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10 Best PERT Chart Templates for Projects and Tasks

The project management industry is growing faster than ever. But there’s one significant problem that is impeding its growth—ineffective project management.

Approximately 54% of organizations today cannot track their KPIs, which wastes 12% of their resources. 

As a project manager, do you wish for a project management tool that makes tracking dependencies smoother and deadlines more reachable? End your search at PERT charts.

This blog post will explore PERT charts in detail and list our top 10 templates to help you manage projects. 

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What are PERT Chart Templates?

A PERT chart visually represents a project’s tasks and dependencies and helps plan, schedule, organize, and coordinate complex projects.

PERT stands for Project Evaluation Review Technique. After considering uncertainty, this technique helps identify the optimum time required to complete a project. 

The software creates PERT charts to make project management easier and quicker. With these charts, you can stick to your deadlines, especially for projects with changing timelines.

PERT charts are similar to flowcharts and have milestones connected with arrows. The arrows show task dependencies and prevent confusion or bottlenecks. The number of project milestones and the time required to complete tasks determine the complexity of your PERT chart.

It is easy to confuse PERT charts with Gantt charts as they both aid in project management by mapping and organizing projects. However, the former is mostly used for internal planning, while the latter is more suitable for communicating with stakeholders. 

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What Makes a Good PERT Chart Template?

A good PERT chart template has several qualities that help with project management. From a user-friendly interface to dependency tracking, it should have all the features that make projects easier to manage. 

Let us discuss some of them. 

  • User-friendly: A good template is easy to use, even for people with limited or little project management experience. With a user-friendly interface, you can create efficient and intuitive charts
  • Customizable: It should be easy to customize to match your project needs. A template with custom fields, statuses, and views is best for tailoring it to your unique requirements
  • Visualization: The template should offer clear visual representations of your task dependencies, durations, and milestones
  • Progress monitoring: A template with the ability to update task statuses and monitor progress in real-time helps you keep the project on track 
  • Dependency tracking:  Your PERT chart must  allow you to establish and manage task dependencies easily 

Other things to check while choosing a template include task detail management, notifications and alerts, and collaboration tools. 

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10 PERT Chart Templates to Use in 2024

We have shortlisted the top 10 PERT chart templates to use in 2024 based on the above features to help you revolutionize your project management. 

As no two templates are the same, selecting the one that offers features to meet your needs is crucial. 

1. ClickUp PERT Chart Template

ClickUp Pert Chart Template
The PERT Chart Template from ClickUp helps you create a detailed visual timeline for your project, so you can stay on track and make sure no detail is overlooked.

Get a detailed visual timeline and identify dependencies with this PERT Chart Template from ClickUp.

Creating a project plan is the cornerstone of successful project completion. The PERT Chart Template from ClickUp helps your project succeed by ensuring that each detail is given attention. 

With this template, you not only get a detailed visual timeline, but it also allows you to identify dependencies and activity duration. You can also divide your project into small. parts. 

The template further helps you create tasks with custom statuses, fields, and views. With these features, you can track your project’s progress better, visualize its timeline, and identify the sequence of tasks easily. The template is beginner-friendly, and its process is incredibly easy. Use the ClickUp Docs to list tasks, assign each task’s duration, identify the sequence, and create the PERT diagram.  

Use this template to complete all tasks efficiently without scheduling conflicts. It also keeps all your team members up-to-date with project progress. 

2. ClickUp Simple PERT Chart Template

Breakdown projects into simpler tasks for better organisation with ClickUp Simple PERT Chart Template

Are you looking for something more intuitive and yet beginner-friendly? ClickUp Simple PERT Chart Template is a great way to ensure clarity and promote collaboration within your project team. 

With this template, It is easy to understand your project structure at a glance. It allows you to divide your projects into simpler and smaller tasks. You can set custom statuses like ‘open’ and ‘close’ to track progress. The easy view lets you identify any potential issues so that you can resolve them proactively.

With this template, you get the additional benefits of tagging, priority labels, nested subtasks, and more for better tracking and priority management

Stay on the same page, visualize your project tasks, and collaborate efficiently with the simple PERT chart template.

3. ClickUp Simple Gantt Template

ClickUp Simple Gantt Chart Template
Use the drag-and-drop features in the ClickUp Simple Gantt Chart Template to reassign tasks and understand how tasks are connected to goals and dependencies

The ClickUp Simple Gantt Template is an excellent addition to your project management. It enables easy and appealing visualization of dependencies and provides an overview of your project.

The three task statuses, ‘complete,’ ‘in progress,’ and ‘to-do,’ are color-coded for quick understanding. The template also gives you three custom fields (project phase, project progress, and attachments). 

Apply the four different view types from product development to project management. 

4. ClickUp Process Flow Chart Template

ClickUp Process Flow Chart Template
ClickUp’s Process Flow Chart Template lets you design, manage, and visualize your processes with ease.

Some parts of your projects will have more processes than others. These processes require careful documentation for standardization. The ClickUp Process Flow Chart Template is an effective way of standardizing all your processes without spending hours creating a flow chart. 

Like the previous templates, this is also beginner-friendly and offers enhanced abilities. You get custom statuses, fields, views, and excellent project management capabilities. 

Manage, map, and visualize the process by creating diagrams and sharing them with your team members to keep them up-to-date.

Since you document all your steps, it’s easy to find and resolve problems. Plus, you get comprehensive records for future reference. 

For example, you can use this template to streamline your hiring process. Set up tasks and define processes with the Hiring Flowchart View. You can also create a comprehensive guide with the ‘Getting Started Guide’ view. 

Using the chart is easy; use the ClickUp Doc to brainstorm goals, add details using Custom Fields, visualize your process with Board View, and use the Gantt Chart to identify task sequences. 

5. ClickUp Project Management Dashboard Template

ClickUp Project Management Dashboard Template
This template gives you a centralized place for teams to communicate about the project and resolve issues quickly

Want a robust template to supercharge your project management? ClickUp Project Management Dashboard template does that and more. From helping you stay on top of your project to managing your project schedule, this template can fulfill all your needs. 

It features eight custom fields: Planned Cost, Actual Cost, Remaining Budget, and Project Phase. It also enhances project tracking with dependency warnings, tags, and time-tracking features. 

You get seven views available to organize your information and make it accessible. Here are some of them:

  • Getting Started Guide View: For an overview of management tools
  • Board View: For a visual representation of each task and its status
  • Activities View: For tracking progress
  • Capacity Planning View: For an overview of workloads and resources
  • Team Performance View: For an overview of team performance

You can assign four statuses to your tasks—completed, in progress, on hold, and to-do. With the ClickUp Dashboard, you can review progress in real-time with powerful data visualizations. 

This template ensures your team collaborates with ease for cohesive operations. You can also send out reminders to your team using the Email feature. 

6. ClickUp Work Breakdown Template

Work breakdown structure in ClickUp Whiteboards
Break down the scope of a project into small deliverables, and easily track deliverables for each stage, and phase of the team involved in ClickUp Whiteboards

Large projects are often complex and require support. An effective way to manage complex projects is by breaking the project into manageable tasks. The ClickUp Work Breakdown Template helps break down your tasks and organize them in one place.  

Create goals for each small task, assign them to different team members, and set up separate timelines with this template.  Next,  prioritize the tasks according to their importance. 

The template gives you a comprehensive and clear overview of all your project tasks and timelines. You can estimate the costs and resources needed better, identify risks, and devise ways of improving process efficiency.  

The Work Breakdown Template offers custom views, fields, and statuses for better management. To make the work breakdown structure a success, start by outlining your project goals clearly.

7. ClickUp Project Assessment Template

ClickUp Project Assessment Template
ClickUp Project Assessment Template saves you time and boosts your project management capabilities.

ClickUp Project Assessment Template provides a comprehensive view of project assessment. Assessments help you establish quality control, manage risks, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure continuous improvement. 

While it is a beginner-friendly template, it offers professional-grade visuals that make progress tracking easier and faster.

You can evaluate your performance with predetermined goals and take steps for improvement wherever required. You can also check whether your goals align with project tasks and progress with better visualization.

The template will enable you to create a project for each assessment goal, organize each task into categories, and collaborate with stakeholders. Use List, Gantt chart, Calendar, and more to develop workflow and set up workflow automation for better progress tracking. 

Celebrate milestones by creating them in ClickUp using this project assessment template. 

8. ClickUp Project Timeline Whiteboard Template

clickup project plan timelines
Visualize your entire project timeline in one convenient whiteboard using this template

The ClickUp Project Timeline Whiteboard Template creates a clear and organized timeline. The template lets you see your entire timeline on a single whiteboard

Customize finer details, including tasks, durations, and dependencies, for better planning of tasks. It allows you to assign two statuses for better progress tracking—open and complete.

All your team members and stakeholders can keep up with the status updates directly. 

The appealing and comprehensive visuals help you better understand project concepts and schedules.

The template supports a single view for clutter-free progress tracking, along with features like tagging, multiple assignees, priority labels, etc. 

9. PowerPoint PERT Chart Template by Office Timeline

Powerpoint pert chart template by office timeline
via OfficeTimeline

Are you looking for a chart that suits project planning and reporting? The PowerPoint PERT Chart Template by Office Timeline is an excellent tool for doing both. 

It helps you plan project tasks efficiently and without any hassle. Decide the priority of your tasks and visualize information in a way that can be understood by all those involved.

PowerPoint creates the template, which makes it easily accessible and shareable among your team members. And that’s not all. It also automatically updates your schedule through the Office Timeline plug-in for PowerPoint, eliminating the hassle of doing it manually. 

10. Presentation PERT Chart Template by Slide Hunter

Presentation PERT Chart Template by Slide Hunter
Create your own PERT diagrams with PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 using this template.

Another stellar PowerPoint template, this Presentation PERT Chart Template by Slide Hunter does precisely what it says. It makes your presentations more appealing using the PERT Chart. 

Use this template to create  PERT charts in PowerPoint 2010 and 2013. Also, use it to design workflows, create timetables, and schedule slide designs with ease. 

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Streamline Your Process with the Right PERT Chart Template

Gone are the days of creating overly complicated and time-consuming PERT charts. Today, we live in an era where creating a PERT chart is easy! These dynamic and user-friendly PERT chart templates empower you to streamline your planning and track progress effortlessly.

ClickUp is a modern-day solution with one thousand plus pre-designed templates across various use cases, including design, marketing, operations, and CRM. It simplifies your processes and makes your life a lot easier at no cost. 

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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