How ClickUp Dashboards Help JNF Creatives Elevate Their Client’s Businesses

Finding the right business partner could be a long journey for a lot of people. But for Jazmin and Frankie, finding each other was so organic that they couldn’t wait to start their business together.

While working together on a project, they realized how much they had in common and decided to join forces to form what is now called JNF Creatives.

Ready to meet the women of JNF Creatives?! ✨

Meet Jazmin Mercado 🙋🏻‍♀️

A creative strategist with a background in photography focused on developing the visions of entrepreneurs and businesses. Having found her entrepreneurial spirit at the young age of 20, she launched her own collaborative artist studio, housing a workplace for all creatives. After finding success in developing brands from the ground up, Jazmin started her own company, which eventually led her to meet Frankie.

Meet Frankie Segal💁🏻‍♀️

Shortly after moving to LA from South Floria to pursue a career in marketing, Frankie landed a job as social media manager for a marketing agency that oversees large-scale influencer campaigns for brands and celebrities. Frankie then branched out to start her own business providing marketing and creative services for brands and found the woman that would become her business partner.

Together, the two digital creators began developing and elevating brands by strategically bridging the gap between creative and marketing. 

From business development, branding, content creation, marketing, and web design, JNF Creatives has produced quality work for clients like Warren G and beauty brands like B. Simone Beauty, to name a couple.

Needless to say, these ladies are killing it!

We were so happy to have virtually connected with the ladies of JNF Creatives. Read on to learn how they use ClickUp Dashboards to keep track of all projects, produce creative content, and elevate their client’s businesses!

Tell us more about JNF Creatives!

JNF Creatives is a 360 brand management agency.

We dig deep into brands, determining what makes them tick from the inside out, considering all elements, including current content, engagement, sources of traffic, analytics, target demographic, and potential marketing opportunities.

We offer branding, marketing, social media, web design, content creation, and branded experiences.

From there, we develop an in-depth road map customized for your brand’s unique goals and needs.

Our mission is to provide value for businesses while empowering them to achieve their goals and we are committed to being authentic, work with integrity, and provide purpose in all that we do.

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

Custom Dashboards and integrations!

We spend most of the time on Dashboards that are perfectly optimized to their ever-changing needs.

Dashboards allow us to keep a pulse on all of the projects’ moving pieces, from Workload charts to deadlines and even quarterly projections and agendas. Our Dashboards house it all.

Dashboard in ClickUp
Dashboard in ClickUp
Customizable widgets in ClickUp Dashboard
Customizable widgets in ClickUp Dashboard

What tools, if any, do you integrate with ClickUp?

Some of the tools that we integrate with ClickUp are Slack, Google Drive, and Google Docs.

How do you use ClickUp to push your projects forward?

ClickUp helps us keep all of the moving pieces organized with structured timelines to increase efficiency and ensure execution.

Drag and drop feature in ClickUp's Timeline view
Drag and drop feature in ClickUp’s Timeline view

About how many hours a week do you save using ClickUp?

1,000,000! 🤩

We joke about how much time ClickUp has changed we do business. It’s not only saving us days in our week; it’s kind of our lifeline.

What do you do with that time back?

We get to strategize ways to scale our business, make it more efficient, be creative and work on projects we are passionate about.

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

We get to improve our project management daily utilizing all of the features that are constantly being added to the software. It gives us the ability to create processes and structures within our business that we haven’t been able to do with any other software before.

We recommend it to all of our clients and people who are looking for a way to manage their clients and projects better.

What advice do you have for others looking to streamline their productivity?


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