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4 Ways to Use ClickUp in Your Life Today

personal use of clickup

1. Planning the greatest birthday ever

…and making sure the plan actually happens!

My fiancé loves birthdays. Most of us consider our birthdays special but birthdays are the most special to her. I wanted to make her birthday this year the best one yet. So, how did I do that?

I made a plan!

In the past, I’ve used the timeless combination of paper + pencil, but I wanted to make things easier on myself this year. So I fired up a project in ClickUp and went to work!

Since we were planning a trip that involved travel, a secluded cabin in the California forest, handmade gifts, and some serious meal prep, I had to keep track of a lot of moving parts.

Using a Project helped me keep all tasks organized in the same place. I used a task description for my initial ideas, then broke those ideas out even further so that subtasks would act as action items and assigned comments could be used as a checklist of the most basic things to complete.

todo list event planning

Subtask and Assigned Comments To-Do-List


travel planner todo list

Adding Details in Task Description

I made things even more streamlined for myself by creating subtasks for each task so that I could check things off as I completed them. Pick up all the groceries? Check. Make sure there’s fuel in the car before traveling? You know it. Learn how to operate the off-grid cabin? ..I’d figure that one out.

Long story short, I was able to follow the plan fairly closely to how I envisioned the day going and we ended up sharing the most amazing birthday. There was a cabin. There was a fish fry. There were gifts. And best of all — no stress! It was a truly unforgettable day.

The birthday plan is just one of the many ways ClickUp can be used to make things better in anyone’s personal life. Here are some other ways I’ve found ClickUp to be helpful for managing tasks in my world:


2. Managing contacts and your personal network

Never forget to contact someone on their birthday again!

Ever since I started working, I’ve always been a natural connector of like-minded people who wanted to create real, positive change. Being able to do this at scale requires managing your contact outreach as efficiently as possible.

What I’ve done in ClickUp to solve this problem is create a Project with two lists, one for a master contact list and another for outreach.

  1. In my master list, all of my contacts are simply added as tasks. Each contact is tagged with information about their industry or summary of our relationship together, i.e. “tech – games” “E3 2017”.
  2. However, in the outreach list I use custom statuses as months and then set due dates to reconnect on those dates. This makes it simple for me to see when I need to contact the people in my network!

contact manager with due dates

Custom Statuses and Due Dates

I’ve found this solution intuitive for my use. Even if my method doesn’t work for you, there are other ways to solve the same problem in ClickUp due to the hierarchy and extensive customization options.


3. Storing recipes like a professional chef with Lists

Yes, even Julia Child would be proud of your recipe skills

Luckily, making your own personal cookbook is a near-effortless thing to do in ClickUp.

I’ve been able to index recipes found from all over the internet using Lists. Of course, you are free to try a variation but I’ve found this method to work best for me.

cookbooks and recipes list

Projects and Lists

  1. Create a List
  2. Name the List whatever category of food will be in this recipe, for instance, “Italian”
  3. Create individual dishes as tasks
  4. From here you can get even more creative!
    1. Use tags to categorize everything from ingredients (chicken, zucchini, pasta, tomato sauce) to preparation details (time, types of cut, meal classification, your own personal ratings)
    2. Create a bulleted list of ingredients using rich formatting in the task Description
    3. List out prep and other steps as subtasks so you can mark things off as you go!

recipe steps

This pan-seared cod in white wine sauce is a WINNER!


4. Catalog your entire digital media collection

Now you can always remember your favorite Rick & Morty quotes!

I’ve been a Goodreads user for about 4 years now. It’s a useful site that gives you the power to discover new books and authors and keep them in lists on your account. Although I’m a fan of Goodreads, it’s limited exclusively to books and doesn’t offer the exact configuration I need to catalog all of the media I have read/watched/played!

If you want to follow my lead to easily categorize your favorite books, movies, and games, try this out:

  1. Create a Space called “Media Catalogue” (or whatever you call your collection)
  2. Create Projects for “Books”, “Movies”, “Games” (and anything else you want to categorize!)
  3. Each List in your Project can be a genre
    1. Just to give you some ideas, each task in your List can be: an author, an artist, year of release, or year you consumed the media (this is what I use)
    2. Pro tip: Tags can help you break the genre down even further!
  4. Now, here’s where you can branch off:
    1. Create a subtask for every item you want to categorize. If you’ve participated in one-too-many Steam summer sales (like me..), you may have a lot of subtasks.
    2. The alternative is using a bulleted list from each task description’s rich text editor to quickly add things you can convert into subtasks later! This way you don’t have to pause anything just to take notes.

digital media catalog books movies games

Tasks and Subtasks

You can add your favorite quotes, time signatures, and more into each item. Add your favorite quote and know exactly when it happens so you can go back and read, watch, or play it again!

books movies games organizer

Zerg Rushing since ’98

As someone who started playing online games in 1998 (StarCraft, of course), I’ve got ways to go before I’ll be fully cataloged. I’m just happy to have a solid process for making it happen!

Wanna get more done in your personal life? Let’s go!

How do you use ClickUp in your life? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook!

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