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Stay updated on what needs to be done

Stay updated on what needs to be done


Notifications in ClickUp are organized  at the Workspace level . This means notifications for all Spaces within a Workspace are grouped together on your notifications page.

How will I know when I have a new notification?

A purple dot will appear over the Notifications Bell when you have a new notification:

Notifications in ClickUp

How do I clear notifications?

To clear notifications, click the bell icon on the right side of a notification. It's important to check in-app notifications each day in order to stay organized and let your teammates know you're on top of your work.

How do I clear notifications?

Clearing notifications will move the items into your 'Cleared' tab, where you can access all items you've cleared already.

What notifications do I receive?

In ClickUp, you decide which actions in ClickUp trigger notifications and on which platform! We've reimagined what notifications should be in project management - and ClickUp is the only app to give you complete control over every notification you receive on every platform.

What notifications do I receive?


Inbox is your centralized place to work. It's your mission control center for your work in the past, now, and in the future.

It's also your system to  create reminders  (that are private to yourself) and  delegate reminders  (shared with you and the person you delegate to). 

The main goal of Inbox is:  never forget again. 

It's too easy to forget things that you have to do and that's where Inbox comes in. Inbox is a mixture of both  tasks  and  reminders


  • What people are working on
  • What people should work on next
  • What people did recently
  • What tasks people have that aren't scheduled (in their backlog) 

A major goal with Profiles (and the associated  Inbox ) is to solve the biggest problem in management... PEOPLE FORGETTING THINGS! 

Profiles give you a window into every person's responsibilities so you can add  reminders , make adjustments, or see what they're working on next.

When you  delegate reminders  or tasks, you'll be able to track them and make sure they actually get done. 

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