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Best Leadership Conferences to Unlock Your Potential in 2024

Leadership conferences encompass many things. These events can focus on business aspects like marketing or industries like technology. But they all share one thing in common: providing a place where people can build on their leadership skills while gaining new insights and perspectives. 💡

As such, these events are crucial for professional development. Between learning opportunities and chances to network with peers and industry leaders, these events can help you achieve greater levels of success.

Whether you’re a co-founder of a new startup or a team manager who wants to become a better leader, learn more about what to expect during a leadership conference and discover some of the best conferences to attend in 2024.

Key Characteristics of Leadership Conferences

Leadership conferences give you the chance to explore a variety of topics and themes that are important to your industry. Let’s review some of the common themes you’ll encounter at these events—and who benefits the most from attending.

Common themes in leadership conferences

The topics and themes that can come up at leadership conferences are virtually endless. However, there are a few crucial topics that are more common because they’re so vital to leadership today.

  • Diversity and inclusion: Today’s business owners are doing everything possible to improve workplace cultures and promote a fair playing field for workers—and that’s why diversity and inclusion is a popular topic at leadership conferences
  • Change management: The only constant is change, and that’s why this topic features prominently. Business leaders can learn how to adapt to change and effectively lead their teams through it
  • Innovation: Markets only grow more competitive as time goes on, which is why innovation is a crucial subject. The best leaders not only possess leadership skills but also the ability to innovate as market conditions change ✨
  • Motivation: Motivated employees perform at higher levels. Part of professional development as a leader is learning how best to motivate and support your team
  • Time management: Time is always at a premium, which is why leaders must learn how to effectively manage their own productivity—and show their teams how they can do it too
  • Conflict resolution: Even in the best workplaces, conflicts will arise. It’s imperative that leaders know how to handle these challenges and resolve them effectively

Who benefits from attending leadership conferences?

The short answer? Everyone! 🙌

The longer answer goes something like this: Anyone who wants to round out leadership skills or learn about new management styles while taking advantage of networking opportunities would benefit from attending a leadership conference.

However, these learning and networking events aren’t just for upper management or team leaders. Folks who aren’t in leadership roles can get valuable takeaways. 

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There are soft skills to learn that aren’t limited to management. These can help employees improve team dynamics, contribute positively to the workplace culture, and perform better at their jobs.🤝

The Best Leadership Conferences to Attend in 2024

Ready to discover some of the top conferences across North America and around the world? Here are a few leadership conferences in 2024 that might inspire you to participate. 🤩

1. Ernst and Young’s Strategic Growth Forum

Leadership conferences: Ernst and Young’s Strategic Growth Forum landing page
via Ernst and Young

For CEOs, other members of the C-suite, and cutting-edge entrepreneurs and corporate whizzes, the Strategic Growth Forum is the place to be. 

The goal of this conference is to inspire leaders with insightful sessions on new trends and cutting-edge technologies designed to accelerate growth. ⏩

There are also informative panels and keynotes, plus opportunities to schedule one-on-one meetings. Held annually in Palm Springs, California, this conference is one of the best opportunities to network with high-level leaders from across a variety of industries. 

2. Women Lead Festival

Leadership conferences: The Conference Board’s landing page
via The Conference Board

The Women Lead Festival happens each year in Brooklyn, New York—and it’s the perfect place for senior-level women and those who support women’s advancement. 

C-suite executives are invited as are Chief Human Resources Officers, Chief Diversity Officers, talent management professionals, and more.

This conference features top women leaders in business as well as female leaders in the arts, sciences, public policy, and nonprofit world. At the Women Lead Festival, you’ll get the chance to work with peers on initiatives that promote inclusion and diversity in the workplace.


Leadership conferences: INBOUND's home page

Hubspot’s INBOUND conference happens each year in Boston, Massachusetts, to bring together leaders from around the world. The event is “dedicated to the latest trends and tactics in marketing, sales, and AI” and also serves as a place for attendees to elevate their personal growth.

At this conference, you can brush up on leadership skills and network with marketing, sales, and customer success professionals. INBOUND also draws some of the top speakers out there. They’re not just industry leaders and best-selling authors—they’re legitimate luminaries like Dr. Jane Goodall and former President Barack Obama. 🥇

4. Collision

Leadership conferences: Collision's home page
via Collision

Collision is often referred to as the “Olympics of tech” because this annual conference is one of the world’s largest. It features more than 1,500 startups and over 35,000 attendees who flock to Toronto, Canada, each year. 

It’s a major networking opportunity for anyone in the tech industry—and it draws plenty of leadership experts. Register to meet peers, form mentorships, and participate in breakout sessions that focus on today’s biggest technological challenges.

5. World Business Forum

WOBI’s landing page
via WOBI

Management, high performance, talent, leadership—these are just some of the topics that come up at the World Business Forum. If you can only attend one event, this is the global leadership summit you can’t miss. 

WOBI typically features a star-studded list of speakers from business, tech, and other industries. For example, 2024’s event will feature American writer Stephen M.R. Covey, CEO of AT&T Business Anne Chow, and Academy Award-winning film director Francis Ford Coppola. 

This two-day conference happens at various locations throughout the world, so be sure to check in regularly for dates and locations that work best for you.

6. Industry of Things World

Industry of Things World USA's home page
via Industry of Things World USA

If you want to learn from the world’s top innovators and decision-makers, this is the leadership conference to attend. It offers opportunities to build leadership skills, especially in terms of looking toward the future. 

Through interactive workshops, panels, and lectures, you’ll discover best practices for refining processes and developing new products. ⚒️

Keep in mind there are two Industry of Things World conferences: The Industry of Things World USA conference, which is a two-day event that happens annually in San Diego, California, and the Industry of Things World International conference, which is held in Berlin, Germany, every year.

7. EntreLeadership Summit

Ramsey Solutions landing page
via Ramsey Solutions

Bestselling author and radio host Dave Ramsey puts on the EntreLeadership Summit each year—and this event is designed to refresh and energize your leadership abilities. 

It’s a great summit not only for entrepreneurs but also for business owners and leaders of all stripes. If you want to learn how to invest in people and accelerate your professional growth, head to Dallas, Texas, to take part in this conference. 🤠

Benefits of Attending Leadership Conferences

The benefits of leadership conferences span far and wide. What can you expect to get from these sessions? Here’s a closer look at some of the top advantages.

Skills development and knowledge acquisition

One of the biggest reasons to attend leadership conferences is that they often offer breakout sessions where you can take your professional skills to the next level. 

Some conferences offer one-on-one coaching sessions to tutor you or your team members in certain areas. Other conferences feature sessions that cover things like project management goal setting or leadership training for specific groups—like women or young people. 

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There are also conferences that help attendees improve communication skills, decision-making skills, leadership styles, and emotional intelligence. 🌈

Keep in mind that not all conferences will feature the same topics and skill-building opportunities. So if have a particular goal, do your research to find the conference that’s offering what you need.

Networking opportunities

Networking is another huge reason to attend leadership conferences. These events come with the opportunity to get together with your peers from your industry—or even from adjacent industries. 

This gives you the chance to build your professional network, which can help you form beneficial business partnerships. It might even help you work your way into new and better positions as you progress along your leadership journey. 🏆

Exposure to thought leaders and top performers in the industry

One of the coolest parts of leadership conferences is that they give you a unique opportunity to hear from thought leaders and top performers in your field. These are the kinds of new perspectives that can help you ramp up your personal leadership development. 🌱

You can get the benefit of their years of knowledge and entrepreneurship—and that will keep you abreast of new ideas and strategies straight from the people who innovated them.

How to Maximize Your Leadership Conference Experience

Ready to get that essential leadership conference experience? Before you book your tickets, let’s talk about how you can get the most from your experience.

How to choose the right conference

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right event.

  • Choose a conference that’s relevant to your goals. Want to improve your skills to manage different types of team meetings? Looking to boost your leadership techniques to enhance team cohesion? Be on the lookout for conferences that feature sessions directly related to the takeaways you most want to gain
  • Most conferences feature keynote speakers, but some speakers have a lot more to offer than others. Look for conferences featuring well-known industry experts and renowned thought leaders 👀
  • Variety helps you engage and learn, so look for conferences that offer a blend of session formats like interactive sessions, panels, and workshops
  • Be sure to check reviews from past attendees to get a feel for the conference’s overall value
  • Make sure event and accommodation pricing aligns with your budget, especially if you’re taking a larger group with you. People won’t want to miss out on important sessions—or deal with less-than-ideal accommodations—if you have to cut corners to keep the trip within budget 💸
  • If possible, take advantage of early bird pricing so you can save money and perhaps allocate some of your budget toward fun activities to build camaraderie and boost team culture

Tips for networking and learning

If you’re new to the conference scene, the idea of networking and learning in an unfamiliar environment might seem a little intimidating. Not to worry, though. The key is to be confident in yourself and your skills.

Confidence will help you stand out and leave a lasting impression—and it’ll help you avoid event jitters so you can keep a clear, calm, and open mind for learning. 🧘

Here are some other tips to help you maximize your leadership conference experience:

  • If you don’t already have them, print some business cards. That way, you can easily exchange contact information when you make connections
  • If you’re attending with others who have been to this conference or other similar events, don’t hesitate to ask for introductions to people they may already know
  • While it may be tempting to launch into pitches or give a rundown of your resume, it’s best to avoid dominating conversations. Instead, be prepared to ask questions, listen, and learn ✨
  • Keep a few icebreakers in mind to help you get past those natural (and sometimes awkward) conversational lulls 
  • Between workshops, speakers, and other events, you likely won’t have large amounts of time for long conversations. Keep things short to be respectful of other peoples’ time and try to circulate among different folks 
  • Conferences aren’t the time to skip your daily planner. They’re busy events, so make sure you’re using a daily planner app to help you keep track of everything you want to participate in 📌
  • After the conference is over, don’t let your new connections fade away. Follow up to encourage a lasting relationship, and be sure to connect on social media too

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Get the Most From Your Leadership Conference Experience With ClickUp

Leadership conferences can be an effective and fun way to sharpen your skills, network with peers, and meet thought leaders in your industry. 

Whether you’re attending one of the top leadership conferences of the year or planning your own event, ClickUp is here to help you from start to finish. 

Use task-tracking tools and customizable views to schedule events and plan conference activities for you and your team. But there’s so much more to discover.

To get started, simply sign up for Clickup—it’s free!

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