ClickUp’s 2021 Recap: Another Year Down, Forever to Go

And just like that, we closed the book on another year—and what a year it was!

2021 will go down in history as the year therapy made its official comeback, we started processing 2020, and Britney was finally set free.

It may also be remembered as the year we nearly broke the supply chain ordering Squid Game jumpsuits for Halloween and streamed Red (Taylor’s Version) 90.8 million times in a single day. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. 🥵

But for us here at ClickUp, 2021 was the year that we seriously got sh*t done. 🙌🏼

cat getting poured champagne, looking fabulous

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished in the past 12 months—the good and the bad—because it all led you to where you are now, and that my friend, is exactly where you’re meant to be. 🧘🏻‍♀️

And hey, even if you had a few hiccups along the way, mistakes are just lessons, lessons lead to growth, and growth shows a willingness to pivot, accept change, and make things better.

In short: you’re doing great, sweetie! 👏

So put on your Spotify Wrapped playlist and reminisce with us on some of our favorite ClickUp moments from 2021.

Our year in numbers

As a platform that prides itself on saving our customers one day a week, one of our favorite year-end past times is to look back on that very thing. So, how many days did we save?

Drumroll, please. 👀

ClickUp saved the world 7,220,850 days in 2021 alone.

That’s almost 20,000 years’ worth of days! Those weren’t the only noteworthy numbers from 2021 though, we are happy to raise our glasses here at ClickUp to the:

  • 280,464,610 tasks created
  • 10,242,234 new documents
  • 2,204,310 automations created
  • 2,512,695 reminders set

We’re so grateful for every single one of you who helped make this amazing year possible! We couldn’t do it without the incredible people behind the numbers and tasks who make it all worthwhile—you!

And while we’re celebrating, let’s not forget the other top moments spent (virtually) together every step of the way in 2021.


We started 2021 focused on growth and set our sights on hiring the best of the best! And holy guacamole did it pay off. 🤩

With the future of work facing a pivotal (and exciting!) transition, we could really think big when it came to our hiring efforts and expand our global presence in a major way. Now, we have a dedicated team of ClickUppers spreading the good word of productivity far and wide! Frfr!

More on this a little later. 😎

Since January we’ve welcomed 674 new team members, and it’s still just the beginning! We can’t wait to welcome even more amazing members to this ClickUp fam starting first thing in January.


February is a month we hold near and dear to our hearts because it holds one of our favorite days of the year: Random Act of Kindness Day, on February 22nd.

Random Acts of Kindness is one of ClickUp’s nine core values, and something we try to implement in some way every day.

The ClickUp crew takes kindness very seriously. We believe that it comes in many forms whether it’s by donating to a good cause or making someone’s day.

While it’s preferred to share our kindness anonymously, what we can say is that ClickUp has contributed millions of dollars in donations, food, toy drives, raffles, and care packages. Plus, we’ve shared our time through organized beach clean-ups, sponsored families, offered loans on Kiva, and more!

ClickUp crew cleans the beaches of San Diego
CREDIT: Janae Corbisez (ClickUp)

At the peer-to-peer level, ClickUp also encourages all of us to show kindness to each other!

ClickUp’s Karma system is one way we like to show our appreciation for the things we all do on a daily basis, big or small. Think of Karma points as a virtual hug or high five. 🤗

After completing a major task, or getting a surprise reward for tackling something new, Karma points are a great way to show team members far and wide that you see the work they do and a reminder that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. And for our growing team where the majority of our employees are remote, that camaraderie goes a long way. 💜

To date, the ClickUp crew has awarded over 446,000 Karma points to each other! I guess here at ClickUp, we are all each other’s biggest fans.

As they say, you only start winning once you learn how to root for others! What can you do to make someone’s day today?

Another pretty neat thing from February…🥁🥁🥁

We won an award!

Nothin’ quite like starting off the year with the news that ClickUp was recognized by Cloud Awards as the winner of the Best SaaS Award, among some other pretty great companies, if we do say so ourselves.

Nicole Kidman clapping her hands at the Oscars


In 2021, we continued to release new features and updates each week, including Email in ClickUp!

As much as we try to fight it, email is likely here to stay. Not to say that ClickUp can’t still make it a little easier for you though!

Now, the Email ClickApp enables you to seamlessly integrate your email communication into ClickUp, allowing you to manage your conversations right alongside relevant work without ever having to tab again!

This has been a game-changer for us, but the Email ClickApp was just the first of many new ClickUp tools announced in 2021.


The city of San Diego means a lot to all of us here at ClickUp.

It’s the home to our headquarters, tons of our team, and has played a big role in growing our identity.

We were thrilled to announce our official partnership with The San Diego Padres—one of the most iconic (and currently, the only!) professional sports teams in America’s Finest City.

Since April, ClickUp has helped the Padres power the team’s IT operations to consolidate and manage all of its work in one easy-to-use platform. ✅

The Padres are one of ClickUp’s cherished partnerships, but not the only one we’ve proudly added since the New Year! In the last 12 months, ClickUp has added 98 new partnerships ranging from TV studios, academic programs, tech startups, nonprofits, and more!

Interested in managing your work like a pro too? Reach out to and maybe your company will be our next BFF. 😎


May was another stellar month for ClickUp recognition. 🙌🏼

Justin Timberlake of N*SYNC saying it's gonna be May

ClickUp’s Founder and CEO, Zeb Evans, was featured by Fast Company in a profile article that shares his unique story and how it ties into the principles ClickUp was founded upon.

Through Zeb’s story, Fast Company reveals the meaning behind some of ClickUp’s core values and why saving time means so much to us.


Halfway into 2021, ClickUp hit the ground running on its worldwide productivity mission—with an emphasis on the worldwide part. 😉

We expanded our support team once again, this time in the Philippines! Though our first Philippines-based hires joined us in June, this was just one of many stops on our unofficial 2021 ClickUp World Tour. ™️

We now proudly employ productive ClickUp team members from 21 different countries including Australia, the Philippines, the UK, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Poland, the Netherlands, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Guatemala, Canada, and Brazil! 🤯

Want to join our growing team of highly productive people who love improving 1% every day? Apply today!


Ahh, home sweet home. 😌

July was an exciting month for ClickUp, especially for our in-office team members! With our exponential team growth, we began the search for a bigger space to rest our keyboards and call home. Or shall we say, HQ? 😉

Our search came to an end as we handed over the keys to the office where ClickUp had its start, and secured our new place in the beautiful DiamondView Tower overlooking Petco Park!

The lovely new ClickUp HQ in San Diego's DiamondView Tower
CREDIT: Loopnet

Now you can wave at hometown heroes, Manny Machado and Fernando Tatis Jr., from the fifth, sixth, or 12th floor! All while sipping your morning K-cup and archiving old emails.

Needless to say, there are 0.00 bad days at ClickUp HQ. 💅🏼

Some of the ClickUp crew working hard and looking good doing it

Our San Diego office wasn’t our only major milestone in July though… 👀

As one of the leading project management tools, ClickUp understands the importance of creating personalized experiences for our diverse customer base.

Previously, English was the only natively supported language in ClickUp. Now, we’re in the process of globalizing the entire ClickUp platform to provide you with a trustworthy translated experience.

We kicked things off in July, adding our first localization feature—French! 🇫🇷 🎉

We believe that localizing the platform will help reduce language barriers, connect people from all parts of the world, and create more catered and trustworthy experiences for everyone.

Ç’est Magnifique!

More on our French localization feature and how ClickUp customers use it here.


This Summer, we put some serious time into ClickUp’s YouTube presence and our 51.4K subscribers.

Partly because we see a high value in our product and the power of effective marketing to reach new audiences…and partly because it’s fun. 😜

In August we graced your dual monitor set-up with our most popular installment of the now infamous, “Returning to Work” series.

Work Schooling

Since then, we’ve really outdone ourselves. Maybe that sounds like a not-so-humble brag, but look at the facts! Currently, “Work Schooling,” has over 2.2 million views on YouTube, and counting! 😱

Our other more recent ads aren’t too far behind, either! For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy some of our other top ClickUp ad contenders on YouTube:


The Declaration


ClickUp was founded on a promise to help people become more productive and get things done.

While a lot of the heavy lifting behind this promise lies in the Platform itself, we believe that offering resources to help you dive deeper into your role and facilitate professional growth is just as important.

In September, we upgraded up our content game with a comprehensive blog redesign equipped with a better user experience and thoughtful, high-quality writing.

Part of that push for high-quality content included rolling out our series on how ClickUp uses ClickUp!

The idea behind this series is to show how we use ClickUp internally, to help our customers optimize their own processes and make the most of this powerful tool. With the help of these blogs, users can now learn:

As cool as it is to have a feature-rich product at your fingertips, the excitement doesn’t really start until you learn how to use its powers for good!

We wanted to make the ClickUp blog a high-quality and high-value resource for our readers because we are truly passionate about helping others use ClickUp to its fullest extent, excel in their roles, be more productive, and ultimately, learn something new.

We’ve been so fortunate (and humbled!) to see these efforts pay off in the stories and case studies shared by our customers, showing us how ClickUp has created a positive effect in their companies or lives.

Curious about some of the customers and company processes ClickUp has transformed? Check out Webflow and STX Next‘s experiences to learn how ClickUp helped them save thousands of hours and improve overall communication.

Andy from Parks and Rec going OMG

Our blog revamp also includes updates to dozens of blogs we’ve published in the past to ensure that we are bringing you the best and most current information to learn from. And based on the 2 million readers we reach each month on our ClickUp blog, we can tell this means a lot to you, too!

September also marks the month that ClickUp was recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top Startups of 2021, featuring 50 of the top U.S. startup companies!


Trigger warning: The next three months of 2021 were packed with massive wins for ClickUp.

Starting with a major announcement about our Series C Funding!

We raised a whopping $400 million in Series C to continue making the world more productive, contributing to an overall valuation of $4 billion. Wow. 🥰

With this new step, ClickUp will focus on bringing you a faster, innovative, and always-improving product. We will continue to deliver new weekly updates and listen to the people who’ve made this growth possible—you!

ClickUp will also continue its commitment to performance and reliability for anyone and everyone who uses the platform, including a localized experience no matter where you hail from!


On November 9th, ClickUp hosted our second annual productivity conference, LevelUp.

Cue: all of the proud mom feels. 🥲

Over 45,000 people worldwide registered to learn about how today’s leaders redefine productivity with powerful new work strategies, and had the option of attending virtually or in-person at the Rady Shell located in San Diego’s Jacob Park.

Highlights from LevelUp 2021 include a keynote speech from the organizational psychologist, Adam Grant, and a special appearance from San Diego native Tony Hawk, and of course, connecting to our global support system of customers and partners in an entirely new way.

We also held coaching sessions, fireside chats, announced campaign debuts, and shared some major news, details on the future of ClickUp! Are you feeling the FOMO yet? Or maybe some nostalgia?

Catch up on anything you missed with ClickUp’s exclusive LevelUp content on our YouTube channel. Then keep a close watch on your inbox for more info on next year’s (even bigger?!) productivity conference. 😎

What’s more, among those big announcements from LevelUp was the launch of two of the most requested features from ClickUp users, including Whiteboards! 🎨

Currently available to the public in beta, ClickUp Whiteboards are the only collaborative whiteboard that enables teams to turn real-time ideas directly into actionable projects. Some of our favorite Whiteboards features are:

  • Real-time collaboration to brainstorm ideas and map out projects simultaneously, just as though you’re together in the same room
  • Rich Editing to add content to Whiteboards like drawings, text, shapes, notes, images, and other media files
  • Embedded Tasks to easily add existing ClickUp Tasks into Whiteboards
  • The ability to easily share and collaborate on a Whiteboard with anyone across your organization
Whiteboards and all new Docs in ClickUp

Add Docs, tasks, media files, drawings, and more directly in your ClickUp Whiteboards

And the other game-changing feature announcement? Docs 3.0! 🚀

By now, you’re likely already using and loving the powerful and collaborative masterpiece that is ClickUp Docs. 😙🤌

But let’s walk back through some of the key take-aways that we still can’t get enough of:

  • Documents now appear alongside your Folders and Lists in the ClickUp Hierarchy, now with tags to find your work faster than ever
  • New layers of customization give you control of how your Docs look and feel to create unique company wikis, blogs, and knowledge bases
  • A new Sidebar Menu provides easy access to settings like typography, cover images, header sections, stats, comments, page protections, and more
  • Updated projects with embedded widgets without ever leaving your doc!
  • Focus mode to work without distractions by fading the rest of the document into the background

Our team is constantly working to better your ClickUp experience and these features were a crucial step in committing to that promise, but we didn’t stop there. 🚀

Amidst the exciting and spectacular whirlwind that was November at ClickUp, we also made some major moves on our mission to make the world more productive with the announcements of our forthcoming HQs in Sydney, Australia, and Dublin, Ireland! 🎉

Each location will create upwards of 200 new jobs over the course of three years, and we are thrilled by the talent and ideas coming from the new ClickUp crew spearheading our efforts there already.


With the incredible power that ClickUp packs into one platform, we want to make sure you are using it to its fullest!

ClickUp University (CUU) launched on December 7, 2021, to help our community accomplish goals faster, save time, continue growing by 1% every day, and eliminate the unnecessary frustrations caused by work inefficiencies.

And we are so dang proud of it!

CUU is an intuitive online learning tool that helps you to master the in and outs of the ClickUp platform—and it’s fun!

Courses, on-demand videos, activities, quizzes, and pro tips are available to help you take advantage of ClickUp and customize it to fit your role and business.

Get started with free foundational learning paths for guests, members, and admins to learn the basics of ClickUp. So go on, try it out! Then let us know what you think. 😉

What’s in store for ClickUp in 2022?

It’s almost hard to believe that all of that happened in the course of just one year—and those were just the highlights!

We can’t wait for what’s to come for this rocketship of a company, starting with something new, exciting, major, and different launching first thing in January 2022.

Your new favorite podcast, When It Clicked.

More than a timeline or backstory, “When it Clicked” dives into and ties together the secret history, challenges, and even pitfalls of household brands you think you know to uncover the moment we’re all searching for: when it all—finally—clicks. 😉

With the first episode coming in January and the full season releasing shortly after, there’s a LOT to look forward to, and we can’t wait for you to hear it for yourself. 💜

That’s still not all, folks!

We care about each other as much as we care about you! Let’s continue saving time in 2022 so we can smile, be together, and laugh at moments like this:

ClickUp loves a good blooper reel

There is even more productivity magic up our sleeves for 2022, but we truly couldn’t have reached this exciting point without all of your unconditional support.

Our customers and the ClickUp team are forever at the forefront of everything we do, and that’s never going to change.

We are truly humbled by every single person, customer, click, view, subscriber, and follower who made these accomplishments possible, and we hope that your year was even better.

We love you, we mean it. Peace out 2021. 🥂

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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