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Céline Arethens: How ClickUp’s French Localization Feature Improved Our Documentation Processes

As one of the world’s leading project management tools, ClickUp understands the importance of creating personalized experiences for its diverse customer base.

That’s why it’s one of ClickUp’s priorities to localize the entire platform. ✨We believe that localizing the entire platform will help reduce language barriers, connect people from all parts of the world, and create more catered and trustworthy experiences for everyone.

We’re on our way to making the world more productive—the first stop in ClickUp’s localized journey is with French, which launched in July of 2021! 😊 🇫🇷 🎉

To follow up on how this localized feature in ClickUp has helped our users, we checked in with one of our users from Switzerland, Céline Arethens.

Céline is a marketing entrepreneur and a pro when it comes to successfully managing multiple clients and projects at once. Her secret? Optimizing her workflow by using the right tools with customizable features—like ClickUp. 😉

While she has been an avid ClickUp user for quite some time now, using many flexible features to successfully power her day-to-day, the option to use the platform in her native language was not available, just yet.

But since the release, she’s witnessed a transformation in her business’ documentation processes and team collaboration. Follow along to hear about her experience with ClickUp!

Alright, handing the mic over to you, Céline! 🎙😄 ✨

Céline Arethens ClickUp blog

Tell us about yourself and LANE Digital Consulting!

Hi, my name is Céline Arethens! 👋I am a digital strategy consultant, Founder, and CEO of LANE Digital Consulting—a marketing and digital transformation consulting firm based in Écublens, Vaud (Switzerland).

LANE Digital Consulting is focused on business efficiency and process optimization. By using the power of digital marketing, we are able to reduce our client’s costs and increase overall sales.

We specialize in:

⭐️ Digital transformation– To optimize the time spent on internal tasks

⭐️ Digital Marketing– To promote yourself on Google and social networks

⭐️ Website Creation– To present and sell your services and products

⭐️ Application Development– To create custom software integration into your tools

Using a 360-degree approach to your digital challenges, our all-in-one digital marketing agency and consulting firm can help companies of various sizes and fields from different parts of the globe transform their businesses.

LANE Digital Consulting

Discover LANE Digital Consulting’s professional portfolio!

How did you discover ClickUp & how long have you been using it?

I discovered ClickUp one year and a half ago thanks to a previous coworker that told me about it.

At that time, we were using Trello but I was frustrated by the Kanban view as I had a hard time following deadlines and have a clear view of what needed to be done.

Once I discovered ClickUp, we made the switch almost immediately thanks to the “importation” feature and we have never changed since then.

Céline Arethens and a client working together

What other project management tools, if any, were you using before ClickUp?

Because we have been working with other IT companies, we were used to the Atlassian environment with JIRA, Trello, Confluence, etc…

But to be honest, it was complicated to keep track of everything given the fact that data was scattered across several software. That is the reason why we switched to ClickUp—to have everything centralized.

What challenges were you experiencing before using ClickUp’s localized feature?

The main challenges were to keep track of everything with tables in Google sheets, some others in status notes in Google Doc, projects in Trello.

Why was it so important to solve these problems?

It was crucial to solve these problems because this lack of visibility resulted in missed deadlines and information missing.

We also needed to communicate much more because people did not know where to find the info.

As a result, they would spend hours searching our Google Drive, writing messages on Slack, browsing the notes in Google Docs, etc.

How have your company’s work processes and offerings improved with the localization feature?

ClickUp’s localization has been a game-changer.

When someone needs info on a given project, they have everything in a ClickUp List. We have more documentation than ever and our procedures have been standardized thanks to the custom statuses and templates inside the app.

A new project is starting?

No problem! We have a checklist for all stages of the project:

✅ Initialization

✅ Execution

✅ Closure

For the planning, I just need to list the tasks and visualize them with the Gantt view.

ClickUp Gantt chart view

Visualizing tasks in ClickUp’s Gantt view

ClickUp Gantt chart view

Showing more items such as assignees, due dates, and more in Gantt view’s sidebar

What opportunities did the localization open up for yourself, team, and your company?

At the end of the day, the direct outcome is that we save a lot of time and our brains are free from all the things that we needed to recall before ClickUp.

The company is much more organized and everybody knows what needs to be done and when.

Using ClickUp for project management

How has ClickUp localization helped your company meet cultural expectations?

We have a culture of learning and self-exploration.

The fact that everything is now documented encourages people to search for answers first by themselves and then only ask for help if they really can’t find it. 😊

Céline Arethens in a consultation session with a client

Connect with Céline on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and learn more about how LANE Digital Consulting can help transform your business’s online presence!

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