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Phase 3: Communication 101

When collaborating on work, communication usually falls into one of these categories:

  • Discussing priorities and overall goals
  • Discussing how to do something and what parts have been done
  • Requesting something from a colleague
  • Feedback, comments & approval

Normally, this all involves a lot of emails, messages or interrupting people in order to get answers. We then invariably have to describe which piece of work we're referring to and what we need to communicate.

In ClickUp, you can streamline all of that. Discussions, requests, and feedback all happen alongside the work itself, meaning that the full context is available for everyone, with no need to re-explain things each time!

Most often, work will center around action items, tasks or subtasks, and you'll be commenting there. But, you can also use Conversation views to have discussions at any List, Folder or Space level.

You can also turn tasks into Milestones to signify the end of a big group of tasks, such as a new feature being released. Quickly identify which tasks are Milestones by the icon and bolded task name - making it easy for team members to see the big or key tasks.

For comments directed at a person, be sure to mention them with the @ symbol so they are instantly notified. They will then have full context from the task, including where it is and what other activity has been happening on it, and can take action right from the notification!

If you need something done within the comment, you can assign the comment so they have a to-do to remind them! This will appear in their Inbox as well as the notification, so they can fit it into their daily workflow. Create a Team to assign or mention multiple people at the same time.

Keeping on top of topics

Instead of repeatedly asking for updates, you can simply watch tasks. You will get alerted to important activity (based on your notification settings).

If your team is attached to how they communicate, they will still love using ClickUp! Check out these popular communication integrations:

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