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Organizing your tasks

Organizing your tasks

When you're first setting up a team, you'll be given the option to create tasks from a custom template. These templates are hand-built from our experts and can be re-used as many times as you like! When you create from a template, your tasks will come with pre-set statuses, custom fields, and views.

Alternatively, you may want to build your own tasks and organize them yourself. Let's see how that's done.


Statuses are steps that tasks go through, commonly known as  workflows . For example, a task can go from “To do”, to “In progress” and finally, to “Complete” - each of these steps is a Status. 

Statuses can be customized down to the  List level  in ClickUp, but defaults for Statuses can be set at the  Folder  and  Space  levels. This means, if you set default Statuses on the Space level, then everything below that, by default, will inherit Statuses set from the Space— but you can override this anywhere you want. 

Spaces, Folders, and Lists in ClickUp can each have different statuses for their tasks.

Custom Fields

Custom fields let you build ClickUp into virtually anything you can imagine. 
Track, sort, and filter  work according to your Workspace’s needs.


Change how your tasks are grouped and ordered in List and Board Views.

You may group by:

  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Priority
  • Tag
  • Due date
  • Custom fields (coming soon)


Tasks  aren't very useful until they're organized. Let ClickUp handle the tediousness and sort your tasks with one click!

Zoom in on your most important tasks by selecting multiple columns to sort by. Two clicks turns cluttered into prioritized! 

Additionally, you can choose between sorting each group of tasks individually, or sorting the whole column!



When the sheer volume of  tasks  gets out of hand, ClickUp's advanced filtering options help you drill down to see the information you need.

Apply filters to cut out the clutter and only see tasks that apply to specific criteria. To get started, just click on the funnel icon and select the + icon:

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