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Meet ClickUp Brain: One AI to Replace Them All


Often, we take it for granted until it’s too late.

I’m obsessed with saving people time. This passion comes from a series of near-death experiences I was lucky to survive. Each experience reinforced my appreciation of time. It’s why we started ClickUp 6 years ago.

Time is the most limited resource we’ll ever have, and it is the only thing you can’t buy more of…well maybe, until now.

Today, ClickUp is leapfrogging the productivity industry, with the biggest evolution of AI for work – ClickUp Brain.

ClickUp Brain is the world’s first neural network that connects projects, docs, people, and your company’s knowledge with AI.

AI tools are everywhere, but none are saving you time through every step of your workday. ClickUp Brain is deeply embedded in the place you do work, meaning it bridges the gaps and connects the dots across your work, your communication, and your knowledge.

It works like a real brain, using context and institutional knowledge to fundamentally change the way we manage and spend our time.

Consider a world where you:

  • Never have to ask someone what they’re working on
  • Never have to write status or progress updates
  • Never have to search for that PTO policy, process, or form
  • Respond to people at 2x the speed
  • Digest long conversations in half the time
  • Use a writing tool that knows your job and helps you craft, edit, and deliver quality content your company expects

How much time (and money) do you think you would save?

Let’s do some math.

Conservatively, if you’re regaining 2 minutes every time you use AI for the examples I shared:

  • 2 minutes x 2,000/day (100-person company) = 24,300 hours is equivalent to more than 1,000 days saved across your company
  • At $25/hour that’s $600,000 per year in time saved

ClickUp Brain is here today, and it’s available for everyone, without a waitlist, and there’s a free trial.

Al Knowledge Manager™

Ask questions and get contextual answers from your docs, tasks, and projects.

ClickUp Brain Contextual Q&A Feature
Quickly summarize task activity over a set time and ask specific questions about the task owner, due date, comments, and much more

Al Project Manager™

A side-kick that manages and automates work including progress reports, standups, and team updates.

ClickUp Brain Automatic Personal Standups Feature
Produce a standup recap of a task over a set amount of days to quickly bullet updates, to-dos, and bottlenecks

Delegate your work about work to ClickUp Brain. Some of the things you can do:

  • Project Summaries: Generate status updates, action items, and next steps for any project without any manual work
  • Personal StandUps: Know exactly what’s on your to-do list and share it instantly with your manager or anyone else who needs to know
  • Team Updates: Select individuals across your team to gain visibility into their workloads and how the group is progressing toward its goals
  • NLP Automation Builder: In simple, easy-to-understand language, ask AI to build automations that speed up your work
  • Voice and Video Transcription: Transcribe any video or voice recording with ease so you can get access to information more quickly

Al Writer for Work™

Create and consume content while replying faster than ever.

ClickUp Brain role-specific writing assistant feature
Choose from various organizational departments to get role-specific content based on your needs

Given how much I care about saving people time, AI is and always will be the most important initiative in fulfilling our mission.

Start for free, and pay us just $5/month if you see the magic.

💜 Zeb

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