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The First-Ever ClickUp WrapUp: A Look Back on Your Year of Productivity

Like a successful project closure or a no-surprises performance review, it’s time to move this year’s status from “In Progress” to “Done,” and reflect on some of 2024’s brightest moments.

Whether you remember it for Barbenheimer, the Kelce Bowl, Virgin Galactic, or just a whole lot of Taylor Swift—2024 was a doozy. And at ClickUp, that sentiment certainly rings true. 

For us, 2024 will forever be the year we shocked even ourselves with our growth and productivity over the last 12 months. Starting off strong with LevelUp, into the launch of ClickUp AI, countless weekly releases, and the much-anticipated roll-out of ClickUp 3.0—to say we’ve been busy is an understatement. 

But before we settle down for our long winter’s nap, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge the people who continue to make all of this possible. Every feature, event, campaign, and change was inspired by and curated for the users, readers, and enthusiasts who share in our mission of saving time to focus on the things that matter most in our lives. Our dogs. 😉💜

Don’t be fooled by our love note of an intro—just as ClickUp’s not your average productivity platform, this isn’t your average end-of-year blog. Instead of running through a timeline of events, we wanted to polish off this year with something extra special (and just for you).

Introducing, our first-ever ClickUp WrapUp. 🎁

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A Personalized Recap of Your Productivity

Your WrapUp is a data-driven deep dive into your year in ClickUp. It’s a reflection of the many ways you made ClickUp your own and our way of showing you that you didn’t just speak the good word of productivity in 2024, you lived it. 🎉

We looked back on the number of times you interacted with some of our favorite features including tasks, Docs, Search, Automations, and more. We then compared your profile against that of all of our users and “wrapped up” those findings into one of 20 different personas based on the way you used ClickUp—from The Perfectionist to the Emoji Connoisseur—each persona is an essential piece of a highly-efficient team.

WrapUp Profiles Revealed

Your WrapUp has nothing to do with what you used ClickUp for—it celebrates how you used it. So, if you created a plethora of private Lists and Docs for your kitchen renovation, personal diary, and PTA gossip—don’t worry, your secrets are still safe with us. 😎

And now, to answer your final burning question—why did we do this?

Well, for the most important reason of all. Some harmless, wholesome fun. 

Generative AI took 2024 by storm and ushered in a new level of concerns regarding our personal data, safety, likeness, and digital comfortability. While we can likely all agree now that AI tools are just that—tools—and not after our well-being, why not use our powers for good and repackage some of our purely numerical data into something a little silly? 

Before you run to your email inbox, bear in mind only the top percentage of ClickUp superusers will receive a WrapUp. But luckily, that’s still a whole lot of people. 

If you don’t find a WrapUp email in your inbox this year, that doesn’t mean the fun is over. We’re sharing the key traits, patterns, and personalities that make each persona unique, and we’re confident you’ll find the one(s) that suit you best in the mix. 

Make sure you’re first in line for your WrapUp results next year by signing up for ClickUp today, then lean on one of our many resources to discover new ways to take your work further in using ClickUp.

Summarize this article with AI ClickUp Brain not only saves you precious time by instantly summarizing articles, it also leverages AI to connect your tasks, docs, people, and more, streamlining your workflow like never before.
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The 20 Personas that Defined Productivity in 2024

ClickUp WrapUp, by Kenneth Harkness

We’re thrilled to raise a glass to over 500,000 WrapUp users who made our productivity “nice list” in 2024. So now, let’s dig into the characteristics that best describe these 20 personas. 🥂

Whether you’ve already received your results and are itching to know more about your persona or want to guess your productivity Moon and rising sign, we’ve got you covered. 

Compare your own findings against ours to see how your time-saving tendencies stack up against the majority of our users, then share your results with the other productivity enthusiasts in your life. You might even pick up a few new ClickUp tips and tricks in the process.

Unwrapping the results

Digging into the data behind our 20 personas, there was a clear favorite among ClickUp’s range of features. Tasks!

ClickUp 3.0 Task view Checklist
Within a ClickUp task, easily create and organize detailed Checklists with groups of to-do items that can even be assigned to other users

Whether you were updating, creating, editing, or closing them, tasks were hands down the benchmark of your year. And since they’re the foundation of our entire platform, we can’t say we’re too surprised.

Other top feature contenders included Docs, notifications, @mentions, Custom Fields, Inbox, and of course, ClickUp AI. But what about the people making use of these features?

Let’s take a magnifying glass to your WrapUp and shed some well-deserved light on those who used ClickUp to their greatest advantage. 

The Master Scribe

Master Scribe Persona Image

Our most popular persona of the pack this year, a Master Scribe thoroughly understands the importance of a paper trail. 📃

The Master Scribe can be found voluntarily taking meeting notes, revamping your company SOPs, and unabashedly singing the praises of Slash Commands. But don’t be fooled—they may have the most stylistic public-facing Docs of the bunch, but the Master Scribe is also sitting on an infinite number of half-finished journal entries and untitled pages that didn’t make the cut. 

Thanks for always having the company wiki link on hand, Scribes. 🫶🏼

FOMO Friend

FOMO Friend Persona Image

A very close second among our WrapUp personas, the FOMO Friend is the first to not only get your notification but respond and act without skipping a beat. The FOMO Friend always knows the latest update and is likely guilty of checking their ClickUp Inbox outside of work hours (a little more than they’d like to admit).

But it’s a price they’re willing to pay for always having an answer to your manager’s toughest questions on Monday morning. 😜

That said, your FOMO Friend is as cool as a cucumber. Always the first to know the latest update, a FOMO Friend is rarely caught off guard.


The Perfectionist Persona Image

Don’t worry—being a perfectionist is a good thing around here. 💜

If you identify as a Perfectionist, you’re on your tasks faster than the average user and probably well on your way to that yearly raise. You might’ve had one too many cups of coffee this morning, but not even the smallest action item passes your Workspace unnoticed.

You’re on top of your timelines, have a history in Customer Success roles, and your favorite shape is definitely a gold star. Way to go, Perfectionistas. 

Task Master

Task Master Persona Image

Ah, the driver of the group—or for my fellow School of Rock fans, your Task Master is your Summer Hathaway. 

If you’re a Task Master, you’ve probably created more tasks before breakfast than most do in an entire day. Your personal List serves as a masterclass on organizational excellence and you’re ready to sum up any meeting’s next steps at a moment’s notice. 

Gossip Queen

Gossip Queen Persona Image

Finally, you and your 12-year-old have something in common. 🙌🏼

But there’s nothing wrong with being a people person. In fact, it’ll take you far in business (and in ClickUp). Being a Gossip Queen is also incredibly common as it rounds out our top five most awarded WrapUp personas of 2024!

As the Gossip Queen, you’re the first to light up any Doc or comment with our @mention feature and the most likely to keep the whole team in the loop. That’s a big ask to carry on one person’s shoulders, but you do it with ease—and your stakeholders thank you for it. 


Relabeler Persona Image

If you were the Relabeler in your WrapUp, we can guarantee your holiday decorations are neatly stored, color-coded, categorized, and labeled. Everybody’s favorite “Monica,” The Relabeler is equally delighted and stressed at the idea of reorganizing your entire Workspace. Maybe that’s why they take it upon themselves to handle the agency’s Spring cleaning year in and year out. 🌸

Relabelers can create, edit, and rename Custom Fields with an Admid-level of speed and expertise. Not a single billable hour or dime will go unaccounted for on the Relabeler’s watch. So Relabelers, now we’re asking you: What is your favorite monthly task and why is it payroll? 

Master Searcher

Master Searcher Persona Image

The Master Searcher is the colleague who has you questioning whether they can read your mind. Ask them for a task, comment, or dataset, they’ll get the link over to you at record speed. How? The power of Universal Search. 🧠

Sure, maybe half the time Searchers are just trying to find their favorite LoFi playlists, but they’ve still singlehandedly cut down your team’s lag time by a whopping 60%—probably. 

Shot Caller

Shot Caller Persona Image

How about a moment of gratitude for all of our Shot Callers out there? The ones with a good head on their shoulders, who never lose their cool, and like Ross Gellar, know how to pivot. 

The Shot Caller can prioritize and reprioritize your project tasks with the same level of skill as a mathematician counting cards. Time after time, the Shot Caller saves the day, avoiding missed deadlines and informing everyone of the new plan before you ever see danger coming. 

Needless to say, the Shot Caller is your stakeholders’ favorite. 


The Planner Persona Image

Do you constantly find yourself orchestrating every vacation itinerary and holiday menu? Can you remember everyone’s dietary needs off the top of your head? Or how about this—are you secretly thrilled every time you mark days off of your scheduling book? 

Then you, my friend, are a Planner. 

Planners have dad-at-the-airport energy in the best way. They’ve mapped out their weeks well in advance and have maximized their time for work and play—but might not always manage to get a full night’s rest.

The Planner is the person who seems to be on the tasks 24/7, updating every little date change and deadline to keep the team on track. Thanks to them, you can actually relax during your holiday time off this year!

Captain Clean Slate

Captain Clean Slate Persona Image

You love to set and stick to routines, you always say “Tomorrow’s a new day,” and everything in your home has a designated spot. You’re Captain Clean Slate.

You ensure no task is left untouched at the end of each day and can clear all of your notifications like it’s your job (because it kind of is). And like many other Captain Clean Slates, you’re probably a recovering Type A who’s learning the importance of work-life balance and letting go of what you can’t control. One notification at a time. 🫡


Nudger Persona Image

Remember—the Nudger is not “The Nag.” 

Every team needs a Nudger, and on more than one occasion, you’ve also probably called them your lifesaver.

Nudgers know the importance of updated task tags and smile at the sight of a well-organized Calendar view. They’re “in the know” when it comes to what’s on their plate and what’s on deck, and they rarely have to ask a no-brainer question about their workloads. Maybe that’s why your PM always gifts them a nice bottle of wine every year.

Self Starter

Self Starter Persona Image

Voted most likely to “just get it done” in your office superlatives, the Self Starter is the go-getter who updates every task and is happy to do it. Not only can a Self Starter hold a conversation with anyone at the water cooler, but they’re universally described as a pleasure to work with (even Barb in HR thinks so). 

Self Starters take it upon themselves to get the ball rolling. No matter where they are in the company org chart, they’re ready to step in and provide an update—because nothing makes them happier than a task marked “Done.”

Process Prodigy

Process Prodigy Persona Image

It’s no coincidence that Process Prodigies know the quickest routes home and never seem to get stuck waiting for the office coffee machine—these people know how to keep things moving. 

Process Prodigies speak Automations like it’s their first language and always have a new concept for scaling workflows that even your manager hadn’t thought of. No one avoids mindless busywork as effectively as the Process Prodigy and yet—at the envy of every other working professional—they always manage to log off before five. 

Tech Wiz

Tech Wiz Persona Image

Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s AI. 🤖

The Tech Wiz is considered a magician with how quickly they get things done. From task summaries to emails, blog drafts, and more, your Tech Wiz is no stranger to ClickUp’s AI tools—just don’t tell them we’re the ones who told you. 

But if you ask nicely, they’d happily teach you their ways. 

Super Sleuth

Super Sleuth Persona Image

Every friend group has a Super Sleuth, and if one doesn’t immediately come to mind—then it’s probably you. If you’re the Super Sleuth, you’re most likely to find the new hire’s LinkedIn, hometown, and star sign before you even share a convo. 

No need to update or touch base with your Super Sleuths—they’ve already got their eyes on everything and everyone in the Workspace. Best known for updating task watchers (and adding themselves for good measure), you can rest assured knowing a Super Sleuth is quietly cheering on your progress every step of the way. 

Cat Herder

Cat Herder Persona Image

If you’ve ever been described as “the parent” of the group, your middle name is “Chaos,” and multitasking is your love language—then it’s safe to say you’re the Cat Herder. 🐈

Always the first to update task assignees and loop in the team, everyone can count on the Cat Herder to round up the gang. Your easy-going “I got it” attitude in cross-functional projects never ceases to amaze your coworkers.

And let’s face it, if it weren’t for Cat Herder’s keeping us all honest, you probably would’ve missed that Q4 goal. 


Messenger Persona Image

Also known as the office Shakespeare, Messengers have a way with words and can put even the toughest boss’ mind at ease with their well-crafted comments. 

You’ll never be without an update when a Messenger’s on your side. They’ve got your back, ready to hop into a task or Doc comment in the blink of an eye with carefully worded prose that makes your missed deadline sound not-so-bad. 

Inbox Zero Hero

Inbox Zero Hero Persona Image

Not all heroes wear capes, but in this case, it’d be well-deserved. If you were the Inbox Zero Hero in your WrapUp, you never shied away from a challenge. You tackled every notification and answered even the toughest question without shedding a single tear! And faster than the average colleague, at that. 👀 


Handler Persona Image

No one ever has to ask the Handler “Did you see my comment?” Because they did—and addressed it in the same breath. A Handler means business and they don’t take action items lightly. Like a superhero ready to save the day, you can always count on a Handler to swoop in when you call (or @mention) their name.

Emoji Connoisseur

Emoji Connoisseur Persona Image

As the Emoji Connoisseur, everyone depends on you to hype up their comments with an expert combination of animated reactions. ➕💯🕺🏼

The perfect emoji-reaction cocktail is tough to master, but you do it with an understated level of grace, unwavering support, and subtle humor. Thank you for being a friend, Emoji Connoisseur.

P.S., there are easier ways to tell us that you’re a millennial. 😉

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Cheers to Even More Time Saved in 2024

We are constantly inspired by and forever grateful for our dedicated community of users who’ve helped build ClickUp into what it is today. Your support has been one of the most significant drivers on our mission to save the world more time and our daily reminder of why we do it

So, how’d you and your team stack up? Are you a Messenger amid a sea of Shot Callers? Or an Emoji Connoisseur hyping up every comment? Maybe the Super Sleuth who has their finger on the pulse of every project. Let us know! 

And if you’re wondering what to do with your WrapUp—share it of course! With your friends, colleagues, connections, or even your mom. See whose persona came as a surprise and whose you could spot from a mile away. Who knows, maybe you’ll even convince a few of your peers to join your Workspace. 🤓

Didn’t get your WrapUp results and feel a bit like the FOMO Friend? We’ve got you next year. Check out more information on our WrapUp campaign and how to get a head start on your 2024 profile when you sign up for ClickUp today

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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