues that are open, blocked, assigned, and in progress. You can expand each for an in-depth view of each bug and the necessary steps to resolve it.

And that’s just the beginning. The Limitations and Workarounds screen helps you understand exactly what your solutions can and cannot support. An integrated bug-reporting form moves new issues directly into your workflow, while a pre-built triage doc outlines the process when one of those new bugs enters the system.

6. ClickUp Backlog & Sprints Template

ClickUp's Backlog and Sprints Template
ClickUp’s sprint planning template helps you manage your operations and integrations in one place with pre-built views, Custom Statuses, Custom Fields, Docs, and more!

Backlogging is a crucial part of the agile development and design process, and the ClickUp Backlog and Sprints Template keeps the process simple. Use it as a process mapping tool to save your team time and keep everyone updated.

This template can be a major boon for software companies continually working on new releases. Enter variables such as deadline, priority, and estimated time necessary, then assign front-end and back-end scrum points. With each check-in, you can monitor progress, including via a confidence meter that tells you whether the task is on track for on-time completion.

7. ClickUp Release Notes Template

Release Notes Template by ClickUp
Use ClickUp’s Release Notes Template to ensure everyone stays on the same page when documenting product changes and updates

With the ClickUp Release Notes Template, you can simplify one of the biggest potential headaches development teams face: letting everyone know exactly what has changed in the newest version of your app solutions or website design.

The template allows you to outline new features and bug fixes in the new version. With this template, anyone using your solutions knows what to expect and can easily reference your release notes any time they want.

Because this template lives within ClickUp Docs, it includes real-time collaboration features. Multiple team members can collaborate to build the content and put it in presentation-ready form for anyone who needs to see it.

8. ClickUp Bug Report Template

ClickUp Bug Report Template
Utilize ClickUp’s Bug Report Template to ensure everyone stays on the same page when identifying and resolving software issues

As a centralized feature for IT teams looking to streamline their work, few templates beat the ClickUp Bug Report Template.

It’s a simple, one-page report your team members can use to outline the basic background and issues connected to a bug they (or someone else in your organization) have found within your solutions or website. It also includes a task builder that creates and assigns clear next steps.

But this template offers a more valuable functionality than just identifying each individual bug that may be hiding in your solutions. You can also use it to get a more holistic, timeline-based look at all issues that need resolving, helping you better prioritize the fixes necessary to keep your solutions running smoothly.

9. ClickUp Test Case Template

ClickUp Test Case Template
ClickUp’s Test Case Template is designed to help you track the progress of test cases.

No software build is complete without extensive testing to ensure stability, security, and success. Whether you’re an agency working on behalf of clients or you provide in-house IT services, ClickUp’s Test Case Template helps you improve and streamline those tests.

Consider the template a test case builder that standardizes the entire process. In addition to outlining some basic information, such as the software release and date, you can enter the basic parameters of the test (for example, attempting to log into the newly built marketing application) and its outcomes.

You can even go beyond that process. The Results Details section of the case builder allows you to add every nuance of your test, including expected results, actual results, and a pass-fail tracker. This allows everyone on the team to see exactly what they need to do to improve the product.

10. ClickUp Software Change Log Template

ClickUp's Software Change Log
ClickUp’s Software Change Log Template helps you keep track of all your software activities in one place

The ClickUp Software Change Log Template allows you to give your team an account of exactly what changed with each release and update, letting your IT staff members dig into the nuances of those updates the minute an experiment or release goes wrong.

It’s a simple table, including sections such as change number, change type, description, status, priority, and owner. But what makes this template truly unique is its ability to integrate with the larger ClickUp infrastructure.

Suddenly, your static table can become dynamic, thanks to dependencies. Tasks can come right out of the change log, as well. It remains a basic overview but adds additional features to improve ease of use and interactivity for the entire team.

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Supercharge Your Operations and Development With ClickUp’s Information Technology Templates

We can’t overstate the difference that the right template can make for your technology services and procedures. If you can move away from having to start from scratch every time, and instead just focus on the data and content in a pre-established template, you’ve already won.

And that’s before we even get into the difference that the right IT management software can make, especially when that software includes a template builder and an extensive library.

Among the many solutions available, ClickUp stands out. It might be our project management features, collaboration abilities, or intuitive user interface design. Or maybe it’s the free version you can sign up for to test our app and templates without any commitment.

Whichever it may be, it’s time to try out ClickUp for your organization and streamline your technology efforts. Ready to start? Create your free account on our website today!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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