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How ClickUp Board View Helps Madi Giordano Map out Projects

It’s no secret that social media has and continues to change how people purchase just about everything.

Social media gives businesses a worldwide platform to reach any audience out there. But since everyone has access to that same worldwide audience, competition is fiercer than ever.

And while large companies can devote entire teams to building and maintaining a social media presence, small business owners must split their time between driving sales, managing leads, tracking inventory, and so much more. Often, seemingly abstract exercises like “building a brand” and “growing an online community” fall to the wayside.

But the businesses that most successfully leverage social media for sales are the ones that have a strong, clearly defined brand identity and have built and maintained a devoted online community.

These are some of the fundamental concepts that only scratch the surface of what Madi Giordano teaches small business owners through her own company, HIVE Business Builders. Madi manages to coordinate and build marketing strategies for her clients, all while still maintaining a weekly podcast, coaching sessions, and an online community of her own.

We were lucky enough to (virtually) sit down with Madi to discuss how ClickUp helps her balance all these projects while still growing her own business.

Tell us about HIVE Business Builders!

We help product-based business owners grow their brands through New Wave Relationship Marketing.

Essentially, we focus on community-driven social media marketing, unique customer experiences, maximizing important financial metrics, creating a magnetic brand essence, and organic relationship-driven sales techniques.

Our mission is to empower passionate people to live the life they want by helping them build the businesses of their dreams. Creative makers, driven drop-shippers, eccentric resellers, innovative inventors. Whatever you may be, we’ve got your back.

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

I love creating sequences and mapping out ideas in Board view! Scattered to organized in no time! 💥

I really like that I can use Board view to map out my new projects from two perspectives:

  • One to track project progress. So basically, organizing columns with statuses to show how complete, or what stage, each task is in.
  • I’ll also get really nitty-gritty and map it all out visually. So I’ll create a Board showing what services we’ll provide for a customer, and then I can track project completeness alongside this info.
board view in clickup

Toss in Calendar view to plan the launch, and creating a new project has truly never been easier. ClickUp saves and simplifies this process SO much!

What tools, if any, do you integrate with ClickUp?

Being able to sync my Google Calendar with ClickUp is huge. I know there’s more I can do with that integration, but mostly I use it to pull my meetings right into ClickUp. This way, I can see projects alongside meetings and make sure I’m prioritizing tasks so that I’m ready for each meeting as it comes up.

google calendar sync clickup

The Slack integration is another awesome one. I use it to send notifications about ClickUp tasks to Slack channels, which saves me some time and definitely helps to improve transparency. And being able to create ClickUp tasks about messages in Slack is another bonus!

How do you use ClickUp to push projects forward for you and your clients?

ClickUp has been a lifesaver because it makes it so easy to build out new projects and ideate.

It’s so much easier for me to organize all my daily tasks, to efficiently delegate actions to team members. And using ClickUp makes sure my team and I stick to our timelines!

About how many hours a week do you save using ClickUp?

I’d say that I save about 8 hours a week using ClickUp. It’s like having an extra day in my schedule to get more done.

And all that time back is great. It lets me work on growing my business, serving more clients, and having more life freedom! I mean, What else could you ask for?!

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

ClickUp has allowed me to keep my business organized, never forget a task, and seamlessly map out my crazy thoughts into organized ideas. It has simplified my life and given back so much time in my day!

What advice do you have for others looking to streamline their productivity?

Try out all the views until you find the ones you love the most! Play around & have some fun with it!

Looking to follow along on Madi’s journey? Check out HIVE’s Instagram here and sign up for ClickUp today to discover how you can manage clients and grow your business!

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