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10 Free Podcast Templates to Use for Your Next Episode

Podcasts run the gamut from interviews and conversations to nonfiction storytelling. But even the most freeform podcasts tend to have some kind of podcast script or outline. Using podcast templates can give you the freedom to vary the length and structure of your podcast while still adhering to the conventions of the form.

While a podcast script template should be at the top of your list, it’s just as important to have a plan for other aspects of your podcast, such as your marketing calendar.

These 10 free podcast script templates will ensure that you have everything covered, from planning and recording to publishing your own podcast.🎙️

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What Is a Podcast Template?

Listening to an experienced podcast host can make the whole podcasting process sound effortless, right? Maybe it’s a one-person monologue with perfectly placed sound effects or a conversation between the host and co-host that seems to flow smoothly from one topic to another.

But there’s a lot more that goes into a podcast than sound design and banter. There’s the podcast intro and outro, sponsored messages, audio clips, and more. Even if it’s a free-flowing conversation, chances are the podcast host has a list of talking points to address and a plan to segue from one main point to the next.

A podcast template is your ticket to recording a successful episode. You can use a podcast template to outline each new episode, create a description and show notes, create detailed podcast scripts, or even schedule interviews with social media influencers. 📅

Using a podcast template ensures that you hit all the beats of a professional podcast show while still giving you plenty of room to customize your production.

These 10 podcast templates will guide you through every step of the process, from planning a new podcast to post-production.

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What Makes a Good Podcast Template?

A good podcast template helps you stick to an agreed-upon podcast format while also giving you the space you need to get creative. After all, a podcast script isn’t like a script for a play in which you’re expected to memorize every word.

Like a good podcast intro—a great podcast script can include room for ad-libbing and improvisation.

More experienced podcast hosts can make do with bullet points, but beginners may want to write a more in-depth podcast script, at least the first time around. This can prevent nervousness and keep you from going off on tangents.

A podcast script or outline also lets your guests know what to expect: when should they be ready to chime in, and when should they leave room for a call to action (CTA)?

In addition to scripts, you can use podcast templates at any point in your workflow to ensure a consistent, standardized approach to podcast production. From scheduling social media posts to planning next week’s episode, these 10 podcast templates will help you stay on track.

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10 Podcast Templates to Use in 2024

Whether you’re launching a new productivity podcast or you want to take your interview podcast to the next level, use one of these 10 podcast templates to get started:

1. ClickUp Podcast Template

ClickUp Podcast Templates
Organize your podcast by series, season, and more with this handy podcast template

This handy ClickUp Podcast Template makes it easy to keep track of all of your podcast scripts and episodes in one place and sort them by Series, Season, or other custom categories.

You can include publication dates, episode links, audio, and more, so you don’t have to search through multiple documents to find the content you’re looking for. Simply switch between Board and List view for easy navigation.

Assign a host or producer to each podcast with the Assignee field, and set the episode topic in the Topic field. You can also use status tags like Edited, Planned, Posted, and Recorded so you know where each episode is at in the production cycle.

Although this is a beginner-friendly podcast template, it’s comprehensive enough to handle larger productions with multiple episodes and team members.

2. ClickUp Podcast Calendar Template

Podcast Calendar Template by ClickUp
Manage your podcast episode concepts, outreach, schedule, and guests using the Podcast Calendar Template by ClickUp

The ClickUp Podcast Calendar Template will help you plan podcast scripts in advance and keep track of who’s scheduled to appear or your upcoming podcast title. Choose from 18 custom fields, including Sponsor, Budget, Guest Headshot, Podcast Title, Episode Link, and Season.

You can use color-coded tags to identify which stage of development each episode is in, such as Concept, Outreach, Scheduling, Recording, or Transcription.

This template also allows you to switch between seven different view types, including Episodes, Podcast Sponsors, Podcast Shownotes, and Podcast Stage.

Read the Guest Bio before you record to prepare for the guest introduction, and use the Transcript Status and Due Date fields to make sure that a transcript gets added to your podcast website as soon as possible. 📝

Whether you’re interviewing industry experts or social media influencers, this template will help you take your podcast to the next level and achieve your professional goals.

3. ClickUp Podcast Plan Template

ClickUp Podcast Plan Template
View the progress status of each podcast episode with this podcast plan template

The ClickUp Podcast Plan Template is an intermediate template that helps you dive deep into the planning process for each new podcast episode.

Editable status fields tell you which episodes are Cancelled, In Progress, or On Hold, while the Progress Status bar shows a visual representation of how close you are to completing an episode.

Use the Type of Podcast field to identify whether an episode is a guest or solo podcast and use the Topic field to label your episodes by category, such as Social Issues or Visual Arts. Other fields include Episode Number, Episode Title, and Recording Date. 

You can make use of six different view types, including Podcast Episodes and Analytics, and there’s even a Topic Form to help you record ideas for a new podcast topic.

This topic will help you improve your self-discipline and plan ahead so you can get your show to the top of the charts on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

4. ClickUp Podcast Planning Template

ClickUp Podcast Planning Template
Organize your podcast by season with this in-depth podcast planning template

The ClickUp Podcast Planning Template is an advanced template that organizes all of your podcast episodes into easy-to-use folders. Create a bare-bones card for each podcast episode and add more details as you move through the Ideas, Planning, Scheduling, Recording, Production, and Publishing stages.

Keep track of the Recording Date, Episode Number, Guest, Type of Podcast, and more. You can toggle between Episodes, Overall View, and Guests and use the Attachments tool to link to documents, audio files, and other relevant materials.

The advanced functionality of this podcast template makes it suitable for professional productions, but beginners will find plenty of uses for it too. Use it to plan, schedule, organize, and prioritize upcoming episodes—or create a space for your podcast outline.

5. ClickUp Blank Podcast Outline Template

ClickUp Blank Podcast Outline Template
Use this template to outline your podcast to keep your episode on track

This ClickUp Blank Podcast Outline Template provides a straightforward outline that you can fill in with your own podcast details. Start with the podcast name, intro script, then add the host, recording date, script link, guest name, and publishing date. A progress bar helps you see how much more work you have to do on this particular episode.

Below the table, you’ll find a To Do list where you can add tasks and subtasks such as “Brainstorm ideas,” “Plan topic and guests,” and “Record the podcast.”

While this template doesn’t have as many features as some of the other templates on our list, it’s clean and efficient, making it a good choice for new podcast hosts who want to keep things simple. Use the same template for every episode, or switch to one of the more advanced templates as your podcast grows.

6. ClickUp Podcast Description Template

ClickUp Podcast Description Template
Create taglines to market your podcast with this podcast description template

This ClickUp Podcast Description Template can help you with describing and marketing your podcast episodes to listeners. There’s no episode planning or podcast script outline here, just a focus on creating a concise and information-packed tagline.

Start by creating a social media content plan to get your podcast episodes in front of your target audience. Summarize your podcast topic for a LinkedIn post (“In today’s episode…. ”), or create a teaser for an Instagram Story or YouTube channel.

Each item on your to-do list gets its own assignee and due date, as well as a priority flag to help you with project prioritization.

By using a template for your marketing materials, you’ll be able to spend less time on each episode description and more time making the best podcast possible. 🏆

7. ClickUp Podcast Script Template

Podcast templates: ClickUp Podcast Script Template
Outline your podcast episodes in advance with a podcast script template

This ClickUp Podcast Script Template will help you develop the heart and soul of your podcast. It’s a simple, beginner-friendly document that you can share with everyone involved in the episode: host, guest, producer, and so on.

Start by filling out the table with the podcast name, episode title, host name, guest name, and episode sponsor. If you’re recording a solo show or if you don’t have a sponsor, you can leave those fields blank.

Then, move through the episode chronologically by adding in a message from your sponsor, your intro music or jingle, your episode content, and your outro music.

Remember, the goal isn’t to create a word-for-word script but to help you achieve a conversational tone as you move from one topic to the next. Make a list of the main points you want to cover, any supporting points, and your interview questions.

Your podcast script should serve as a roadmap for the episode, so make sure your guest or co-host has a chance to look it over before you press record!

8. ClickUp Podcast Sponsorship Template

Podcast templates: ClickUp Podcast Sponsorship Template
Get more sponsors for your podcast with a professional sponsorship proposal

This ClickUp Podcast Sponsorship Template is designed to help you court sponsors by providing them with a brief but informative overview of your podcast show.

Your sponsorship request for proposal should include information on the target audience, the scale of the opportunity (i.e., listener statistics), and the specifics of the campaign. Be sure to include your contact details, as well as your logo or podcast cover art, to give your sponsorship proposal a more professional look.

By reaching out to companies that align with your podcast’s values, you can generate revenue for your show and promote brands that your listeners will want to hear about. It’s a win-win for your show and your new sponsor! 🙌 

9. Conversation/Interview Show Podcast Template by Riverside

This Conversation/Interview Show Podcast Template by Riverside offers a handy outline you can use to create a script for an interview-style show. It’s just one of a few podcast script examples that Riverside offers, including a minimalist script and solo show.

The conversation/interview template contains an intro, a sponsor message, and theme music, followed by a guest introduction and a series of interview questions. The show ends with an outro, a recap, and a call to action.

Several of the bullet points have a blank space for their duration, where you can write down the length of each segment. This is easy if you have any pre-recorded segments, such as the theme music and sponsor message; otherwise, just estimate it and update the info once you’ve recorded the show.

Aim to keep the pace of the show consistent for every episode, such as a 60-second intro and outro with 30 minutes of conversation in between.

10. Nonfiction Storytelling Template by Ausha

Podcast templates: Nonfiction Storytelling Template by Ausha
via Ausha

This Non-Fiction Storytelling Template by Ausha is for solo podcast hosts who want to tell listeners a story over the course of an episode. This could be anything from a true crime podcast to a deep dive into a historical incident or scientific discovery.

The outline starts off with the intro music and a roadmap or overview of the episode. That’s followed by three topic segments, a sponsor message, and a recap. Finally, there’s an outro containing a call to action and a teaser of the next episode.

Instead of writing a word-for-word script, this template prompts you to write down bullet points containing key information so you can strike a more conversational tone. Don’t forget to jot down segues from one topic to the next to keep you on track!

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Streamline Your Storytelling With These Free Podcast Templates

From coming up with topic ideas to creating a script, there’s a lot that goes into each podcast episode. Fortunately, you can streamline the process by using these handy templates, which cover everything from scheduling to marketing.

Podcast templates help you save time by showing you what information you need to gather up front—like a guest name and bio—and what you need to do after the episode has been recorded, such as creating a tagline and transcript. 

Plus, when you use one of ClickUp’s collaborative templates, you’ll be able to share your podcast script and show notes with your co-host or podcast guests. Visit the ClickUp Template Library to find your next podcast template!

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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