Free Sales Forecast Templates in Excel and ClickUp

10 Free Sales Forecast Templates in Excel and ClickUp

An effective sales forecast ensures the organization (or the sales team) hits the targets by setting realistic goals. A sales forecast template makes it easy for a busy manager to forecast sales and revenue. 

Let’s take two scenarios: 

Sales Manager A asks the VP of Sales to hire more people to crush their 2025 goals. The manager has a rough idea of how many sales reps they need. 

On the other hand, Sales Manager B has a solid plan of how many reps they need and what the sales projections and future revenue look like based on market trends, customer data, and the revised headcount. 

If you were the VP of Sales, whose sales forecasting would you opt for?

Manager B, naturally. Why? Because Manager B provides a solid sales forecast to back what they’re asking for.

This article covers the sales forecast templates in Excel and ClickUp to improve your business forecasting accuracy and decision-making. 

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What is a Sales Forecast Template?

A sales forecast template is a customizable form that gives you expected sales and revenue over a specific period.

Your sales forecast template can predict the increase in the average order value for an existing product or the number of units sold, the growth rate for a specific time (weekly/monthly/quarterly), and the number of new customers you’re likely to add. 

Sale forecast templates are helpful during the planning stage as they help businesses allocate resources, estimate costs, and assess if the business actions align with the short and long-term organizational goals. 

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What Makes a Good Sales Forecast Template?

Business owners rely on the sales forecasting template to develop budgets for hiring and plan the production cycles. Sales teams use them for territory and quota planning and to drive their sales strategy with channel and partner sales.

For the sales project template to be functional, it should be:

  • Clear and simple: The template should be easy to use along with essential sections such as financial projections, revenue targets, and sales quotas
  • Customizable: A good sales projection template is customizable to fit your organization’s decision-making process and adapt to your sales cycle
  • Collaborative: The free sales forecasting template should allow input from stakeholders, the sales team, and leadership to promote cross-departmental collaboration
  • Visually engaging: You should be able to add charts, tables, whiteboards, and diagrams to understand future sales revenue targets at a glance
  • Workflow automation: For an accurate sales forecast, you need automation to convert raw numbers into insights and assign follow-up tasks rather than doing it manually
  • Integrations: Choose a sales forecast template that integrates with Google Sheets, strategic planning templates, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and tools your sales team uses
  • Artificial intelligence: Does the sales forecasting template have built-in AI tools to complete the template or speed up the process?
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10 Sales Forecast Templates to Use in 2024

1. ClickUp Sales Forecast Template

Sales Forecast Template
Visualize your pipeline and current sales processes with ClickUp Sales Forecast Template

ClickUp’s Sales Forecast Template helps you visualize the pipeline and current sales process, set future goals, and collaborate with your team in one place.

Here’s how to use this template effectively:

  • Gather historical data of order volumes, revenue by accounts, profit margin, or deal value. Create a spreadsheet of your company data and add relevant data using Table View in ClickUp to project growth 
  • Analyze the data and look for trends and patterns. There are 17 custom attributes such as product name, month, shipping cost for average sale, lead conversion rates for multiple products, and forecast amount to help you visualize the trends easily
  • Set realistic goals for sales growth considering consumer feedback, historical sales data, and upcoming market opportunities. Create tasks to track your progress toward the goals
  • Project future revenue based on the goals you’ve set. Assess different scenarios, such as high-growth and low-growth situations, and use Gantt charts in Clickup to visualize your projections
  • Monitor and course-correct the forecasts as you progress toward your goals 

One of the most widely used free sales forecasting templates, it ensures you include all viable deals when making future growth projections. 

Even seasonal businesses use this template as their go-to tool to make accurate sales forecasts.

2. ClickUp Sales Report Template

Sales Report Template by ClickUp
Stay organized and monitor your sales performance with Sales Report Template by ClickUp

Presenting an efficient sales report helps you stay organized and builds trust with the leadership team. Whatever sales forecasting methods you use, this sales report template gives you an overview of your sales efforts by breaking down your annual, quarterly, and monthly sales. 

Compare historical performance for multiple years by exporting data from sales plan templates

Clickup Sales Report Template is your go-to guide to stay organized and monitor sales performance. Understand what has worked in the past and gain insights into how you’re doing and where you’re headed.

Slice and dice the information using key data points such as geography, key account managers, sales achievements, and sales goals. Set up custom views to generate monthly, quarterly, and annual growth rates and have this information at your fingertips.

Use this template to highlight dependency warnings, track capabilities, and improve sales performance tracking. 

ClickUp’s beginner-friendly forecast template lets you track your actual sales against projections and break them up by service type or how many units are sold if you have multiple products. Track the impact of seasonality in retail stores or compare how different regions are performing against each other and export other relevant information from your sales report template

Use this data in your after-action report data templates to evaluate the performance in tangible terms, such as technical correction or lessons learned. 

3. ClickUp Sales CRM Template

Managing customers, sales pipelines, action items, and more with the Simple CRM Template by ClickUp in List view
Manage customers, sales pipelines, action items, and more with the Simple CRM Template by ClickUp

Managing and tracking leads is exhausting, and sales reps detest it.  Any sales rep would rather spend time building relationships and closing deals than making manual entries.

ClickUp’s Sales CRM Template serves as a backbone to your team. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, having a robust CRM is essential to stay ahead of the competition and focus on the factors that matter most.

With a robust no-code database and real-time analytics, you can trust ClickUp’s Sales CRM Template to:

  • Help your sales team stay organized 
  • Gain visibility into customer interactions and buying cycles 
  • Identify prospects, customers, in-active users, and uncover insights about closed deals 
  • Gain clarity into customer communications 
  • Store and access customer data from a central location 
  • Increase productivity by eliminating manual tasks and automating processes 

Use toggles and dropdowns to move lead status such as Onboarding, Active, and Payment Pending to monitor the progress on every sale. Set key customer demographics and interests to personalize your campaigns and automate follow-up emails.

Build a transparent sales forecasting process wherein everyone can see the shared sales data, forecast revenue, and other critical data points. 

Use quarterly business review (QBR) templates to align organizational goals, hold everyone accountable, and drive continuous improvement. 

4. ClickUp Sales Page Template

Sales Page Template
Create visually appealing sales pages without depending on your sales team with ClickUp’s Sales Page Template

ClickUp’s Sales Page Template lets you create engaging and visually appealing sales pages to take your product to more customers.

This template gives you a starting point to create the best possible page with capabilities such as: 

  • Generate more leads and improve conversions
  • Communicate product offerings with customers
  • Organize and track sales key performance indicators (KPIs) such as forecasted sales easily
  • Encourage website visitors to take the next action (sign-ups or become paying customers)
  • Highlight your product features and benefits with multiple media formats such as text, images, or videos

Although not a forecast template per se, the Sales Page Template lets you create sales pages without dependency on your tech teams.

Tips to best use this template:

  • Define your target audience and understand who you’re trying to reach to create a page that directly speaks to their needs. Use ClickUp Docs to note all the characteristics of your potential customers and your sales goals 
  • Use tasks to list the key features and benefits of your product or multiple products and make this the basis of your sales page
  • Write a compelling copy for your sales page while focusing on the benefits and addressing your target audience’s pain points in Docs
  • Design an engaging sales page that keeps your visitors engaged using ClickUp Whiteboard
  • Once the page is live, A/B test different versions of the page to see the best-performing version and optimize it further. The Board view lets you track sales page versions and their performance
  • Lastly, collect user feedback to improve the landing page and your product. The key to achieving projected revenue is keeping an open mind and the ability to make changes based on user input  

5. ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template

ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template
Capture new leads, track your sales pipeline, and manage client accounts with ClickUp’s Sales Pipeline Template

As a sales leader, the last thing you want to do is follow up with your team members to know the total sales vs. the sales projections vs. sales goals and the growth rate. You should have all these details with you 24/7. 

A structured and efficient sales pipeline management process takes you from stressful month-end to more focused and strategy-driven conversations with your sales team.

Unless you have a structured sales pipeline, the leaders have limited visibility on how close or far the sales reps are in meeting their quotas. 

Clickup’s Sales Pipeline Template gives you an ultimate toolkit to monitor and optimize every stage of your sales process. Use this forecast template to get a bird’s eye view of the pipeline and sort your actions based on urgency, value, and potential.

Consider adding the daily sales forecast and monthly sales projection template to your workflow to visualize the entire sales funnel in a single view. 

6. ClickUp Sales KPI Template

Sales KPI Template by ClickUp
Track critical sales metrics using Sales KPI Template by ClickUp

KPIs track critical sales metrics to improve sales performance, identify opportunities and prospects, and increase revenue generation. While they’re an excellent resource to measure the success of your sales strategy, with so many metrics, deciding which ones to track becomes overwhelming.

ClickUp Sales KPI Template helps you set measurable goals and track them across the sales funnel. The free sales forecasting template offers visibility into a team’s efforts and assesses if they maximize organizational goals.

This template provides an easy solution for sales leaders and their teams to understand the metrics they drive, provide clarity and transparency on performance, and take corrective actions.

Visualize relevant KPIs using custom fields such as Upsell Attempts, Value of Quotes, and Repeat Sales Revenue and send regular reports to your C-suite. 

7. Excel Sales Forecast Template by Salesflare 

Excel Sales Forecast Template by Salesflare 
Excel Sales Forecast Template by Salesflare is a beginner-friendly template to forecast sales

If a small business owner needs a template for forecasting sales or keeping track of expected revenue, Salesflare’s Excel Sales Forecast Template is a good starting point. 

Or, if you’re facing scalability challenges using an Excel sheet as your budget forecast template, use this template to forecast your revenue, track historical sales data, and improve your sales process.

Create your sales funnel, record the probability of closing deals, set targets for your team, and assign them tasks. Use pre-built charts to fine-tune your forecast for quarterly, annually, or for any specific time.

Set sales OKRs for your team, closure probabilities, and a custom # of days after which you would like to follow up. This tells you how your sales reps are doing and how their conversions look and equips you to take relevant action.

Salesflare lets you import your Excel and Google Sheets templates into its CRM, making extra space for you to focus on building relationships.

8. Excel Sales Forecast Template by Excel Skills

Excel Sales Forecast Template by Excel Skills
via Excel Skills

Excel Skills Sales Forecast Template is effective when you have shorter sales cycles and don’t need pipeline-level lead tracking. This template compiles monthly sales forecasts for three years.

Compared to other sales forecast templates by ClickUp, the caveat is you must manually enter data such as monthly sales volumes, selling prices, and gross profit percentages for each product category. All the other calculations are automatically updated.

This sales projections template has pre-built functions showing you total sales, cost of sales, and monthly gross profit. The template includes five product categories, but you can add additional categories by simply inserting the appropriate number of rows in each sales forecast section.

9. Sheets Retail Businesses Forecasting Template by Close

Sheets Retail Businesses Forecasting Template by Close
via Close

While the other sales forecast templates in this list are industry-agonistic, the Retail Business Forecasting Template by Close is for retail businesses.

Traditionally, retail sales forecasts happen over spreadsheets. This beginner-friendly retail sales forecast template allows retail shops to compile monthly sales forecasts, allocate budgets, spot trends, and catch potential pitfalls early.

The different ways to use this Excel-native template are:

  • Track your leads and meetings and get a complete view of your sales pipeline
  • Perform monthly and yearly forecasting to plan your sales projections 
  • Customize the free sales forecasting template with adjustable funnel metrics
  • Interpret data using visual graphs 

10. Excel Sales Forecast Template by Gong

Excel Sales Forecast Template by Gong
Use Excel Sales Forecast Template by Gong to identify gaps in your sales pipeline and hit your sales goals

Do you forecast in the dark? Are your committed deals backing out? Need help with low quota issues?

If you answer yes to any or all of these issues, Gong’s Excel Sales Forecast Template is for you. Designed in Excel, this simple and free sales forecast template identifies gaps in your pipeline and ensures your team hits its targets.

Within the pre-built template, you must enter your team-specific numbers, and the premade formulas make your forecasts in minutes.

This sales forecasting template covers you from weekly sales forecast, pipeline coverage, or total pipeline coverage.

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Predict and Optimize Your Future Revenue with the Right Sales Forecasting Template

Manual forecasting is time-consuming and erroneous. You’re missing out on all the actionable insights that could help your sales managers meet and exceed their sales goals.

A suitable sales forecast template will make all the difference—you don’t have to create forecasting frameworks from scratch every time.

Modern sales teams and business owners love ClickUp’s forecast templates as they’re customizable, integrate with third-party tools, and combine project management with forecasting.

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