Productivity, reimagined.

Shockingly simple and more powerful than ever before — ClickUp 3.0 redefines
productivity (again). Join the waitlist to be among the first to experience ClickUp 3.0.

ClickUp 3.0 Productivity, reimagined

Rebuilt for rock-solid reliability
and blazing performance

A new foundation built on cutting-edge architecture, designed
to unlock the next generation of productivity.


Transform the way you work

Discover epic new features that help you, and the teams
you work with, work better together.

Find a needle in your (tech) stack with Universal Search

Instantly find any file, whether it's in ClickUp, a connected app, or your local drive, all from one place.

Custom Task Types

Create new task types to fully represent just about anything you want to manage in ClickUp - accounts, cases, backlog items, and more.

Custom Task Types.

One Inbox to rule them all

See work and notifications side-by-side with a newly designed Inbox that gives you the context you need to crush your tasks like never before.

One Inbox to rule them all.

Stunning new design

Clean and intuitive. Modern and uncluttered. Getting work done never looked (or felt) so good.

Gorgeous New Design
New Technology

ClickUp Canvas turns your
workspace into a work of art

Unleash your creativity with our new Canvas technology, which turns ClickUp into
a dynamic surface that you can customize to the way you work best.

Welcome to your new Home

Say goodbye to workday chaos and hello to supercharged productivity. Hit the ground running with a personalized Home that automatically surfaces your most important work first, along with the context you need to GSD faster.

Bring work to light for your teams with Overviews

Don't waste time digging for context, sending status updates, or looking for project summaries. Get a quick view of all the work happening within any Space, Folder, or List.

Access, find, and organize your content with Hubs

One convenient location to find and access all of your files. Create a personalized view or save curated collections that make finding and sharing information incredibly easy.

Access, find, and organize your content all in one place with Hubs.

Say Hi to   ClickUp AI

Automagically generate creative ideas, summarize lengthy
text, and elevate your writing skills - in seconds.

More Features

But we didn't stop there

ClickUp 3.0 has even more in store for you. Discover dozens of new features and
product innovations designed to make you more productive than ever.

Command Center

Create keyboard shortcuts that enable you to take action on anything, anywhere.

Conditional Logic in Forms

Build smarter forms that can handle your most complex workflows.

Custom Field Manager

It's never been easier to manage, edit, and search for your custom fields in one place.

App Center

Explore, configure and manage hundreds of seamless integrations in one place.

Events & Meetings

Enhanced Google Calendar sync brings your work context and meetings closer together.

Task View

A cleaner and more flexible design makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

Global Action Bar

Get fast access to key work and content with a tool bar that knows what you need.

New Mobile App

Put all of the power of ClickUp in your pocket and work on the go faster than ever before.

Multitasking Tray

A newly designed tray anchored to the bottom of the screen makes accessing work easier.


Change the way you collaborate by embedding tools, tasks, and content into Whiteboards.


More speed, less clutter, fewer distractions, so you can focus on the work that matters most.

Collaboration Engine

Work seamlessly with your teammates, whether in real time or asynchronously.

Table View

Power through tasks in record time with a redesigned and more responsive Table View.


Leveraged new Automation types to automate work even further.


Tailor sprint durations to match everyone’s work days plus get more accurate sprint reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get access to 3.0 as soon as possible?
Join the waitlist (here) to be among the first to experience ClickUp 3.0. Access to individual ClickUp 3.0 features will depend on your plan and usage attributes.
How can I learn more about ClickUp 3.0?
Learn more by checking out our ClickUp 3.0 announcement on our blog or watching our LevelUp main-stage keynote and product innovation sessions on demand.
How can I learn more about ClickUp AI?
Learn more on the ClickUp AI landing page and join the waitlist to be among the first to get access.
How will I know that I have access to ClickUp 3.0's new infrastructure and features?
Customers will receive an email and in-product notification when they're granted access.
I don't use ClickUp yet. Can I still get access to 3.0?
To get access to 3.0, you need a ClickUp Workspace, which is free! Create you own Workspace by entering your email address and selecting "Get started" on our homepage. After creating your workspace, you can join the 3.0 waitlist.

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