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ClickUp Quick-Start Guide

Ready to be more productive? Here's the need-to-know information to get going right away.


Create docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp. Each doc is flexible, sharable, and can contain an unlimited number of pages.

You can even share your docs publicly, without having to log into ClickUp!

How we use Docs

Feature details

Lists in ClickUp often represent a feature. We break this feature down into steps and each page details what needs to happen for the feature to function properly. This really helps everyone on the Workspace understand what they're working on, and it makes writing documentation for the public easy when we're done!


For example, we create a doc view for each of the custom templates[link] you're able to use in ClickUp. This makes it simple for our users to understand what they're looking at and how things are structured in a glance. We even throw in some tips for getting the most out of these templates.

Contact Information

We've created a Workspace contact list with everyone's details. This makes it easy to get ahold of anyone in the Workspace, even if they're not online.

How to add a Doc

There are multiple ways to add Docs in ClickUp! Docs can either be attached to a location (List, Folder, Space, Workspace) or they can be on their own.

Option 1: Docs Home

Docs Home is located on your lefthand sidebar. Here, any new Doc you create will be private by default and not attached to any location. 

However, you can customize sharing to share with individual people, or you can attach your Docs to views. 

When you choose to attach Docs to views, sharing is inherited from that view. For example, if a List has 5 people in it, then your Doc attached to that List will also have those same 5 people. 

Note : Free plans can only create Docs that are attached to views. 

Docs are organized here by category:

  • All
  • Assigned to me : you have unresolved assigned comments
  • Shared : you and other people have access
  • Private : personal Docs managed by you
docs image onboarding

To add a new Doc from your Doc Home, 

  • Click + Add Document 
  • A modal will reveal a new doc fo you to start working on!

Option 2: Doc View

When you're on any List, Space, or Folder level in your Workspace, you can create a Doc view. Doing this will always attach that Doc to this view.

  • Click the + View  
  • Select Page Views 
  • Choose Doc 

Docs added to views will always inherit sharing from the location that it's attached to.

docs image onboarding

Option 3: Task View

Spin up a new Doc when you're in the midst of working on a task. Docs created here will be attached to your task and appear in your Docs Home for easy access.

  • Open a task
  • Click Add in the Attachments OR the Doc icon in the comments
  • Create your Doc! 

You can also add a Doc to your task description by using /doc slash command!

Option 4: Quick Create

Quickly create a Doc from anywhere in your Workspace that will live comfortably in your Docs Home until you're ready to share or attach it to a view. 

  • Click the + in the bottom righthand corner of your Workspace
  • Select the Doc icon
  • Create your Doc!
docs image onboarding

How to add and nest pages

  • While viewing a Doc, click + Add Page from the sidebar.
  • Give your page a title
  • Drag the page under another page (or use the Add page inside option) to start nesting
  • Expand and collapse nested pages with the carrot beside the parent page
docs image onboarding

Want to move a page from one Doc to another? Click the ... menu from the Docs sidebar to quickly move anywhere! 

Page identifiers

Give your Doc pages visual identifiers by selecting avatars and/or emojis for each one! Click the page icon from your Doc sidebar or within the page itself and toggle between emojis and avatars to find the perfect page identifier.

docs image onboarding

Sharing & Permission options 

  • While in the Docs Home, click the share icon on any Doc
  • You will be presented with a few options depending on what plan you are on:
  • - Private : only be visible to you
  • - Shared : share with all team members by default - clicking on share with individual people will give you the option to customize who has access and their permission level
  • - Shared with location : attach to a location as a Doc view - all users with access to that location will get access to the Doc
docs image onboarding

How to share a Doc publicly from a Doc view

docs image onboarding

Docs and pages are publicly sharable! Create a public link to give anyone access with the permissions you choose. 


  • Share all Docs in a view from the ... menu in your Views toolbar 
  • Share select pages from the ... menu in the Docs sidebar (beneath PAGES)
  • Toggle the   Share via link switch to create sharable links
  • - Private link : Only ClickUp Workspace members will be able to visit
  • - Public link : Read below
docs image onboarding

Sharing a Doc with Google:

  • Share Doc with Google : This allows docs to be indexed by Google and other search engines. Your doc may then be found by anyone with access to Google's search!
  • Only share with people you give the link to : By default, when this toggle is flipped on, only people with the unique link will be able to access the doc, but search engines won't see it.

How to Import & Export Docs

Easily download your ClickUp Docs as PDF, Markdown, and even HTML files! Plus, you can import Docs using Markdown and HTML.

Filetypes supported:

  • HTML
  • PDF (Export only)
  • Markdown

To get started, click the download button (shown below) on any Doc!

any Doc!

Note : Downloads are also available for public Doc pages in PDF, Markdown, and HTML format.

How to set personal Doc Views

docs image onboarding

Available on paid plans only, the Personal view option makes the doc only visible to you. 

  • Open the dropdown menu from the ... 
  • Flip the toggle for Personal view 
  • Choose whether to hide this doc from everyone or create your own personal copy that you can modify without worrying about others snooping around

What you can do with a Doc

Create or Load a Doc Template

Built a wiki you love? Do your Docs contain content to use again and again? Save it as a template! Load project outlines, meeting notes, syllabi, and more to start drafting right away.

docs image onboarding

Mention Docs

Just like you can @ mention users, use @@ to mention tasks and @@@ to mention Docs! This can be done within a Doc itself or in a task or comment. 

docs image onboarding

Preview with the Docs Modal 

Preview Docs from anywhere in ClickUp with a Doc mention. This is similar to a task mention in that a preview of your Doc is embedded anywhere it is mentioned. 

Create Assigned Comments & New Tasks

Select any text in your Doc to turn it into an assigned comment or new task. Once a comment is added, any replies will be threaded within the Doc. 

docs image onboarding

Word Count

If you're trying to meet a certain word count or simply curious, now you can easily see how many words you're at from the ... menu in any Doc!

docs image onboarding


Want to make your public Docs look more official? Instead of plain links, add stylized buttons to fit your branding using the /slash command button!

docs image onboarding

Embed Lists

Add List views inside of your Docs (and task descriptions) to insert databases of any kind! 

  • Use the /slash command list  
  • Paste a public link
  • Paste an internal link

When a Doc is shared publicly, only public List views will be shown publicly.

docs image onboarding

Table of Contents

Give an outline of what's to come and allow readers to easily jump to any section! Use the /tc slash command to generate a table of contents from your page headings. Each heading will link to the specific page section, and any edits will automatically show up in the table.

docs image onboarding

Sticky formatting toolbar

Customize your editing experience and save time formatting by pinning the toolbar! For those who always want to see your options, pin them to the top for easy access. 

docs image onboarding

Have suggestions for Docs? We'd love to hear about them here !

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