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How Task Sharing in ClickUp Helps Jaron Flynn Collaborate with his Partners

While society seems to place significant value on higher education, a degree doesn’t mean guaranteed success.

Take R2J Creative’s, Jaron Flynn.

As a young professional in the marketing world, he is constantly searching for ways to improve his skills, advance his career, and keep up with the job demands of operating a marketing agency startup… all without a college degree.

Make no mistake: deciding to forego the university route isn’t hindering Jaron’s drive to run a successful business. In fact, he is using it as an opportunity to work even harder, be more resourceful, and learn everything by “doing.”

Jaron is constantly learning new ways to upgrade himself and relies on the vast amount of available tools online to expand his knowledge base and boost his career forward.

Then he found out about ClickUp. 👋🏼

We had the opportunity to (virtually) sit down and chat with Jaron and learned how ClickUp has helped him keep up with the job demands of a startup agency, streamline his workflow, and stay aligned with his business partners.

Discover the key to his success in the interview below:

Tell us about R2JCreative!

I run a marketing agency startup called R2J Creative with unique business partners I met along a very untraditional path into the marketing agency world. 

R2J Creative is a full gamut of artists, developers, and creative specialists who have collectively been involved in the entertainment, fashion, CPG, tech, and marketing industries for many years.

We are a distributed team that maintains an adaptive mindset to stay ahead of the curve while maintaining a cost-effective budget management strategy.

Our collaborative network is filled with professionals and friends with varying experiences who complement each other well on projects. Untraditional yet effective, our approach isn’t myopic.

Once a thoughtful marketing strategy meets high-quality creativity and a well-thought-out business model, anything can be achieved.

Fueled by a passion for business development, we help businesses fully explore their options and free will. We are agile and our custom-tailored solutions always contain a hybrid of strategy and creativity.

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

I’m in LOVE with the discreet task sharing and Relationships features.

It’s not exactly sexy to everyone, but the ability to show a client, your teammate, or your Gen X and Boomer coworkers exactly what they need to see is essential for visibility, accessibility, and accountability.

This helps us avoid the typical “Did you send that to me?” and “I didn’t see that!” and “I’m still not familiar with the software!” feedback one can get when starting to work with any third party.

task sharing in ClickUp

What tools, if any, do you integrate with ClickUp?

I’m still in the process of trying to integrate and automate as much as I can sustainably!

I may have an unpopular opinion here, but it’s all about establishing sustainable systems and processes before fully taking advantage of the available functionality.

For now, I run our company’s G-Suite files, events, records through ClickUp. Our team integrates Miro for brainstorming, ideation, and presentations in comments or descriptions of tasks.

The Google Chat, Slack, and Discord notifications are so helpful for keeping everyone up to date.

My developers are also looking forward to using GitHub and Figma in ClickUp for future projects as soon as we can!

Slack ClickUp integration

How do you use ClickUp to push projects forward at R2JCreative?

The depth of customization and the potential for granularity in each space is limitless.

Each Space, Folder, List, and task I use is customized from the ground up for each department, project, and deliverable. Our agency has to keep our company synchronized as well as our distributed team informed.

showing how to create a new Folder from a template

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

With ClickUp, as a young person in the industry, I have always found a strategic advantage in work environments by letting my on-schedule turnaround and quality results speak for themselves.

People lose their minds when experiencing vast capabilities!

How many hours a week do you save using ClickUp, and what do you do with that time back?

I save about 10 hours a week using ClickUp.

I try as hard as I can to fit in creative projects and freelance work whenever possible.

ClickUp allows me to keep track of and effectively prioritize goals that I’ve set personally, as well as hold myself accountable for commitments I’ve made.

I’ve found it especially handy for video production.

I am 21 and biting off more than I can chew most of the time. I am definitely junior to my partners, but I am so grateful to be doing the work that I do and to have something like ClickUp making progress and resource/time management feel more tangible with visual features like custom dashboards showing me whether I’m going slow or too fast.

Dashboards in ClickUp

What advice do you have for others looking to streamline their productivity?

Having never gone to college, the first immediate realization for me was that you need to be your own teacher, disciplinarian, and your own boss to get anywhere with the abundance of information and opportunity in front of you.

It can be quite overwhelming maintaining a student mindset while trying to be a professional at the same time. Still, once you realize the rapid flux and evolution of “the industry” and “the method,” you can relax a bit knowing that you’re keeping your ear to the ground doing your best to stay on top of developments as they come by using the best tools.

In fact, if you can even be ahead of the curve in some situations… even better.

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