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Slash Commands

Slash Commands

In our quest to completely remove unnecessary clicks, we created a game-changing feature—  Slash Commands .

Combined with the  Quick Switcher , you can do anything without lifting a finger in ClickUp!

How to use Slash Commands

How to use Slash Commands


Add rich editing like bold fonts and checklists in a task description by clicking the / symbol before adding text, typing / , or highlighting existing text in any text editor!

  • Move Lists Move Lists  m  
  • Assign tasks  a  
  • Assign Comments  ac 
  • Assign to me  me 
  • Add watchers   w 
  • Set priorities p 
  • Apply or change due dates  d 
  • Change task status  s 
  • Add waiting or blocking dependencies  o or  b 
  • Add a subtask  -  
  • Mention a task  # 
  • Mention a user  @ 
  • Change task position  pos 
  • Due date to "today"  today 
  • Add to inbox inbox 
  • Time estimate  est 
  • Start date  sd 
  • Close task close 
  • Tags  t 
  • Build a table  table  
  • Table of contents tc 
  • Attachment  attach 
  • Google Drive file  gdrive 
  • Google Slides gslide 
  • Google Docs gdoc 
  • Google Sheets gsheets 
  • Dropbox file  dropbox 
  • Embed   em 
  • CloudApp  cloudapp 
  • YouTube   youtube  
  • Vimeo  vimeo  
  • Figma  figma 
  • Loom  loom 
  • Embed a List view  list 
  • Embed a new Doc in a task description doc

Rich Editing Commands:

  • Normal text  norm  
  • Heading 1  h1 
  • Heading 2  h2  
  • Heading 3  h3  
  • Checklist   check  
  • Divider  div  
  • Inline Code  in  
  • Quote  q  
  • Code block  co 
  • Link  k  
  • Numeric list  num  
  • Bulleted List  bul 
  • Bold  bo  
  • Italic  it  
  • Strikethrough  st  
  • Red background  r  
  • Green background  g  
  • Yellow background  y  
  • Banner banner 
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