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10 Best Ecommerce Inventory Management Software in 2024

A poorly planned inventory management process can lead to lost sales and damage your business’s reputation. It can also be a significant source of waste and additional costs.

That’s why, as an ecommerce business, you must have an effective inventory management system. Small establishments can do this with inventory templates, but a growing business should invest in ecommerce inventory management software. It can help you plan, track, and manage your inventory data effectively across your entire supply chain. 

We’ll explore the top 10 ecommerce inventory and procurement management software options and discuss key features to look for when choosing the best one for your business. 

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What Should You Look for in an Ecommerce Inventory Management Software?

Consider the following key factors when evaluating ecommerce inventory management software options:

  • Inventory tracking and visibility: Look for a software solution that lets you track inventory in real time across multiple channels. Consider if the software has a feature to optimize inventory management to prevent stockouts or overstocking. 
  • Multi-location management: If you have multiple warehouses or retail locations, choose software for easy multi-location inventory management. It should enable coordination between all your outlets and warehouses
  • Inventory optimization: Seek inventory management systems that help you optimize stock levels based on inventory counts, demand patterns, seasonality, and historical sales data
  • Material grouping and categorization: Look for inventory management software solutions that help you group inventory items into predefined categories (e.g., by product type, brand, or SKU). That can help you analyze which products are most in demand and let you adjust your strategy accordingly
  • Reporting and analytics: Choose inventory management software that generates insightful reports on sales, stock movement, and product performance over time. Analyzing your inventory data can save you a lot of time and money, help you better understand your business, and make data-driven decisions
  • Support: Prioritize a platform that offers responsive customer support along with inventory management features

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The 10 Best Ecommerce Inventory Management Software to Use

Now that you know the features to look out for when buying inventory management software for your business, here’s a list of some of the best ecommerce inventory management software currently on the market. 

1. ClickUp 

ClickUp’s Project Management platform
Stay on top of inventory data in real-time with ClickUp’s Project Management platform

ClickUp is an inventory and operations management tool for small to big businesses that can help manage e-commerce business operations, product inventories, targets, and more. 

Coupled with ClickUp’s Project Management solution, streamline inventory management with customizable dashboards displaying real-time metrics, organized lists for inventory tracking, and automated workflows for efficient task management. 

Its integration with ecommerce platforms ensures accurate inventory data synchronization to optimize business operations and make informed decisions.

ClickUp best features

  • Create custom dashboards displaying key inventory metrics, such as stock levels, sales data, and order statuses, in a centralized overview of inventory operations with ClickUp Dashboards
ClickUp Dashboards
Visualize your available products, stocks, and other inventories on ClickUp Dashboards
  • Create structured lists with ClickUp’s Lists for inventory tracking, categorizing items by SKU, location, or other attributes
  • Automate routine tasks such as low-stock alerts and inventory replenishment activities. Streamline inventory management processes with automation capabilities like task triggers and recurring tasks
ClickUp's Table View
Analyze data effortlessly with ClickUp’s Table View for structured information management
Manage your inventory and always restock on time with ClickUp’s Inventory Management Template

ClickUp limitations 

  • Has a steep learning curve due to all the features available

ClickUp pricing 

  • Free Forever
  • Unlimited: $7/user per month
  • Business: $12/user per month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing
  • ClickUp Brain is available on all paid plans for $5 per Workspace member per month

ClickUp ratings and reviews 

  • G2: 4.7/5 (9,000+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (4,000+ reviews)

2. inFlow Inventory

inFlow Inventory is a comprehensive ecommerce inventory management software designed to streamline stock control for businesses of all sizes. 

It consolidates inventory and order information, offering real-time insights into stock levels and movements. 

Its features include barcoding, multi-location warehouse management, and analytics, which allow you to track, reorder, and optimize inventory efficiently.

inFlow Inventory best features

  • Integrate with various ecommerce sales platforms, such as online marketplaces, websites, and brick-and-mortar stores, to manage inventory from a single interface
  • Streamline the process of receiving, picking, and managing inventory, and improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing manual errors using Barcode Scanning and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)
  • Monitor stock levels, sales, and purchase orders in real time across multiple locations. This helps maintain accurate inventory records and prevents stockouts or overstock situations
  • Leverage it as order management software to help teams create, process, and track orders. You can also create a purchase order template for your subsequent procurement cycle

inFlow Inventory limitations

  • Limited scalability for large or rapidly growing ecommerce businesses
  • Integration constraints may also require additional manual work or custom development

inFlow Inventory pricing

  • Entrepreneur: $110/month 
  • Small Business: $279/month 
  • Mid-size: $549/month
  • Enterprise: $1319/month

inFlow Inventory ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.1/5 (30+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.6/5 (400+ reviews)

3. Katana

via Katana

Katana is a software designed specifically for ecommerce businesses to help manage their inventory. 

It offers visual production planning and real-time inventory tracking and integrates with popular ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Using Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and a user-friendly interface, Katana helps you streamline your production processes, optimize inventory levels, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Katana best features

  • Simplify production and resource planning with a user-friendly interface, real-time tracking, and optimized resource utilization
  • Monitor inventory, sales orders, and manufacturing processes in real-time to optimize stock levels, prevent stockouts or overstocks, and manage resources efficiently
  • Track financial metrics like revenue, profit, etc., to know which products are performing well
  • Integrate with popular platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon, allowing for automatic synchronization of sales orders, stock levels, and product data 

Katana limitations

  • Setting up integrations with certain ecommerce platforms can be complex
  • Katana’s reporting capabilities may lack advanced features needed for in-depth analysis

Katana pricing

  • Starter: $199/month
  • Standard: $399/month
  • Professional: $899/month
  • Professional Plus: $1999/month

Katana’s ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.4/5 (30+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 (160+ reviews)

4. SkuVault by Linnworks

SkuVault is an advanced ecommerce inventory management software from Linnworks that enables precise control over inventory, integrates seamlessly with various sales channels, and offers features such as dynamic replenishment and real-time reporting.

You can use the tool to ensure accurate stock management with comprehensive inventory management tools, including batch tracking and serialized inventory.

SkuVault best features

  • Optimize warehouse operations and enhance order fulfillment efficiency with WMS (Warehouse Management System) integration
  • Reduce stockouts and overstock situations with dynamic replenishment that automatically generates replenishment orders based on preset thresholds
  • Manage your inventory centrally with multi-channel sales integration that can synchronize inventory levels across various sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify
  • Get insights into inventory performance, sales trends, and operational metrics for informed decision-making and strategy formulation with SkuVault’s real-time reporting

SkuVault limitations

  • May have a steep learning curve for some users due to its comprehensive features and customization options
  • Some users have found the repetitive scanning process to be time-consuming

SkuVault pricing

  • Custom pricing

SkuVault ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: 4.3/5 (50+ reviews)

5. Cin7 Core

Designed for manufacturers and product sellers, Cin7 Core is great for small businesses of all types—retailers, wholesalers, or online sellers. 

It helps businesses manage, centralize, and automate critical processes such as order management, stock tracking, and product listings across various sales channels.

With features such as real-time syncing, customizable reporting, and seamless integrations, Cin7 Core empowers teams to efficiently manage their inventory, reduce stockouts, and enhance overall operational agility.

Cin7 Core best features

  • Manage inventory across multiple sales channels by synchronizing inventory data and streamlining order fulfillment processes
  • Gain valuable insights into key metrics, such as sales performance and inventory turnover, with robust reporting tools. This enables you to make data-driven decisions
  • Manage both online and offline sales channels from a single platform with integrated POS capabilities
  • Track expiration dates and manage recalls with batch and serial item tracking
  • Tailor the system to your specific business processes and optimize operations with custom workflows and automation rules

Cin7 Core limitations

  • May have a steep learning curve for users due to its extensive features and customization options
  • Complex implementation process, requiring significant time and resources to set up and integrate with existing systems

Cin7 Core pricing

  • Standard: $295/month
  • Pro: $449/month
  • Advanced: $999/month
  • Omni: Custom pricing

Cin7 Core ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4.2/5 (150+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.3/5 (400+ reviews)

6. Sage Inventory Advisor

Sage Inventory Advisor is a smart inventory management tool for ecommerce businesses. 

It uses advanced forecasting algorithms to optimize inventory levels, preventing stockouts and reducing excess stock. 

By providing real-time insights into product demand, supplier performance, and order fulfillment, Sage Inventory Advisor helps you make informed decisions, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction and overall inventory control.

Sage Inventory Advisor best features

  • Predict future demand accurately with advanced forecasting algorithms that help you optimize inventory levels and reduce costs
  • Minimize stockouts and ensure timely restocking with dynamic replenishment that automates inventory ordering with real-time demand and lead time-based suggestions
  • Track supplier performance metrics such as delivery reliability and lead times. Manage supplier relationships proactively and ensure smooth supply chain operations
  • Optimize inventory portfolio with comprehensive inventory health analysis that identifies slow-moving or obsolete items
  • Get actionable insights into inventory performance with an intuitive dashboard that highlights areas for improvement

Sage Inventory Advisor limitations

  • Could be overly complex for small businesses with simple inventory needs
  • The level of customization available may not fully accommodate unique business processes or specific industry requirements, limiting its adaptability 

Sage Inventory Advisor pricing

  • Starts at $199/month

Sage Inventory Advisor ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

7. Helcim

via Helcim

Helcim is a payment processor that helps businesses accept payments both online and offline. 

It provides tools such as point-of-sale (POS) systems, virtual terminals, and online invoicing for online and offline payment.

It’s an intelligence platform designed to optimize product pricing and performance.

It analyzes market trends, competitor pricing, and customer behavior to provide actionable insights for businesses. 

Helcim best features

  • Reduce costs as your transaction volume increases with Helcim’s comprehensive pricing structure that offers transparent pricing
  • Manage end-to-end ecommerce payment with a robust online checkout solution that enables you to accept payments online
  • Process transactions directly from your mobile device with virtual terminals that allow you to accept payments anywhere
  • Prevent data loss and legal exposure with data encryption, tokenization, and fraud protection systems

Helcim limitations

  • The customization options in Helcim might not meet the needs of larger businesses or those with unique requirements

Helcim pricing

  • Helcim Smart Terminal: $329
  • Helcim Card Reader: $99

Helcim ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: Not enough reviews

8. Fishbowl

Fishbowl is an inventory management and manufacturing software that helps automate and scale businesses of any size. 

It helps you streamline your inventory operations, improve efficiency, and maintain optimal stock levels to meet customer demand. 

With QuickBooks integrations, Fishbowl streamlines stock control and offers real-time cloud visibility across multiple locations.

Fishbowl best features

  • Accept payments online with a robust online checkout solution
  • Track stock levels, locations, and movements in real time with advanced inventory tracking that provides great inventory management capabilities for your business
  • Trace the entire product life cycle from raw material to client delivery with constant traceability features
  • Quickly process customer orders with updates, issues, and shipping details all in one place 

Fishbowl limitations

  • While feature-rich, Fishbowl can present constraints in personalization
  • Fishbowl integrates with several systems, but it may not cover all the specific platforms some businesses use

Fishbowl pricing

  • Fishbowl Drive: Warehousing – Starting at $329
  • Fishbowl Advanced: Warehousing – Starting at $329
  • Fishbowl Advanced: Manufacturing – Starting at $429

Fishbowl ratings and reviews

  • G2: 4/5 (200+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 4.1/5 (800+ reviews)

9. Veeqo

via Veeqo

Veeqo is a cloud-based inventory management and multichannel retail platform that helps you manage your inventory, orders, and shipping across various sales channels, including Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. 

Veeqo aims to streamline ecommerce operations, improve order accuracy, and enhance customer experience through its powerful inventory management tools.

Veeqo best features

  • Track stock levels and synchronize inventory data across multiple sales channels with centralized inventory management
  • Manage inventory, receive orders, and fulfill shipments on the go with the mobile app.
  • Enhance your efficiency in warehouse operations with barcode scanning capabilities
  • Generate shipping labels, automate fulfillment, and deliver orders efficiently with integrated shipping management solutions and real-time carrier rates
  • Tailor the system to your specific needs with Veeqo’s extensive integrations with popular ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, accounting software, and shipping carriers, along with customizable features and workflows

Veeqo limitations

  • Veeqo’s comprehensive feature set may seem difficult for some users

Veeqo pricing

  • Free

Veeqo ratings and reviews

  • G2: Not enough reviews
  • Capterra: 4.3/5 (70+ reviews)

10. ShipBob

ShipBob is a third-party logistics provider that offers ecommerce businesses a comprehensive fulfillment solution.

They handle inventory storage, order processing, and shipping logistics, helping businesses streamline their fulfillment operations and deliver orders to customers efficiently.

With strategically located fulfillment centers, ShipBob aims to streamline the shipping process, reduce shipping costs, and improve overall logistics efficiency for online retailers.

ShipBob best features

  • Ship your products quickly and cheaply, with storage across 50+ fulfillment centers globally
  • Track stock levels, monitor inventory movement, and optimize storage space for streamlined operations
  • Get real-time updates on the status of your orders with order tracking and visibility throughout the entire fulfillment process

ShipBob limitations

  • Integrating ShipBob with existing ecommerce platforms may require technical expertise and additional development resources

ShipBob pricing

  • Custom pricing

ShipBob ratings and reviews

  • G2: 3.6/5 (100+ reviews)
  • Capterra: 3.7/5 (90+ reviews)

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Simplify Inventory Management with the Right Tool

Ecommerce inventory management can be complex and challenging, especially for growing businesses that need to handle large and diverse inventories. 

However, with the right tool, you can streamline your inventory management processes, saving time, money, and resources. 

ClickUp is a powerful and versatile productivity platform that can help you manage your ecommerce inventory effectively. It can help you simplify ecommerce inventory management and boost your business performance. 

Sign up to ClickUp today and see the difference for yourself!

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