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[New Feature] Email + ClickUp

[New Feature] Email + ClickUp

You’ve already heard about the amazing capabilities that the ClickUp Chrome Extension offers you for email.

Now, do even more with email. You can create tasks, attach emails to tasks, add comments by sending emails to ClickUp tasks, and even reply to tasks. All in your email.

This is especially helpful for teams that may receive a lot of emails from others in their organization, outside vendors or other contractors that aren’t necessarily in ClickUp.

How Does It Work?

Just copy the email address from the List where you want to add a task and then send the email there. If you’re creating several tasks for one List repeatedly, you can save the List email to your contacts for quick reference.

Include your task name and the due date in the email’s subject line, fill in task details in the email body and this will populate in your ClickUp task as well.

And if you’ve activated ClickUp email notifications for comments, just hit reply, type your comments, and hit send. This new comment will appear within the task.

It’s also great for email forwarding. Instead of copying and pasting the body of the email into plain text, ClickUp captures the HTML email in its entirety and attaches it to the task as well. All images and designs are stored.

If you need to reference it again, there’s no need to re-open your email browser to find it. If the same emails come to your inbox often, a good idea is to create a mail forwarding automation rule to your List or Project so that tasks are created automatically whenever an email pops up. This will save you a few steps for sure!

Start A New Email Habit

A key benefit of any great project management software is a centralized place for all of your work, tasks and information.

We’re constantly thinking of new ways, features and possibilities for that to be more of a reality. It’s not only about storing documents and files. Emails also contain so much important information for your company.

ClickUp is all about erasing your daily frustrations and helping you in ways you didn’t even know you needed.

Have more questions about emails in ClickUp work? Check out this help doc!

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