11 Must-Listen Entrepreneur Podcasts to Build a Growth Mindset

Over 82 million Americans listen to podcasts today; the audience is projected to surpass 100 million by the end of the year. This exponential growth reflects the rising popularity of podcasts, with many listeners falling within the 12 to 34-year-old demographic.

Entrepreneur podcasts have carved out a significant niche amid this boom, offering listeners business insights, strategies, and inspirational stories.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur in the online business world or a seasoned business owner looking for innovative passive income ideas, this blog is for you.

Our curated list of 11 must-listen entrepreneur podcasts is designed to foster the growth mindset crucial for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship.

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Why Entrepreneurs Should Listen to Podcasts

Entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in the competitive business landscape should consider business podcasts indispensable. Here’s why:

  • Access to expert knowledge: Entrepreneur podcasts provide rich real-world experiences and insights from successful entrepreneurs. Shows like the Tim Ferriss Show and the GaryVee Audio Experience feature interviews with leading professionals, offering listeners a chance to learn from the best in the business
  • A diverse range of topics: From the latest tech trends to marketing strategies, podcasts cover subjects vital to entrepreneurial success, ensuring a broad spectrum of learning opportunities
  • Convenience and flexibility: As a learning tool, podcasts allow entrepreneurs to absorb information on the go, fitting seamlessly into busy schedules
  • Hearing success stories: Entrepreneurs share their journeys, including both triumphs and challenges, providing listeners with valuable perspectives on navigating the business world
  • Learning from failures: By hearing about the setbacks experienced by others, entrepreneurs can gain insights into risk management and resilience
  • Staying updated on industry trends: Entrepreneur podcasts often discuss emerging technologies and market shifts, enabling entrepreneurs to stay ahead of the curve and learn continuously
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Reviews and Recommendations of Top Entrepreneurship Podcasts

Look into the minds of successful entrepreneurs and pioneers through these podcasts and get inspired to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. Here’s a spotlight on some of the most influential voices in the entrepreneurial sphere.

1. The GaryVee Audio Experience: Beneficial for entrepreneurs

Host: Gary Vaynerchuk

The GaryVee Audio Experience is indispensable for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs. Hosted by serial entrepreneur and thought leader Gary Vaynerchuk, this podcast offers a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

Vaynerchuk shares his expertise on leveraging social media for business growth, strategies for scaling online businesses, personal branding, and more. Additionally, listeners will benefit from real-world advice from successful entrepreneurs navigating business challenges.

Why do we like it?

Gary’s direct and insightful approach, combined with his vast experience in tech and marketing, provides valuable lessons on building a brand and implementing business strategies. His interviews with industry leaders offer practical advice and inspiration for business owners at any stage.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

A Powerhouse of Business and Marketing Wisdom

2. The Tim Ferriss Show: A source of entrepreneurial wisdom

Host: Tim Ferriss

The Tim Ferriss Show offers in-depth interviews with business moguls, best-selling authors, and top performers from various fields. Ferriss excels in extracting their routines, habits, and strategies that listeners can apply directly to their entrepreneurial journey.

The podcast covers many topics, from personal development and productivity hacks to business strategies and health advice. Ferriss’s curiosity and meticulous interviewing style give listeners a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of world-class performers.

Why do we like it?

Ferriss’s approach to deconstructing the success formulas of high achievers offers unparalleled value. His ability to dive deep into the habits and tactics that have propelled individuals to the top of their fields makes this podcast unmissable.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

His insights combined with the powerhouse roster of talented guests have what it takes to examine what/how/why we have can motivate our society to operate at a higher level, each of us contributing in a way that’s meaningful.

3. How I Built This with Guy Raz: Learning from founders’ journeys

Host: Guy Raz

Guy Raz presents the enthralling stories of entrepreneurs and innovators who’ve shaped some of the world’s most renowned companies. Through Raz’s engaging storytelling, listeners get an inside look at industry leaders’ struggles, setbacks, and breakthroughs.

The podcast highlights the human stories behind big businesses and the determination and creativity required to build an empire. Raz’s ability to draw out personal anecdotes and pivotal moments from founders will inspire anyone on an entrepreneurial path.

Why do we like it?

Raz’s storytelling brings the entrepreneurial journey to life, making the challenges and triumphs of building a company relatable. His interviews with founders offer a candid look at the realities of entrepreneurship.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

A great show that has stood the test of time. I consider Guy Raz a master at what he does. His talent is subtle but real.

4. Smart Passive Income: Understanding the dynamics of passive income

Host: Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn focuses on teaching listeners how to create online businesses that generate passive income. Combining interviews, case studies, and his own experiences, Flynn offers actionable strategies for achieving financial independence through online entrepreneurship.

This podcast is a goldmine for anyone looking to understand the nuts and bolts of online business, from affiliate marketing and product creation to digital marketing strategies. Flynn’s practical advice and encouraging tone make complex concepts accessible to all.

Whether you’re looking to diversify your income streams or build a business that allows you more freedom and flexibility, Smart Passive Income delivers the guidance you need to make your professional goals a reality.

Why do we like it?

Flynn’s open sharing of his successes and failures gives listeners a realistic view of generating passive income online. His tips are practical, tested, and tailored to help you grow your online presence.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

I have learned a lot from Pat and his guests about Podcasts and so much more. He is the real deal and speaks with Honesty and is not a Snake Oil Salesman.

5. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman: Lessons on scalability

Host: Reid Hoffman

LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman explores the principles of scaling a business through conversations with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. The podcast is a blend of unique storytelling and in-depth interviews, providing insights into the growth strategies of famous companies.

Listeners gain access to the minds of leading CEOs and founders, uncovering the importance of culture, innovation, and strategy in scaling businesses. Hoffman’s theories on growth are tested and refined through these conversations, offering a valuable learning experience for listeners.

Why do we like it?

Hoffman’s access to business luminaries and his experience as an entrepreneur make Masters of Scale one of our favorite entrepreneur podcasts for anyone interested in the dynamics of business growth. It offers a rare glimpse into the decision-making processes of those who have successfully scaled their businesses.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Entertaining, engaging, informative.

6. Business Wars: The competitive landscape in business

Host: David Brown

Business Wars gives listeners an inside look at the fierce corporate rivalries that have shaped the business world. Perfect for those fascinated by the competitive dynamics between industry giants, this podcast goes into:

  • The intense rivalries and strategies that drive companies to industry leadership
  • How competition affects innovation, leadership, consumers, and markets
  • The qualities required to thrive in competitive business environments

Why do we like it?

Its documentary-style storytelling offers a deep dive into the strategies and outcomes of major corporate battles, providing lessons on competitive strategy and the personal and professional stakes involved.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Business Wars gives you the unauthorized, real story of what drives these companies and their leaders, inventors, investors, and executives to new heights — or to ruin

7. Startup Stories—Mixergy: Smaller companies and education businesses

Host: Andrew Warner

Mixergy is where ambitious individuals learn from experienced mentors through insightful interviews and comprehensive courses. It’s valuable for entrepreneurs in tech and education, focusing on:

  • The practical aspects of starting and scaling a business
  • Actionable advice from a diverse range of entrepreneurs
  • Insights into fundraising, product development, and marketing strategies
  • Lessons from both the successes and failures of startup founders

Why do we like it?

With its extensive archive and emphasis on educational technology, Mixergy stands out as a vital resource for actionable entrepreneurship education.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Fantastic host, great content!

8. Entrepreneurs on Fire: Startups and brand new entrepreneurs

Host: John Lee Dumas

Entrepreneurs on Fire aims to inspire and educate emerging entrepreneurs with stories and strategies from successful business figures. The podcast focuses on:

  • The journeys and successes of renowned entrepreneurs
  • Strategies for effectively building and monetizing online businesses
  • A broad spectrum of topics, including marketing, networking, and productivity
  • Daily motivation and practical tips for entrepreneurial growth

Why do we like it?

Its daily episodes and actionable advice make it a go-to source of inspiration and guidance for entrepreneurs at any stage.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

JLD knows how to bring the heat!

9. The Skinny Confidential HIM & HER Show: Conversations around entrepreneurship

Hosts: Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and Michael Bosstick

This podcast offers a unique mix of entrepreneurship, lifestyle, and wellness through engaging conversations with successful entrepreneurs, celebrities, and health experts. It includes:

  • Insights on business growth alongside personal well-being
  • Discussions on health, wellness, and lifestyle optimization.
  • Branding, marketing, and social media strategies from a personal perspective

Why do we like it?

Its blend of professional success advice with personal health and wellness insights offers a holistic approach to entrepreneurial life.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Smart and Fun! I love this podcast because the range of topics and guests make it smart and thoughtful but also entertaining and fun!

10. HBR IdeaCast: Leading thinkers in business and management

Host: Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch

HBR IdeaCast is a beacon for those looking to stay ahead in business and management. This podcast, directly from the Harvard Business Review, brings weekly insights from the brightest minds in the field, covering:

  • The latest research and ideas in leadership, strategy, and innovation
  • Conversations with leading business figures and HBR contributors
  • In-depth discussions on managing teams, driving change, and navigating the future of work

Why do we like it?

The prestige of Harvard Business Review and the caliber of its guests make this podcast an invaluable resource for cutting-edge business insights and management strategies.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Good podcast for those who want some info on the world outside their own immediate business. Causes you to think wider & bigger. Good stuff!

11. This Week in Startups: Weekly insights into the startup world

Host: Jason Calacanis

This Week in Startups is your weekly digest of all things startup, delivered by Silicon Valley entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis. It’s an essential listen that covers:

  • The latest startup trends for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech enthusiasts
  • Insightful interviews with startup founders and venture capitalists.
  • Updates on venture capital, technology trends, and strategies for startup success.
  • Practical advice on overcoming common startup hurdles and scaling businesses.

Why do we like it?

Jason Calacanis’s insider perspective and network provide listeners with exclusive insights and firsthand advice from the heart of the tech startup world.

Must-listen episodes

What do listeners say?

Nothing like this in the UK. So pleased I found this as we have nothing like it in the UK. So many insights and stories that I can learn from a share with my team.

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How to Utilize Podcasts for Entrepreneurship Development

Business podcasts serve as growth-hacking resources for enhancing business acumen and fostering a growth mindset among budding entrepreneurs. Here’s how to make the most out of them.

Proven insights for business planning

The best entrepreneurship podcasts often feature deep dives into the experiences of those who have successfully navigated the business world. Aspiring entrepreneurs can extract actionable, real-world advice and strategies directly applicable to their business ventures from these podcasts.

They are a dependable source of proven business concepts and killer marketing tips, and the best podcasts will even teach you how to create success for your own business. You and your team can learn valuable lessons and apply them to plan and grow your business.

Entrepreneurship lessons on the go

Business podcasts are a valuable resource for budding entrepreneurs. Major podcast platforms provide access to podcasts for entrepreneurs on various subjects, from startup news and business tips for online companies to the intricacies of running family businesses. The best part is listening to them at your preferred time and pace.

Podcasts for entrepreneurs are also an excellent option for those who wish to learn from thought leaders, business experts, and online entrepreneurs—but aren’t keen on reading books. They offer precious guidance on running a successful business.

Developing an entrepreneurial mindset through podcasts

Following even a few of the best business podcasts above can catalyze personal development and growth. Regularly engaging with podcasts also promotes a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability.

These podcasts are crucial for anyone aiming to excel in the competitive business environment, offering guidance on many challenges and opportunities. Unlike business courses, which can cost an arm and a leg, the only cost you’ll incur for learning from these entrepreneur podcasts is whatever you pay for your platform subscription

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Successful Entrepreneurship with ClickUp

In entrepreneurship, staying updated and learning continuously is vital to success. These entrepreneur podcasts on major podcast platforms cover everything from managing a family business to navigating intense corporate rivalries.

They are a rich source of business advice, whether you’re a serial entrepreneur, a seasoned business leader, or just starting down the entrepreneurial path.

While inspiration is great, you need the right tools and infrastructure to fulfill your entrepreneurship dreams. Or even just to get started.

ClickUp emerges as powerful tool for startups, offering features that streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and improve efficiency. ClickUp for startups reduces the need for multiple tools, making it easier to manage projects, communicate with stakeholders, and build a thriving business.

ClickUp’s capabilities are particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs looking to optimize their processes and for teams focused on business process improvement. Let’s look at its primary features that help in running successful businesses:

  • Tasks & Project Management: ClickUp’s task management solution enables entrepreneurs to apply insights from podcasts by organizing work into tasks and projects with clear owners and timelines, ensuring ideas are implemented efficiently and effectively
ClickUp 3.0 Task view Adding Assignees
Easily delegate work by assigning tasks directly to the team or @mentioning them in a comment to turn your thoughts into action items
  • Time Tracking: This feature allows users to monitor how much time they spend on specific tasks. It helps prioritize activities that offer the most value to their business
Manual time tracking in ClickUp
Track time manually through ClickUp’s manual time-tracking feature
  • Goal-Setting Strategies: ClickUp’s Goals feature empowers entrepreneurs to set clear, actionable objectives with measurable KPIs. It lets you track progress towards these goals, ensuring alignment with overall business strategy and growth
ClickUp 3.0 Golas simplified
Map your team goals and strategies and consolidate them using the ClickUp Goals dashboard
  • Value Proposition Templates: With ClickUp’s customizable templates, entrepreneurs can refine their value propositions using knowledge acquired from podcasts. These templates help articulate unique business offerings clearly and compellingly to target markets
Map your value propositions using custom templates in ClickUp
  • Automation: ClickUp helps streamline workflows by automating repetitive tasks such as follow-up emails or task assignments. This leaves more time for strategic planning and learning.
ClickUp 3.0 Managing Automations list
Manage customer automation through ClickUp’s automation features
  • Documentation & Wikis: ClickUp Docs are where you can consolidate and save all your process documents, policies, knowledge bases, and business plans.  This central repository supports continuous learning and collaborative work for the entire team
ClickUp 3.0 Docs Subpages Simplified
Get a quick view into all your connected Subpages and relationships on ClickUp Docs to stay organized and keep work connected
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Drive Your Business Forward with ClickUp

Entrepreneur podcasts offer learning, inspiration, and actionable advice for anyone navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business. Whether you’re in the early stages of your startup or scaling an established enterprise, adding these podcasts to your routine can significantly enhance your knowledge and teach you new strategies for success.

Integrating insights from your favorite entrepreneur podcasts with ClickUp’s robust functionalities enables you to tackle challenges, seize opportunities, and drive your business forward.

Sign up for ClickUp today to harness the power of efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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1. What is a podcast in entrepreneurship?

A podcast in entrepreneurship is a digital audio program designed to provide insights, strategies, and inspiring stories from industry leaders and experts within a particular industry. These entrepreneur podcasts often feature interviews with fellow entrepreneurs who share their journey to massive success, challenges, and lessons learned. The content can range from practical advice on starting and scaling a business to discussions on the latest trends in technology and innovation. The best entrepreneur podcasts serve as a resource for aspiring and established entrepreneurs seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.

2. How do I start an entrepreneur podcast?

Starting an entrepreneur podcast involves several key steps, beginning with defining your niche and target audience. Consider what unique perspective or value you can bring your listeners, whether through sharing your business experiences, interviewing other business leaders, or exploring topics like passive income or business experience. Invest in quality recording equipment and editing software to ensure your podcast has professional sound quality. Plan your episodes, utilizing a question-and-answer format to engage your audience and cover topics comprehensively. Promoting your podcast across social media and podcast platforms can help you reach a wider audience. Finally, consistency is key; regular episodes keep listeners engaged and attract new followers.

3. Does Entrepreneur magazine have a podcast?

Yes, Entrepreneur magazine publishes Entrepreneur Weekly, catering to individuals interested in business and entrepreneurship. This podcast covers various topics relevant to entrepreneurs, including startup strategies, business growth, leadership, and innovation. Featuring interviews with industry leaders, the Entrepreneur magazine podcast provides listeners with inspiring stories, valuable insights, and practical advice to help them achieve their business goals. Through its engaging content, the podcast aims to inspire, educate, and empower entrepreneurs on their journey to success.

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