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10 Free Purchase Order Templates in Excel, ClickUp, & Word

In a world where business transactions are getting more digital by the day, a well-structured purchase order template can be the lifesaver that keeps your procurement operations flowing seamlessly. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small business hustling its way up or an established vendor seeking to enhance efficiency. The right purchase order form template can reduce mistakes and save hours so you can be more productive.

What is a Purchase Order Template?

A purchase order template is a standardized document that businesses use when purchasing goods or services. It outlines crucial details such as quantity, price, and delivery instructions. It provides a clear trail of what was ordered. 

These templates are essential for managing purchases, tracking expenses, and maintaining clear communication between buyer and supplier.

What Makes a Good Purchase Order Template?

A good purchase order template is efficient, easy to use, and comprehensive. 

When choosing the best purchase order template for your needs keep these features in mind:

  • Simplicity: The template should be easy to understand and use. Too many complex features can make it difficult to fill out and may lead to errors.
  • Customizability: Every business has unique needs, so the template should allow for modifications to fit your specific requirements.
  • Fields Included: A good template includes all necessary fields such as the name of the supplier, delivery date, payment terms, item description, quantity, unit price, and total cost. It might also include space for additional information like shipping instructions or a requisition number.
  • Format: The format should be suitable for your business. Some companies might prefer an Excel format due to its calculation capabilities, while others might prefer Word or PDF for their simplicity.
  • Legal Compliance: The template should meet the legal requirements for purchase orders in your location. This could include specific language or clauses.
rich formatting and slash commands in clickup docs
ClickUp Docs allows rich formatting and slash commands to work more efficiently

10 Purchase Order Templates to Use in 2024

Let’s get down to business! Here are 10 top-notch, free purchase order templates you should consider adding to your business toolkit in 2024.

1. ClickUp Purchase Order and Inventory Template

The Purchase Order and Inventory Template helps your business track resources and manage inventory

The ClickUp Purchase Order and Inventory Template is a godsend for those who want to stay organized. This free purchase order template records your purchase orders and syncs seamlessly with your inventory.

First, create cards with the seller’s contact information, delivery address, shipping terms, and purchase terms. Then you can get an overview of your purchase orders in List View or switch over to Board View to see a Kanban-style workflow of orders that are pending, ready for review, and ordered.

Combined with good workforce management software and point-of-sale system, this free purchase order template and inventory management tool can complete your trifecta of business systems.

2. ClickUp Purchase and Sales Agreement Template

The ClickUp Purchase and Sales Agreement Template is a great tool for gathering all the information you need about the buyer, the seller, and the assets for purchase

If you’re looking for a template that combines your purchasing and sales operations, the ClickUp Purchase and Sales Agreement Template is your go-to. It captures all the necessary details of a transaction and ensures all parties are on the same page. 

No more hunting for lost paperwork or miscommunication about order details! This purchase order form template includes all the information you need about the seller and the buyer, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.

If either side of the transaction has any concerns, you can edit the template together simultaneously to get all the details and language just right for all parties. The same goes for any of our dozens of business agreement templates.

3. ClickUp Sales and Purchase Agreement Template

ClickUp Sales and Purchase Agreement
Use the ClickUp Sales and Purchase Agreement to build your own contract from scratch

Just like its cousin above, the ClickUp Sales and Purchase Agreement Template handles both ends of your transactions.

 It’s versatile, straightforward, and takes the stress out of managing purchase and sales agreements or business-to-business transactions. A real win for any organization!

Download, fill out the highlighted areas with your specific information, and you’re ready. This purchase order form already has enough legalese geared toward product businesses to satisfy any attorney, but rest assured that, like any ClickUp Doc, you can securely send it to their inbox to double-check.

Once you’ve made the sale, your business needs an efficient way to document the good news. For that, we recommend checking out our favorite sales report templates!

4. ClickUp Invoice Template

Get paid fast with the help of this ClickUp Invoice Template

Are you paying or getting paid? The ClickUp Invoice Template has got you covered. It provides a simple and professional way to pay and manage transactions and can be tailored to fit any business or payment terms.

This order form includes billing information, shipping information, a rundown of products or services purchased across multiple inventory lines or projects, change orders, and payment terms. With ClickUp Docs, you can easily connect this template to your accounting workflows so your company balance sheet automatically updates when you get paid.

All you need to do is substitute your data, add your logo, and start transacting! This template gives you a hassle-free, organized, and transparent invoicing process.

Bonus: Account planning templates!

5. ClickUp Contractor Invoice Template

Easily track services, labor, and materials costs on your next job with the ClickUp Contractor Invoice Template

The ClickUp Contractor Invoice Template is an absolute lifesaver for contractors working with businesses

This order form includes sections for listing consultation fees, labor, and materials. It offers an easy way to detail services provided, calculate total charges, and track payments. Use ClickUp Docs’ ability to add tables, images, and links to other documents so you can track everything from just this one template. 

Then, integrate this template into your project management system to make managing project budgets a breeze.

6. ClickUp Freelance Invoice Template

The ClickUp Freelance Invoice Template offers a seamless tool for requesting payment as a freelancer

Ideally suited for the digital nomads of the world and businesses that hire them, the ClickUp Freelance Invoice Template is a tool that streamlines payment processes. 

Not only does this template make invoicing more systematic, but it also helps to ensure timely payment for all freelance work undertaken. The order form has complete customizability which makes it a reliable tool for detailed project descriptions, hourly rates, and total project costs.

Start using this template today to boost financial transparency in freelance transactions!

7. ClickUp Supply Order Form Template

Never run out of vital resources again with the ClickUp Supply Order Form Template

Every business understands the importance of a well-stocked inventory. The ClickUp Supply Order Form Template offers a strategic approach to resource management.

Use custom fields to track lead order time and who requested, approved, and received an order.

These details allow businesses to document their supply needs accurately, tracking supplier information, order dates, delivery details, and pricing in an organized manner. 

This purchase order form is your one-stop solution to make sure your stock levels are always healthy and you never run out of essential supplies.

8. ClickUp Order Fulfillment Template

Customer expectations are sky high, but the ClickUp Order Fulfillment Template can help you deliver the experience they are looking for

Businesses dealing with products know that order fulfillment is critical to the customer experience. The ClickUp Order Fulfillment Template provides a comprehensive platform to track every order process stage. 

From order receipt, processing, and shipment to final delivery, this purchase order form ensures you stay on top of your order pipeline to get every order right and ship it on time. You can do all this from one place rather than jumping between apps.

Since ClickUp Docs encourages collaboration, you can use this tool to make sure all your departments are operating with the same information.

This template is like having a process mapping tool, keeping your business efficient and your customers happy.

9. Microsoft Excel Purchase Order Template by Vertex42

Excel Purchase Order Template
Microsoft enthusiasts will love this Excel Purchase Order Template

If you are comfortable working with Excel and want a simple yet effective purchase order spreadsheet, the Excel Purchase Order Template is great. 

This purchase order spreadsheet lets you keep a detailed record of your purchases, supplier information, itemized product details, pricing, and delivery instructions. 

This is one of the best Excel templates to create purchase orders to simplify your procurement process and maintain clear and organized business records.

10. Microsoft Word Purchase Order Template by Office Templates Online

Microsoft Word Purchase Order Template
Keep purchasing simple with this Microsoft Word Purchase Order Template

Last but not least, the Microsoft Word Purchase Order Template by Office Templates Online is an excellent tool for businesses preferring a Word-based solution. 

This template ensures your purchase orders are detailed and well-documented, with clear sections for vendor management, shipping details, product quantities, and pricing. 

It offers a balance of simplicity and functionality, helping you streamline your purchase orders like a pro.

Making the Most of Purchase Order Templates

There you have it—10 stellar purchase order form templates to help streamline your business operations in 2024. 

Remember, a well-organized purchase order system is not just about your money and keeping records. It can significantly improve your efficiency, allowing you to focus on what really matters—growing your business.

Ready to get started? Choose a template that suits your needs and integrate it into your workflow. For a comprehensive solution, consider implementing a project management tool like ClickUp, which offers a range of templates and tools to make your business operations smooth and efficient.

Trust us—you’ll be wondering how you ever managed without it!

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