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10 Inspiring Product Management Podcasts in 2024

Don’t have time to read lengthy articles about product management? Want to switch things up with fun and engaging product management podcasts instead? 

Well, look no further than this curated list of the best product manager podcasts. 

Whether you want tips for starting a career in the industry or how to fine-tune your product leadership, we’ve rounded up podcasts that cover it all. 🎧

So grab your headphones, listen up, and get ready to boost those product management skills.

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10 Best Product Management Podcasts in 2024

These podcasts offer an easy and engaging way to keep up with industry trends and insights. Tune in for success stories and interviews with industry leaders, plus insightful case studies and deep dives into all aspects of product management.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of our favorite product management podcasts from the community. 🤩

1. This is Product Management

Product management podcasts: This is Product Management logo

This is Product Management (TIPM) is an awesome podcast that gives a down-to-earth perspective on the life of product people. It’s hosted by author and marketing leader Mike Fishbein.

TIPM is great for newbies looking to get their footing in this complex industry but it has plenty to offer for seasoned product professionals too. Listeners learn about insider knowledge, emerging trends, and the latest tools and techniques for effective product management.

Fishbein dives into the nitty-gritty details of the industry. Topics range from day-to-day tasks to large-scale decisions, emphasizing the smaller details that many product-focused podcasts might glaze over. 🙌

Must-listen episode: 226 – Successful Storytelling is Product Management

Spotify: This is Product Management

Apple Podcasts: This is Product Management

2. The Product Podcast

Product management podcasts: The Product Podcast logo

If you’re looking for a fresh way to explore product management, check out The Product Podcast by The Product School.

Episodes feature product leaders from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Slack. You’ll also hear from entrepreneurs, startups, and other companies in the tech industry. 🧑‍💻

Interviews go into daily responsibilities and tasks for PMs, providing insight into how things work at different tech companies. This gives plenty of insight into the similarities and differences between product planning and leadership at different organizations.

Must-listen episode: 9 Important Lessons of a Product Manager by Facebook PM

Spotify: The Product Podcast

Apple Podcasts: The Product Podcast

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz

Product management podcasts: How I Built This with Guy Raz logo

How I Built This with Guy Raz is another great product manager podcast featuring exciting interviews with industry leaders and up-and-coming product manager professionals.

Each interview explores the guest’s story, from how they got started to what they can share to help other product people succeed. Take a deep dive into the humble beginnings of some of today’s best-known companies and top product professionals.

Guy Raz aims to highlight what it takes to excel at product leadership and winning strategies that can create product-led growth in any industry. He makes each episode as entertaining as it is informative, bringing charm and personal insights to the discussion every time.

Must-listen episode: 70 – Wikipedia: Jimmy Wales

Spotify: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Apple Podcasts: How I Built This with Guy Raz

4. Product Hunt Radio

Product management podcasts: Product Hunt Radio logo

Product Hunt Radio is another one of the best product management podcasts that airs weekly and features interviews with entrepreneurs, investors, product leaders, and makers in the tech industry. 

It’s co-hosted by Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Abadesi Osunsade of Hustle Crew. The pair does a fantastic job of exploring changing aspects of product management alongside today’s top movers and shakers.

The interviews provide insights on everything from entrepreneurship to marketing and metrics. Guests provide unique perspectives alongside their best tips based on how they got to where they are today. 😸

Product managers should tune in to get inspired and learn from the experiences of these successful tech leaders.

Must-listen episode: Episode 48: Chris Sacca

Spotify: Product Hunt Radio

Apple Podcasts: Product Hunt Radio

5. Scrum Master Toolbox

Product management podcasts: Scrum Master Toolbox logo

The Scrum Master Toolbox targets agile practitioners and scrum masters with 15-minute daily episodes. It’s hosted by Certified Scrum Master, Business Consultant, and Agile Coach Vasco Duarte.

This daily podcast provides doses of inspiration through engaging interviews and conversations with the best of the best. Listeners hear from product management experts sharing their experiences on all things agile and scrum.

Topics range from team dynamics and collaboration to effective leadership and decision-making. You’ll also find specific lessons about things like creating agile frameworks and developing the flexibility necessary for a successful product. ⚒️

This product management podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in agile methodologies. From seasoned pros to those considering a new career path, it’s a fantastic way to learn about today’s best practices and emerging agile business trends.

Must-listen episode: Agile Beyond Tech, Transforming Company Seating Arrangements with Scrum | Danielle Braun

Spotify: Scrum Master Toolbox

Apple Podcasts: Scrum Master Toolbox

6. Product Mastery Now

Product Mastery Now logo

Product Mastery Now (formerly The Everyday Innovator) is hosted by industry veteran Chad McAllister. It’s designed to help you go from product manager to “Product Master” using Chad’s signature BEAT method:

  • Build Your Base
  • Earn Professional Certification
  • Apply Deep Dives
  • Transform the Organization

Episodes are organized into each of these four sections according to McAllister’s signature Product Roadmap.

Listeners can jump into any episode and start learning the skills they need to become influential drivers of product strategy. Get the skills to create products and user experiences that customers will love without getting overwhelmed or burning out. 🎉

Must-listen episode: TEI 233 – Everyone wants more agility in their product process and this is how to get it (with Colin Palombo)

Spotify: Product Mastery Now

Apple Podcasts: Product Mastery Now

7. The Product Experience

The Product Experience logo

Check out The Product Experience if you’re looking for a weekly podcast that deep dives into topics that matter with the world’s best product managers.

Hosted by Lily Smith and Randy Silver, this dynamic duo brings versatile experience to every interview. Smith is an industry leader and highly-valued consultant in the SaaS and mobile spaces while Silver is a multi-talented product master and the mind behind Amazon’s music stores. 🎵

The two chat with the minds that matter about the topics that matter to real-world product managers like you. They explore what it takes to build successful teams, develop awesome products, solve everyday problems, and foster a career you can be proud of. 🏆

Must-listen episode: Where Do Good Ideas Come From? – Gal Josefsberg on The Product Experience

Spotify: The Product Experience

Apple Podcasts: The Product Experience

8. One Knight in Product

One Knight in Product logo

One Knight in Product is hosted by Jason Knight, a product management expert and in-demand SaaS consultant.

In each episode, Knight sits down with product leaders, authors, and entrepreneurs to get their thoughts on the industry and hear their stories. The content covers a broad scope with topics aimed at anyone involved with designing, building, managing, or marketing products.

Unlike a lot of interview-focused podcasts, Knight doesn’t focus on just big names. In the interest of inclusivity, he might interview a product management all-star in one episode and an unknown name in the next.

Must-listen episode: Moving Beyond Founder-Led Product Development & Setting PMs up for Success (with Jennifer Yang-Wong, VP of Product @ Contrary)

Spotify: One Knight in Product

Apple Podcasts: One Knight in Product

9. Lenny’s Podcast

Lenny’s Podcast logo

Lenny’s Podcast is hosted by author and digital product specialist Lenny Rachitsky. With multiple episodes every week, Lenny interviews world-class growth experts and product leaders to help listeners build, launch, and grow fantastic products. 🌱

The podcast is known for its high production value with carefully crafted episodes to ensure listeners have enjoyable, informative experiences every time. The show often explores actionable tactics and advice from growth-focused professionals, complete with engaging questions and insights from Lenny’s side.

From interviews with fascinating individuals to deep dives into current events, Lenny’s Podcast has something for everyone in the product space.

Must-listen episode: Lessons on building product sense, navigating AI, optimizing the first mile, and making it through the messy middle | Scott Belsky (Adobe, Behance)

Spotify: Lenny’s Podcast

Apple Podcasts: Lenny’s Podcast

10. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale logo

Masters of Scale is hosted by Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and partner at Greylock. The mission of this weekly podcast is to approach entrepreneurship as a mindset that professionals can cultivate and learn.

Episodes explore unconventional theories about how businesses scale. Interviewees share stories of leadership, entrepreneurship, product management, fundraising, and more.

Perhaps the best part of the podcast is the “Rapid Response” segments, led by Bob Safian, who takes a fresh approach to the standard formal interview format. Safian leads these discussions and creates entertaining episodes about everything from diversity to crisis response.

Must-listen episode: Strategy Session: 5 burning questions & their unexpected answers w/Reid Hoffman & Bob Safian

Spotify: Masters of Scale

Apple Podcasts: Masters of Scale

Honorable Mentions

It was incredibly difficult to narrow it down to the 10 best product management podcasts. There are so many fantastic minds out there and dozens of must-listen podcasts that can expand the horizons for product managers everywhere.

Here are 10 more podcasts that we think are worth a listen: 

Check out a few episodes from each podcast in the top 10 and the honorable mentions section to get a sense of what draws you in. Sure, no one has time for all 20 of them, but you never know which ones will click best with you and your team until you give them a shot! ✨

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Get Ready to Listen and Learn

There’s no time like the present to tune in to any (and all) of these podcasts to step up your game. These podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge and insights from thought leaders, successful product managers, and product experts.

Whether you’re commuting to and from the office or unwinding at home, it’s easy to gain practical tips, new perspectives, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Remember to share your favorites with your product team so they can learn from the best bits too. 🌻

To truly take your product management skills to the next level, make sure you have the best product management software on your side.

Discover helpful tools and get your hands on everything you need to create a great product. Sign up for ClickUp today. It’s free! 

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