7 Ways Power Teams Get the Most out of ClickUp

In our mission to make the world a more productive place, I’ve realized how unfair it would be for me to keep what I’ve learned about ‘getting shit done’ in ClickUp to myself.

I’ve reviewed the data – and found a few magical trends that apply to nearly ALL power users on ClickUp.

So, what is a Power User?

First, what makes a ClickUp user’s information worth analyzing?

In my opinion, if they’re using the platform, that’s pretty good.

If they’re part of larger teams and have shown consistent use, that’s even better!

So let’s focus on active and power users.

  • Users: Anyone that has logged 5+ minutes in the app within the last 48 hours
  • Power users: Active users that are part of teams of 5 or more and have also logged 50+ sessions and 3+ days of total time within our app
    • At the time of writing, power users make up 36% of active users

Our interest is in what makes users more productive, and my hypothesis is:

If users enable features, connect to integrations, or perform actions like importing from another tool, then they will be able to accomplish more and find routine performance gains in ClickUp.


Let’s first compare features and ClickApps used in the Spaces of active and power users. We expect to find which of these lead to the most productive experience.

1. Custom Statuses: Active users: 28%, Power users: 82%

This is a priceless piece of data.. The remarkable 54% difference shows Custom Statuses are a primary power feature.

Actually, I’d like to flip that around a bit. Custom statuses create power users.

Let me explain..

The secret sauce in ClickUp is Custom Statuses. This is what allows people to be completely transparent and organized with what tasks they’re working on.

So when people make use of this killer feature, naturally, they become power users. After using Custom Statuses – you’ll never go back.

The other platforms don’t have this – and ClickUp is the only platform that allows both Simple and Custom statuses together.

I would like to share with you the most popular custom statuses to help inspire your workflow!

Custom Statuses

The data and I both highly recommend at least using one custom status..

In Progress

This custom status gives your team insight into which tasks currently being worked on at a glance – no more unnecessary conversations!

in progress custom status

I love the creativity found in Yarnpreneur Academy’s content-creation Space:


They master this by forcing articles through a strict process before anything is released into the wild.

Here’s another of my favorite development processes from SoundStripe’s case study we are currently working on:

custom statuses

Tasks start “in progress” and go straight to a “completed” stage. They’re then taken “in review” and either “rejected” or “closed.” If a task can not be moved forward for any reason it is moved to “blocked” status.

changing status GIF

Simple statuses provide only “open” and “closed” statuses which are great to use in Spaces where members don’t require as much detail. In fact, that’s exactly why we let you turn off ClickApps and use simple statuses.

Pro Tip: Use private personal Spaces alongside your team’s public Spaces to keep your personal tasks, to do lists, and ownership items separate.

2. Priorities: Users: 35%, Power users: 67%

Priorities are POWERFUL!

That’s because priorities give power users knowledge. This is essential when you have to make the decision of dropping what you’re doing, temporarily ignoring, or delegating an unexpected new task.

Power users report priorities as comfort in ClickUp that keeps the mind at ease.   

We use priorities in all of our Spaces at ClickUp, and we encourage

all teams who need more than a simple to-do-list to add these into their workflow.

3. Multiple Assignees: Active users: 49%, Power users: 53%

The data says: Not a power feature… Well, more accurately, inconclusive. We do know from experience that many teams (containing power and personal users) prefer assigning tasks to single users to create a sense of ownership. Multiple assignees are best for teams that hold each other accountable.

We allow multiple assignees in our Spaces at ClickUp, and though I can’t recommend you use them, it never hurts to try!

4. Due Dates (and Start Dates) – Active users: 58%, Power users: 61%

Setting dates for your tasks is important for every team. Schedules set expectations and clear up so many possibilities for miscommunication. We let you set the exact time and date that a task will start and end so that your team knows when and where to focus their attention.

I use due dates as reminders for myself because a notification is generated every time a due date or time is reached.  

Jess Mason, the founder of The Yarnpreneur Society, assigns due dates to the whole team so members know what needs to be done and exactly when to do it!

ClickUp Board view

5. Time Estimates: Active users: 40%, Power users: 55%

The data says: You should estimate your assignee’s task time! This really let’s them know whether or not they’re overcommitting to something simple, or taking too many shortcuts on something you want done thoroughly.

6. Time Tracking: Active users: 40%, Power users: 46%

The data says: Not conclusively a power feature. I’m always surprised by the “low” numbers, but I believe, from talking with our customers in this early stage, that teams using ClickUp are tightly knit and don’t feel the need to micro-manage.

That being said, our new Toggl and Harvest integrations that allow users to automatically track time instead of adding logs manually have just been released. I believe that these will encourage more teams to enable this feature.

ClickUp Calendar view

7. Tags: Active users: 40%, Power users: 43%

The data says: While all users can benefit from tags, not all users need to. If you find the hierarchy and task statuses provided in ClickUp sufficient for your organization, then there is no need for Tags.

If you would like to add a new, completely customizable dimension of grouping your tasks, then turn that switch in your Space on for Tags!

We use tags in most of our Spaces here at ClickUp, and with the ability to filter tasks containing any or all tags, we don’t know what we’d do without them. Here’s a video for some interesting ways to use tags 🙂

The Popular Combo

Priorities + Due Dates easily make the first place! Our power users love that you can sort tasks in List View by the due date and then check the task’s priorities to determine precisely which tasks most urgently need your attention!

The team at Soundstripe uses this exact combo to quickly see what items are most important to the day at hand.


Next, I wanted to see the percentage of power teams that were hooked into our Slack and GitHub integrations.

ClickUp Integration gif

ClickUp was built with these two integrations, so I was glad to see that our power users were taking advantage of these.

Slack – Active users: 17% – Power users: 30%
GitHub – Active users: 9% – Power users: 15%

These integrations are what tend to separate our professional teams from our casual teams. The ease of keeping track of changes to the workflow and direct understanding of the task at hand makes all the difference in efficiency.

API and Zapier – You’ll also want to fire up the ClickUp API and Zapier integrations to quickly link with other apps on the web (or build your own!)

More involved integrations with tools like Bitbucket, Gitlab, and the entire Google Apps Suite are coming in the near future, and let us know what else you would like to see!


If you want to get more done, enable our features, fall in love with your work, and achieve power user status!

And if you’re on a team without a strict hierarchy, I see our largest teams implementing tags in some creative ways that could really help!

And, unless you need to keep things as simple as possible, the data shows Spaces with over 20 tasks thrive with Priorities and Custom Statuses.

What do I do when I’ve enabled these ClickApps?

Setting goals let our power users best use features like due dates and priorities, so I wanted to know how they set these goals.

I surveyed 100 users with these features enabled, and the most involved responses included asking yourself and your team questions like these:

  • What value does this task bring us at this time?
  • Would completing this task energize me? My team? Are we excited about this?
  • When does this task have to be completed?
  • What tasks HAVE to be done today?

Let us know what your favorite ClickApps are and how you use them in the comments below!

Ready to get started? Optimize your team now!

We pride ourselves on creating the most efficient project management software because we listen to users like you! We want to hear from you! Start a conversation with us at help@clickup.com if there is a feature that would speed up or improve your workflow!

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Jessica Willis
7:16 PM

GREAT post! So cool to see what power users are doing to be more productive. I would love if you could create a post displaying the most used Zapier apps by ClickUp power users! After it's been active for sometime, of course.

3:37 PM

Hey, Corvin! Thanks for reaching out!

We plan on integrating with IFTTT in about 1-2 months.

I'd love to hear your voice shared with the entire ClickUp community! Submit and vote for your favorite features on our product roadmap here: http://feedback.clickup.com/

Please let us know if you have any other questions here or at help@clickup.com!

Super Mario
3:37 PM

Did IFTTT get integrated?

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