Peek Inside ClickUp’s Brand New Headquarters

Just six months after raising our first bit of outside funding, ClickUp reached a $1 billion valuation, doubled its customer base, and increased revenue ninefold.

With astronomical growth like that, it’s no surprise the San Diego crew quickly outgrew its modest headquarters and set sights on something a little more worthy of stabling a unicorn.

We call that stable The DiamondView Tower.

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Isn’t she a beaut?

The DiamondView is located in San Diego’s East Village—smack next to Petco Park, the home field of one of ClickUp’s coolest clients, the San Diego Padres.

Since every expanding biz needs room to grow, ClickUp has claimed two entire floors of the building; nearly 36,500 square feet of well-lit, well-ventilated office space.

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Aaron Cort, VP of Operations, explained to me just how perfect a fit the new office is for our unique brand of innovators. “The new office is a collaborative, open, and creative space that is the physical representation of our company, product, and culture,” Aaron says. “It signifies our next stage of growth as a company, alongside creating a home for employees everywhere!”

Just one visit to the Casa de ClickUp and you’ll instantly get a sense of our collaborative culture and how the new space really reflects it.

“When hiring, it’s just as important to consider people who are a cultural fit as it is to consider those who will get the job done,” says ClickUp CEO and founder Zeb Evans. “In our new office, some employees have removed part of their cubicle to stay connected with teammates. It’s awesome to see the ClickUp culture come alive in person.”

With an open-concept plan that consists of convertible cubicles and desks that become standing desks with the miraculous push of a button, this new workspace offers individuals a flexible, low-key environment after months of a mandatory WFH routine.

ClickUp is still embracing a hybrid model of work, allowing some home time and some office time for employees based in SD. With 60% of current ClickUppers working remotely from different cities or countries, the downtown office will be a gathering place for meetings, events, and collaborative work with local teammates.

“We’ve taken a balanced approach to returning to work—recommending being in the office Tuesdays and Thursdays,” says Zeb. “We’ll keep our office open around the clock for people that prefer being in office, and generally we’ll be flexible with remote work.”

CREDIT: Aubrey Sawicki

San Diego locals on the same teams work together in the same areas, with 6 feet of personal space provided for COVID safety. Conference rooms are scattered across each floor, so no one team ever feels isolated.

As someone who actually enjoys a sprinkling of isolation in my workday, I was relieved to find that there’s no shortage of quiet, solitary, darker places to work in the office; this is a welcome feature for any employee who finds it difficult to focus on certain tasks with a lot of stimulation and chatter.

You can also work on the spacious terrace where you can enjoy an incredible view of the ballpark with the warm San Diego sun on your face!

Two of the most ubiquitous core values at our company are: “Find joy and have fun” and “Work hard and own it.” I asked Aaron how the new headquarters reflects the support ClickUp leadership shows to employees maintaining that balance.

“Supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of our people were pivotal parts of the decision to find a space that provides all options and intricacies for personal and professional productivity, as the two heavily overlap.”

In addition to the mental benefits of working in a flexible environment, ClickUp employees can enjoy free access to the building’s state-of-the-art Fitness Center, following the company’s initiative to promote active, healthy lifestyles.

As someone who considers panic attacks her best cardio, the allure of an in-house gym with state-of-the-art equipment, specialized classes, a pool, a sauna, and more was enough to get me on a treadmill after work.

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Since working from 8 to 5 at a startup requires quality fuel in the engine, ClickUp offers catered lunches every Tuesday and Wednesday—always from local restaurants to support our community.

While free lunches brighten up the middle of every week, there’s one perk that happens all day, any day: ClickUp is a dog-friendly office space! Whether the pups are trained emotional support/service animals or friendly companions just visiting for the day, it’s near-impossible to be stressed when there’s a furry friend around.

My tiny rescue Zero loves basking in the sunshine near my station, and with a grassy area in the building’s courtyard, her bathroom breaks were done in no time. Don’t worry if you’re not big on the canine kind, though—employees who have yappy, fearful, or accident-prone dogs keep the communal peace by leaving their furbabies at home, and the few dogs who do visit are never unsupervised.

Zero the dog hanging at ClickUp
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So what’s next for our new office? Coming soon is a 12th-floor studio space for our stellar video team to explore more ways to create big things under one roof!

“The team is very excited about the expanded space for creative,” says our brilliant office manager, Carolyn Davis. “The team has also commissioned two custom ClickUp logo-shaped couches that I cannot wait to see ClickUppers using in the new space!”

As far as Carolyn’s thoughts on how upgrading our office has improved our collective workflow, she has this to say: “The new headquarters has already proved to be such an exciting place for team members to collaborate face to face and in real-time. The expanded and upgraded space is invaluable to the overall success of the product and the team’s that work so hard for the users/customers.”

One thing that’s set to stay the same through the evolution of our office is, refreshingly, the focus on having company leaders be as accessible as possible to the rest of the team.

“At ClickUp’s new HQ, I sit by the Product team in the middle of our cafeteria,” says Zeb. “No matter how much a company grows, CEOs need to remain approachable and accessible to their teams.”

We love to see it.

If you’re interested in joining the ClickUp crew in San Diego (or remotely!), check out the many open positions we’re currently hiring for!

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