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ClickUp Quick-Start Guide

Ready to be more productive? Here's the need-to-know information to get going right away.
Phase 1: What does success look like?

Imagine what successfully introducing ClickUp will look like, and what you'll achieve.

  • What are your priorities?
  • What goals will ClickUp help you achieve?
  • What projects will you work on in ClickUp?
  • What processes will you manage in ClickUp?

Communicating Purpose to Your Team

It's important to let team members know the purpose of changing software, and why the new software will help the company, and them individually . Having buy-in and support is helpful for successful implementation.

Here is what you can say about ClickUp:

ClickUp supports us doing our work just how we want. It is highly customizable and provides ONE place to create, plan, and manage everything. ClickUp will let us plan projects, organize tasks, manage the flow of work, and bring all of our documents and conversations together with our projects, all from the same program!

Ultimately, we'll be able to get rid of the endless apps and emails that waste so much of our time.
Pain Point Example ClickUp Solution
Scattered Information Requests and information are separate across email, file sharing, other apps Keep all your conversations, docs and notes within the task they're relevant to - easily import outside information
Challenging Collaboration Teams and people work in silos Assign anyone in your Workspace to a project
Inconsistent Processes Every time you kick off a project, you start from scratch Save templates that you can use over again, endlessly
Unclear Responsibilities Teammates miss deadlines, repeat work, or don’t know who is doing what Assign tasks, create dependencies, and set deadlines that are visible for everyone
Difficult Project Management You can’t see your timeline or manage the steps within it Check your calendar or gantt view to see what is happening when
Slow Communication It takes 20 minutes to find what task someone is talking about Notifications show full context, all updates and open immediately.
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