How ClickUp’s Updated Home Feature Makes You More Productive Than Ever

Trying to remember everything is impossible. 

Research shows that we forget over 50% of all new information received within an hour!

This update will ensure that you never forget anything ever again.

ClickUp’s newly updated Home feature will help you stay ahead of what you need to do each day by organizing your daily work, Reminders, and calendar events all in one view!

What Is ClickUp’s New Home Feature?

We first released ClickUp’s Home & Inbox features in 2018 to give you a snapshot of your immediate tasks, reminders, and due dates at a glance.

Now, we’ve taken the best parts of both Home and Inbox and merged them together into one beautiful view that allows you to see your most important items in one place!

Your new Home gives you one-stop access to:

  • My Work: View overdue, upcoming, and current tasks/reminders in a more organized way! This replaces the old Inbox with new sorting & smart task-creation capabilities.
  • Calendar & Google Calendar Events: Tasks and Google Calendar events are now displayed alongside your tasks and reminders!
  • Trending & LineUp: These OG Home widgets are now more organized and more accessible than ever before at the top of your screen.
  • Mentions: Any uncleared mention you have will live at the top of this page for easy access.
  • Comments: See all of your assigned comments in one place so you always know which conversations are awaiting your follow-up.

And the best part?

You can now decide how your Home is organized.

That’s right: you now have full control to sort and rearrange everything to create the perfect daily agenda.

You can drag and drop any task to any location on the page!

Whether you want to move a task from ‘today’ to ‘next’ in your My Work widget or you’d like to move a task to your Calendar, we’ve made it easier to reorder and reprioritize your workflow!

Understanding ClickUp’s New Home

How To Access Home

Your task and reminder hub would be useless if it was hard to access, right?

That’s why ClickUp’s Home is always just a click away. 

Just click on the button titled “Home” at the top left of your screen and you can access Home in seconds.

accessing home in clickup

My Work

When you open your Home, you’ll see My Work:

accessing my work in clickup

Here’s a closer look at each tab:

1. To Do

The To Do tab shows all of your tasks and reminders separated into four categories:

  • Today
  • Overdue
  • Next
  • Unscheduled

Each category expands into a dropdown of all your work that you need to do for today, what’s coming next, what’s overdue, and what has yet to be scheduled.


With the Comment tab, assigned comments are displayed in one area so action items don’t get lost in your notifications.

You can also see your Mentions in the top right of the screen. Only uncleared Mentions will display here to help you find conversations that need your check-in or follow-up.

3. Done

The Done tab is where you can find all of the tasks that you’ve completed. Tasks that have been marked with a completed status will end up here as long as you’re one of the assignees.

done tab in my work

We’ve also added a sorting feature where you can sort all of your completed work by dates, priority and status.

sort my work in clickup

4. Delegated

Remember when we said that you could manage the reminders of other team members from your own Home?

This tab is where you get to handle that.

The delegated tab stores the reminders and tasks that you’ve assigned to other team members. It’s a useful tab for project managers to keep a check on how their team is doing.

They can easily take stock of what each team member has on their plate and verify if they’ve completed their assigned tasks or not. 

Agenda and Calendar Events

The new Agenda and Calendar functionality of Home gives you the ability to see and schedule your entire day at a glance.

You can:

  • Manage your daily tasks and events in one place
  • Drag and drop schedule tasks
  • See your Google Calendar events
  • One-click to join Zoom or Google Hangouts meetings directly from your Calendar

Once a task or reminder is complete or moved to a done status, the item is cleared from the Agenda, so you can focus just on what you still need to get done!

Trending & LineUp

The Trending & LineUp sections of Home give you quick access to the tasks you’ve spent the most time on and tasks that have been prioritized to work on.

Here’s how they work.


Trending is your way to access your top trending tasks based on the last 24 hours of activity. This list of tasks dynamically updates using machine learning, always showing your most relevant tasks first.


Keep your priorities focused by building your daily schedules or standup agendas right inside ClickUp. Organize your own to-do list or ask a manager to help clear up what you should work on next.

LineUp in ClickUp
Drag any task to your LineUp to instantly organize and prioritize your day in ClickUp

You can even add tasks to other team members’ LineUp via their profiles.

Learn more about how to best get started with ClickUp.

Keep Your Daily Work, Reminders, and Events In One Place

ClickUp’s new Home will help you and your team stay on top of all your tasks, Reminders, and calendar events.

You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to do something ever again! Just open your Home to access everything you need to get started on your work right away! 

Why not sign up for ClickUp for free today and experience the power of the Home yourself?

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