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15 Free Branding Templates for Marketing & Creative Teams

Building a unique identity for your company, product, or service is one of the most challenging and rewarding tasks on your road to winning the hearts and minds of customers and driving success. ♥️

To leave a lasting impression and introduce something refreshing to the market, you must create memorable visual and narrative elements. But designing enchanting logos or compelling stories about your brand is just half the job done.

The other, less creative half is maintaining a consistent look while communicating with different audiences across various channels. 📣

If you’re struggling to create or stay on top of all your branding elements and their usage scenarios, try one of our top 15 free branding templates. Use them to support your brand identity and set yourself apart from the competition! 🙌

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What Is a Branding Template?

A branding template is a framework designed to help you create distinctive brand elements and use them consistently in your marketing and other campaigns. This allows for brand consistency across things like logo design, graphic elements, branding visual communication images, and typography.

It is a starting point for captivating logo design, engaging narratives, or social media posts, and keeping them easily accessible for any occasion. These templates are valuable resources for establishing a unique brand identity and forging an emotional bond with your customers.

ClickUp Branding Logos Examples
ClickUp’s brand guidelines ensure everyone uses the correct logo, color, and typography

Apart from its customer-facing goals, a branding template ensures your employees don’t wander off and create or use off-brand visuals or campaigns (i.e. a poor quality business card, incorrect font and font sizes). If it has the potential to make your organization’s designers cringe, those rules should go into a branding template.

Keeping everyone on the same page leads to consistency, which is a crucial feature of a quality branding strategy. 🔝

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What Makes a Good Branding Template?

A good branding template is:

  1. Intuitive: Has sections that are easy to understand and navigate for everyone, regardless of their skills and position on the team
  2. Consistent: It should ensure all materials created and managed with it align with the brand’s overall identity and lead to a cohesive experience
  3. Customizable: A good template allows users to adapt it to their unique needs by adding their logos or appropriate content
  4. Collaborative: It should offer features that encourage teamwork and collaboration within the company
  5. Adaptable: Can be applied to diverse marketing and communication initiatives across different channels such as digital, print, and social media
Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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15 Branding Templates To Use in 2024

The global village we call home is simultaneously small and vast, offering abundant opportunities for those knowing how to shine among the crowd. Use one of ClickUp’s free branding templates to create a one-of-a-kind image of your business in the minds of your customers! 💡

1. ClickUp Brand Guidelines Template

Brand Guidelines Template by ClickUp
Use ClickUp’s Brand Guidelines Template to keep everyone on the same page about your branding strategy

Are you trying hard to build a company brand, but it’s not working? Your problem may be inconsistency. If you don’t work as one and use the same materials for marketing campaigns or social media posts, your company may appear at odds with itself. ⚔️

The ClickUp Brand Guidelines Template is like an antidote for such scenarios, ensuring your team is on the same page as a book called your company’s branding strategy. 📖

This template offers the basis for building a successful, consistent, and effective branding campaign. Think of it as your company’s autobiography—it’s packed with details and helps readers understand what your company is or wants to be.

The template is divided into several sections, from the basics, like introducing the company’s mission and values, to the specifics, like the preferred color palette, typography, and taglines.

Every element can be customized to ensure your brand guidelines are unique and relevant to your company’s vision.

Collaboration is a critical component of success, so feel free to invite people from marketing, sales, website project management, design, and other teams to the template, create tasks, and ask for opinions.

2. ClickUp Brand Guidelines Whiteboard Template

Social Media Brand Guidelines by ClickUp
Create a highly visual and colorful Brand Book with the Brand Guidelines Template by ClickUp

Working on brand guidelines can be much easier if you include your employees, but it can also wreak havoc on your workflows. You have nothing to worry about with the ClickUp Brand Guidelines Whiteboard Template.

Think of the template as a playground where your employees can brainstorm and connect the pieces of the puzzle that is your brand identity. 🧩

Start by creating a ClickUp Whiteboard, which will host all your brand guidelines moving forward. Next, gather the troops, a.k.a. brand assets or graphic elements, that are the core of this manual.

Now it’s time to organize the different battalions by creating sections for each asset and seeing how they fit into the bigger picture—your brand’s vision.

Refine the sections, add a little magic with unique colors, fonts, and styles, and you’ll get practical and consistent brand guidelines that reflect your company’s mission and brand identity.

With the template’s custom statuses and views, you can monitor the progress of every guideline and develop workflows aligning with your company’s industry.

3. ClickUp Brand Book Template

ClickUp Brand Book Template
ClickUp’s Brand Book Template outlines your company’s values and goals and sets the branding standard

A brand book is your company’s instruction manual. It includes the company’s core values, mission, goals, visual identity elements, and everything else that makes up your brand. The book sets the branding standard and is a crucial point of reference for your employees, so you must be extra meticulous when creating it.

The ClickUp Brand Book Template can help you design a first-class brand book in no time. It serves as a valuable guide for creating a unique perception of your brand, building quality relationships with customers, and keeping your marketing materials and campaigns consistent and to the point.

This template includes one task view (Doc View), which is more than enough to keep team members in the loop and monitor the progress of your brand book.

It consists of several sections covering everything related to your company’s brand, including its mission, vision, values, logo, colors, typography, icons and assets, and more. All sections are detailed, so you’ll have no trouble tailoring the template to your company’s needs, even if you’re not a marketing wizard. 🧙

Like other ClickUp branding templates, this lets you tap into your creative side. Feel free to explore the colors, styles, shapes, and specific logo design that will complement your brand and make it more appealing.

4. ClickUp Brand Management Template

Brand Management Template by ClickUp
This Brand Management Template allows you to track all activities for your clients in addition to documenting style guides and internal processes

Are you running a marketing agency and working on branding strategies for multiple clients? The ClickUp Brand Management Template can erase some of your stress and keep your tasks and team members well-organized and accountable.

The template lets you divide your work into sections—one for each client. Within those sections, you can create subcategories to keep track of every detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.

Assign and prioritize tasks, add files to the template, set due dates, make quick changes based on client feedback, and turn marketing campaign management into a smooth ride. 🚗

The two default task views are List and Board, and you can switch between them depending on what you want to focus on.

You can link the template to other tasks and docs, add comments, customize the font, add contributors, and transform the entire space to your preferences.

5. ClickUp Create Brand Style Guide Template

ClickUp Create Brand Style Guide Template
Use the template to set and keep track of branding-related tasks and check their progress

You’re running toward your goal—establishing quality brand guidelines. There are numerous obstacles before the finish line—miscommunication, incomplete information, and inconsistency. The ClickUp Create Brand Style Guide Template gets the hurdles out of the way and gives you a nice head start! 🥇

Don’t worry about omitting important information or coming off as vague—the template guides you through every element that affects your brand’s appearance, from choosing the color palette to striking a tone that resonates with your audience.

You can prioritize tasks, add assignees, due dates, and reviewers, insert comments, check progress, and customize the complexity of each assignment.

Different companies have different workflows, so ClickUp lets you tailor the template by adding new tasks and categories, changing color schemes, and switching between views.

6. ClickUp Logo Style Guide Template

ClickUp Logo Style Guide Template
Use the template to establish a logo style guide and ensure every team in your company follows it

A recognizable, primary logo is a big piece of the branding pie. Still, many brands use different versions for specific purposes like marketing materials, social media campaigns, mobile apps, and paper-copy documents. This allows them to conform to different environments and audiences while maintaining their unique identity. 🪪

The ClickUp Logo Style Guide Template helps you determine how to use a particular logo in a specific setting.

When you open the template, you can add your company’s name and the idea behind it (the company’s “personality”). Then, it’s time to get to work. Insert your brand’s logo (with a white and dark background), app icons, color palette, typography system, and the logo do’s and don’ts.

At the end of the document, you can add logo-related tips or guides to prevent misuse or out-of-context placement.

7. ClickUp Brand Style Guide Doc Template

ClickUp Brand Style Guide Doc Template
Use ClickUp’s Brand Style Guide Doc Template to establish general brand guidelines and familiarize your team with the bigger picture

Creating a brand style guide is easier said than done. Fortunately, you don’t have to start from scratch—the ClickUp Brand Style Guide Doc Template is a perfect springboard! It has a basic appearance with no bells and whistles, but it’s more than enough for outlining general branding ideas.

The template is divided into four sections:

  1. Our Mission
  2. Culture + Values
  3. Brand Visuals
  4. Brand Voice

Every section contains an example to make your work easier. Look at Culture + Values—from simple slogans like “Details matter” to more provocative ones like “Normal f*cking sucks,” you can explore different suggestions and draw inspiration.

The template lets you write the guidelines or use images and videos to make them more engaging. While it doesn’t have default sections for logos, typography, or color palette, you can set broad instructions for representing your brand.

This could be helpful across other departments in your business like when you start creating blog post entries, creating actual templates, customizing images, and other business branding elements.

Since ClickUp’s style guide templates are customizable, you can add extra sections and tackle the specifics in more detail. Remember, you’re sitting in the director’s chair, and the template plays to your script. 🎬

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8. ClickUp Branding Template

ClickUp Branding Template
Get a clear overview of all your branding activities with the comprehensive ClickUp Branding Template

Are you managing a complex branding campaign for your company or a client? The number of processes and tasks can skyrocket quickly, and the entire campaign could snowball and become impossible to track. 🌨️

The ClickUp Branding Template helps you stay in the driver’s seat and keep an eagle eye over every branding-related activity. 🦅

Note that this template isn’t visual—it’s not for presenting the brand’s color palette, logo, or approved font styles like some of the previous additions on our list. Managing branding tasks is where it shows its true power! 💪

For starters, use the template’s List View to create branding activities (tasks), such as planning a social media campaign or working on the company’s logo. The template’s Board View lets you see which activities belong to a particular project stage. Or, you can use the Timeline View to get the bigger picture and a clearer overview of every activity’s lifecycle.

You can color-code every field and create a unique system for easier management and control. Since ClickUp prioritizes flexibility and customizability, you can edit and adjust every column and row to ensure the template meets your company’s needs.

9. ClickUp Brand Identity Template

ClickUp's Brand Identity Template
Learn how to define your brand with this all-in-one template

ClickUp’s Brand Identity Template can be used to create a powerful brand identity that positions you for success, whether you’re launching a new product or rebranding your business.

This template includes Customer Statuses to create Tasks, Custom Fields to categorize and add attributes to manage your brand identity, such as logo, colors, and typography, Custom Views to build out your brand’s workflow, and project management features to improve brand identity tracking with commenting, rich media, task dependencies, reminders, and more.

10. ClickUp Rebranding Project Template

Rebranding Template
Do a brand make-over with the ClickUp Rebranding Project Template

Branding can be challenging, but it doesn’t hold a candle to rebranding. 🕯️

Successful rebrands require time, effort, and dedication from everyone involved. Your first task is defining and communicating your goals to your team members. Then, you need to analyze the existing brand and break apart the logo, color scheme, typography, brand visuals, and the general message your company’s sending out.

Luckily, you don’t (and shouldn’t) have to do this alone. The ClickUp Rebranding Project Template can be a valuable co-pilot on the demanding journey called rebranding. 🛩️

Use the template to organize the entire project, create tasks for your employees, check their progress, monitor timelines, and ensure everyone’s working toward the goal. The template’s custom statuses, fields, and views make your job easier.

Now you get to the most exciting part—the birth of a new identity. Create tasks for developing a new logo, app icons, brand visuals, and everything else related to your brand. Use the template to monitor every step of the process and make adjustments to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.

The template can also find its purpose in the design thinking process and in creating new materials for your products and services. It can provide the framework for identifying the customers’ needs and wants and customizing solutions to meet them.

11. ClickUp Style Guide Template

ClickUp Style Guide Template
Use the template to create project-specific style guidelines and prevent confusion and mistakes

Let’s say you’re running an email campaign and want to use a positive, casual, and humorous approach. The writing style for this campaign and the style for writing official company documents are like chalk and cheese. 🧀

The ClickUp Style Guide Template helps you create style guides for every project and document and ensure different teams and departments use appropriate visuals and language.

This beginner-friendly template summarizes your company’s brand guidelines and ensures style consistency across every team, from marketing to sales and design project management. It also takes it a step further and focuses on styles for particular projects. You can choose aesthetics and functional elements for every project and attach project screenshots and their details.

The template is especially valuable for companies working on many projects simultaneously and can even come in handy for product design and creating design briefs. It ensures consistency and transparency, prevents confusion across the board, and leads to faster project execution.

12. Microsoft PowerPoint Black & White Branded Poster Template

 Microsoft PowerPoint Black & White Branded Poster Template
via Microsoft

The Microsoft PowerPoint Black & White Branded Poster Template is a sleek, versatile option for anyone looking to create impactful posters with a classic aesthetic. This template simplifies the design process, enabling users to focus on conveying their message effectively while maintaining a professional look.

With customizable features, users can easily incorporate their brand’s logos, fonts, and imagery, making each poster uniquely theirs. Whether for digital display or print, this template is designed to capture attention and communicate clearly, making it an essential tool for effective visual communication.

13. Microsoft Word Modern Capsules Letterhead Branding Template

Microsoft Word Modern Capsules Letterhead Branding Template
via Microsoft

The Microsoft Word Modern Capsules Letterhead Branding Template offers a contemporary design that adds a professional touch to your official correspondence. Its minimalist layout, coupled with vibrant capsules of color, ensures that your documents stand out while maintaining your brand.

This template is Ideal for businesses looking to inject a modern vibe into their brand identity, and allows for easy customization of logos, color schemes, and fonts to align with your brand’s aesthetics. Whether for sending out letters to clients, company announcements, or internal communications, this template ensures your brand’s consistency and professionalism are upheld in every piece of correspondence.

14. Microsoft Modern Flyer Branded Template

Microsoft Modern Flyer Branded Template
via Microsoft

This Microsoft Word Modern Flyer Branded Template provides a fresh and contemporary framework for creating standout flyers for any business or event. Taking cues from modern design trends, this template combines bold typography with a clean layout to ensure your message is not just seen but remembered.

This template can be used for product launches, event promotions, or informative brochures. It allows for full customization – from color schemes to font choices, ensuring your flyer aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

15. Microsoft Word Sale Flyer Template

Microsoft Word Sale Flyer Template
via Microsoft

The Microsoft Word Sale Flyer Template is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed to help businesses and marketers quickly create eye-catching flyers that highlight sales, special offers, or promotions. Its structure is tailored for ease of use, enabling users to customize text, colors, and images to fit their specific sale event without needing extensive design skills.

This template saves time and ensures that the promotional material stands out, whether it’s displayed in-store, distributed as leaflets, or shared online. The flexibility and simplicity make it ideal for a wide range of industries looking to boost their marketing efforts with minimal effort.

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Craft an Unforgettable Brand Image With the Right Tools

The right strategy allows you to develop a positive association between your customers and your brand, build credibility, and rise above the noise of your competitors. Employ the wrong approach, and customers will still form an association—but not the one you want! Inappropriate, misleading, or inconsistent strategies could damage your brand beyond repair, no matter how valuable it is.

These ClickUp free templates let you jump aboard the efficient branding train and help you reach your destination without delays or obstacles. 🚂

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