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10 Sales Funnel Templates to Generate More Leads

As an effective salesperson, you know that not all potential customers have the same needs. That’s why sales funnels are critical to guiding customers through their journeys so you can make sales along the way.

But creating sales funnels can be time-consuming. That’s where sales funnel templates come in. These handy tools save time when creating the funnel framework so you can focus your efforts on generating leads and increasing sales.

In this post, we’ll go over what sales funnel templates are and highlight the benefits of using one for your sales team. We’ll share 10 of the best sales funnel templates to support lead collection and convert prospects into valued customers. 🌻

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What Is a Sales Funnel Template?

A sales funnel is a visual depiction of the journey potential customers take on the way to purchasing your products or services. This includes the entire customer journey from learning about your company to discovering products and finally taking action.

The sales funnel is widest at the top, where you tend to have the largest number of prospective users. The funnel narrows as it goes down through steps, keeping only the most valuable customers. 🙌

Using the CRM Template by ClickUp to map out a CRM workflow automation in ClickUp Whiteboards
Easily map out workflows and build out your dedicated sales funnel in ClickUp Whiteboards for both marketing and sales teams

Most sales funnels range from three to six stages depending on the company’s needs and marketing efforts. They typically include the following four stages:

  • Awareness: The time when customers first notice your brand—typically through ads, reading your blog, or via word-of-mouth
  • Interest: People consider your services and whether they help them solve a problem
  • Engagement: Prospects start to learn more about your offerings, look into pricing, and reach out to sales reps
  • Action: The prospect becomes a customer by making a purchase 

The different stages of the sales process are typically grouped into segments known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel. The goal of the sales funnel is to provide insights into customers’ actions and thoughts at different points of the buying journey. 

Benefits of using a sales funnel template? 

By understanding prospects at different stages of the sales process, you can create marketing campaigns to provide the best messaging for customers’ needs. What a person in the research stage needs—info on products that solve their problems—is different from what someone who is ready to buy needs—a customized software program, for example.

Creating a sales funnel lets you meet customers where they’re at in their purchasing journey. Adding a sales funnel template alongside your sales apps lets you do the job in half the time. 💪

Here are some benefits of using a sales funnel template:

  • Analyze resources early on: By gaining insights into planning, you can better allocate resources to various campaigns
  • Gain progress insights: Most templates offer sales reporting features so you can track progress and see what works well
  • Enjoy a low learning curve: With a template, you can get started without high-level skills and less time spent on complex planning
  • Leverage real-time collaboration: Work together with the entire sales team thanks to instantly updated and easily shareable templates
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10 Sales Funnel Templates to Generate More Leads in 2024

With a sales funnel template, learn about your customers and tailor offerings to their needs at various points of the sales funnel. By customizing your approach, you’ll give customers what they want, when they need it.

Make creating a funnel easier by using a free sales funnel template from our curated list. Save time and move customers through the pipeline faster with these templates that offer reporting, customization, and real-time collaboration. 👀

1. ClickUp Steps to Create Sales Funnel Template

ClickUp Steps to Create Sales Funnel Template

ClickUp’s Steps to Create Sales Funnel Template is a fast and easy tool for drawing up a free sales funnel template from scratch. Leverage ClickUp’s CRM tool to get insights into the types of products and services your customers are looking for.

Also, pay attention to issues customers raise and problems they may be looking to solve based on insights from your customer database software

Use these insights to fill out the template including ideas for developing awareness and generating curiosity. Visualize your approach to customer needs with custom views including List, Calendar, and Workload views. 

Then, automatically create tasks in ClickUp and assign them to the right sales team member. Keep track of progress using Gantt charts and create notifications when milestones are reached or issues arise.

2. ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template

ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template

Streamline your pipeline and get better insights into your customers with ClickUp’s Sales Pipeline Template. This workspace template guides your sales team from identifying prospective customers to nurturing qualified leads and completing a sale.

Use custom statuses to categorize leads as qualified, lost, proposed, or in demo. Add segments for customers that are in the onboarding, nurturing, or attention-needed stages. Create tasks and trigger actions like follow-up emails to support your sales process.

The Sales Pipeline Template also keeps the entire sales and marketing teams accountable. Hop into Team view to see what sales reps are working on, adjust workloads based on your marketing strategy, and manage resources for email marketing campaigns. 👨🏽‍💻

3. ClickUp Sales KPI Template

ClickUp Sales KPI Template

The Sales KPI Template from ClickUp lets you track sales metrics from all angles of your sales pipeline management process. Highlight areas where you’re making great achievements and identify spots where your team needs to improve—whether it’s to generate leads or address your paying customers.

Whether your team is working on new landing pages, creating call-to-action (CTA) buttons for blog posts, or generating interest with social media posts, you want to see how well they’re performing. The Sales KPI Template offers weekly and monthly report views to monitor progress across the marketing funnel.

Start by creating tasks for each sales KPI. This might include targets for conversion rates, sign-ups or views of lead magnets, or the number of new customers onboarded. Next, add Custom Fields for things like revenue, upsell attempts, and number of prospects. 

Track progress across each task metric weekly and monthly. Automatically generate tasks to follow up on items that aren’t performing well. Assign priority tags so the team knows what to work on first to drive the most sales success.

4. ClickUp ChatGPT Prompts For Lead Generation

ClickUp ChatGPT Prompts For Lead Generation

Even if you know what customers at different stages in the funnel want, it’s hard to come up with ways to get them engaged. Lucky for you, there’s a template to make life easier. Generate new prospects and brainstorm marketing campaigns with ClickUp’s ChatGPT Prompts For Lead Generation.

This template uses AI-driven prompts for ChatGPT and alternatives so you can come up with new ideas that are tailored to your business. Prompts include things like marketing strategies to drive specific actions, social media ideas to build trust with customers, and case study campaigns that build brand awareness. 💡

Each prompt allows for customization. Enter your buyer persona and desired actions into the template prompt text. Use the prompt to create lead-generation strategies and address the right target audience. 

5. ClickUp Weekly Sales Report Template

ClickUp Weekly Sales Report Template

The bottom line is that a sales funnel is only as good as its results. Track progress and build an effective sales funnel from the ground up with the Weekly Sales Report Template from ClickUp. This template makes it easy to see where you’re having success and identify bottlenecks along the way. 

To get started, share the End of Day Sales Report Form in the template with all of your salespeople. Customize the form to include information like team lead, sales forecasts, supervisor, and employee name.

Create Custom Fields to track sales data like new leads, converted calls, and meetings set. Use the Weekly view to get a broad look at what everyone is working on for the entire project duration.

Hop into the Current Week view for drilled down look at tasks on the schedule for this week.

Use this template as a roadmap and tracking tool. Automations streamline the workflow and integrations with tools like HubSpot make it easier for employees to share campaign designs or track their work hours.

6. ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template

ClickUp Customer Journey Map Template

ClickUp’s Customer Journey Map Template lets you identify pain points throughout the buyer’s journey. With deeper insights into how your customers think and act, create better campaigns to close deals and meet your sales goals faster. 🏆

The visual Whiteboard view lets you collaborate with all members of the team to lay out the customer journey phases. Use sticky notes to call out various actions within your customer base. Identify subscriber touchpoints including opt-ins and email list signups.

Based on your brainstorming session, identify solutions to increase sales performance. These solutions include things like better website functionality, tailored products and services, and increased outreach on different marketing channels.

Instantly assign tasks based on your newly created game plan. Assign priorities and use dependencies to highlight tasks that are blocking others and need to be addressed first.

7. ClickUp Customer Success Plan Template

ClickUp Customer Success Plan Template

Making sure your customers’ needs are met is critical in creating a successful marketing plan. Use the Customer Success Plan Template from ClickUp to develop a strategic roadmap for supporting customers through all stages of the pipeline. 

Break customers down into silos and define criteria that are essential for their success. Optimize campaigns for customers and track their progress when it comes to purchase decisions and desired actions.

Create plans for the next stage to help improve customer retention. Make it a point to revisit your success plan and update it based on your findings. Assign tasks to relevant team members to follow up and come up with new ideas to support your users.

8. Excel Sales Funnel Template by SalesFlare

Screenshot of SalesFlare's Excel Sales Funnel Template
via SalesFlare

Whether you run a small business with a couple of salespeople or a large B2B sales firm, this template makes it easy to track customers at all of the sales pipeline stages. The spreadsheet template lets you manage leads in one space. 

Add custom fields to track key sales pipeline metrics and monitor sales activities from the top of the funnel to the bottom. Use insights from the sales funnel template to improve offerings on your sales page or provide new conversion opportunities like webinars or free e-books. 📚

Download the template to use in Google Sheets or as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Since this template is just a spreadsheet, you’ll need to use another tool like ClickUp to actually schedule tasks for team members.

9. Excel Sales Funnel Template by Gong

Screenshot of Gong's Excel Sales Funnel Template
via Gong

Without visibility into your sales funnel, it’s hard to tell which campaigns are working and which ones are leaving prospects behind. This free-to-use template makes it easy to track success at all sales funnel stages. 

The sales pipeline Excel template can also be used in Google Sheets. Customize the template by adding SEO campaigns and tracking conversions like phone calls or email sign-ups. 

Update the sheet as customers make decisions. The template features a built-in sales forecaster that instantly adds revenue numbers based on customer actions. Use the template to track your progress and gain insights into your best marketing campaigns. 🛠️

10. PowerPoint Sales Funnel Template by Slidehunter

Slidehunter's PowerPoint Sales Funnel Template
via Slidehunter

Improve team collaboration whether you’re working at a startup or huge sales firm with the PowerPoint Sales Funnel Template from Slidehunter. The presentation template makes it easy to share all your goals and expectations directly with the team.

The slideshow starts with a sales funnel breakdown where you can explain how your customers move through the existing funnel. Add slides to explain current marketing campaigns and discuss opportunities for new approaches. 

When you’re done with the presentation, brainstorm with your team to come up with a marketing strategy to address customer pain points. Use another project management software tool to create assignments and track progress.

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Build Better Sales Funnels in Less Time With ClickUp

With these free sales funnel templates, creating roadmaps to better meet customer needs is easier than ever. Use them to chain insights into the user journey and brainstorm new ways to generate leads.

Sign up for ClickUp today and start building more effective sales funnels in half the time. With more than 1,000 templates, there are tons of different ways to build customized sales funnels and track progress. 

Automation and task prioritizations mean the team instantly gets updates on what they should be working on so you can meet your sales goals faster. ✅

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