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ClickUp Quick-Start Guide

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Phase 2: Establish Team Habits

As your team gets up and running, you can start to make more decisions about  how  you’ll use ClickUp (e.g., how will we build projects?, what happens when a task becomes overdue?) That way, people feel comfortable they’re "doing it right" and everybody agrees on the "right way".

Setting and Enforcing ClickUp Routines

Some teams hit roadblocks, not because their team can’t learn to use ClickUp features, but because they’re not sure when and why to use them. A teammate might know how to create a Folder, but they aren’t sure  when  they should create a Folder and how to manage it.

If you're in charge of making sure things in ClickUp run smoothly, here are some best practices to implement for your team!

  • Make sure that your teammates are clearing their notifications. These are critical to ensuring good communication between teammates. If you want to check out who has uncleared notifications, you can always head over to the "Who's Behind" section of the  Reporting feature  (paid plans only):
Reporting feature

2. Encourage teammates to use  Me mode . In Me mode, Workspace items are filtered so a user only sees what is assigned to them. They can also choose to include tasks where they have  assigned comments , subtasks, or checklist items.

3. If your tasks are time-based, encourage the use of the  Inbox feature.  This is your mission control center for your work in the past, now, and in the future. You can even view another person's inbox with the  Profiles  feature.

4. Use the  task tray feature  to prioritize your tasks for the day! Just drop a task into your tray so it's always on hand when you need it.

task tray feature

Here are some conventions that would be good to establish:

Task Conventions - When to create a task, How to name a task, Writing a good task, Updating tasks assigned to you, Using subtasks, Naming task templates

Scheduling Conventions - What do Start Dates and Due Dates mean? Are these the day to do it, or have it done by?

Folder Conventions - When to create a new Folder, How to manage a Folder

Email Conventions - Reducing email on your team, in-app chat

Once your conventions are set, try these tips to help keep your team on the right track:

  • Set up a ClickUp List where people can ask questions or provide feedback; then, go through them at a regular cadence.
  • Have someone be the friendly enforcer to steer teammates in the right direction.
  • Create incentives for learning and using ClickUp.
  • Set up a “safe space” where people can play with features without fear that they’ll “break” something.
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