Project Portfolio Templates in Excel & ClickUp

10 Project Portfolio Templates in Excel & ClickUp

Project management isn’t limited to ticking off tasks on a to-do list. It’s a complex process of streamlining work to drive results. And with project portfolio management templates, you’ll have the tools to visualize, manage, and optimize multiple projects at once. 

In this post, we’ll dive into 10 templates to improve your project portfolio management process. Whether you’re chasing deadlines or spearheading transformative projects, these templates will be your guiding star!

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What is a Project Portfolio Management Template?

A project portfolio management template is your ready-to-use framework that aids in organizing and strategically managing your project progress. It’s a dynamic tool designed to offer clarity, alignment, and insight. 

It captures essential metrics, timelines, resources, and risks, providing a holistic view of where each project stands in relation to others and, more importantly, in line with the business’s objectives.

These templates are not just about organization. They are about efficiency, optimization, and strategic foresight for any project management office. With a robust PPM template, you’re not merely tracking tasks; you’re architecting success.

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What Makes a Good Project Portfolio Management Template?

When managing a plethora of projects, using a generic or ill-fitted template can leave you with a messy outcome. Not all templates are created equal. So, what elements differentiate a good template from a mediocre one? 

  • Simplicity and User-friendliness: Good project management templates shouldn’t make you scratch your head. They should be intuitive and straightforward. Remember, a PPM template’s aim is to make your life easier, not complicate it with unnecessary bells and whistles
  • Customizability: Every project, team, and organization is unique. A stellar template provides the flexibility to mold it according to your specific needs, ensuring it remains relevant and functional regardless of project size or type
  • Integration capabilities: A good PPM template should easily integrate with other tools and platforms, especially in today’s digital age. Whether it’s syncing with a CRM system or pulling data from other software, seamless integration reduces manual data entry and potential errors
  • Scalability: As your business grows, your projects might too. Opt for a template that can gracefully handle the addition of new projects without becoming cluttered or unwieldy 
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10 Project Portfolio Management Templates to Use in 2024

The landscape of project management software and tools is ever-evolving. It’s vital to equip ourselves with the best resources at our fingertips. 

In this section, we’ll unveil 10 standout project portfolio management templates that are not just trendy but supremely effective. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just getting started, there’s something here to streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and ensure project success. 

1. ClickUp Project Management Portfolio Template

ClickUp Project Management Portfolio Template

Tired of juggling multiple projects across varying departments and programs? Enter ClickUp’s Project Management Portfolio Template. This stellar template lets you easily track individual projects and gives you a real-time pulse check on their health and progress. 

With its nine statutes ranging from “not started” to “in review”, managing projects becomes a breeze. Factor in the two custom fields for budgets; you can keep tabs on your financials without breaking a sweat. 

Additionally, the three view types, Weekly Status Reports, Team, and PMO Roadmap, ensure that you always have the precise view you need to make informed decisions.

2. ClickUp Portfolio Management Template

ClickUp Portfolio Management Template

Step up your project management game with ClickUp’s Portfolio Management Template. This comprehensive template acts as your command center, allowing you to effortlessly prioritize projects, manage resources, tasks, and strategic objectives. 

Visualize progress, keep your teams aligned with goals, and always ensure stakeholders have the data they need at their fingertips. 

With 16 custom statuses like “At Risk” and “In Progress,” you’re always in the know. The six custom attributes enrich your data points, including Expenses and Estimated Cost. And the diverse views, such as the Portfolio Master List and Project SOPs, make accessing and organizing information a walk in the park.

3. ClickUp Design Portfolio Template

ClickUp Design Portfolio Template

Showcasing your work has never been this seamless. ClickUp’s Design Portfolio Template is the key to presenting your projects with the professionalism and clarity they deserve. 

From organizing projects with visual appeal to including vital details like project deliverables and timelines, this template has you covered. What’s more, with task statuses like “Client Reviews” and “For Approval,” you can easily gauge project status. 

The custom attributes in this project template, such as Design Category, further allow for an enriched data experience. With diverse views, including the All Designs view and Projects view, accessing your portfolio becomes intuitive and efficient.

4. ClickUp Design Portfolio Task Template

ClickUp Design Portfolio Task Template

Streamline your design project management like a pro. ClickUp’s Design Portfolio Task Template is your ticket to an organized and efficient design process. 

Building on the foundations of the Design Portfolio Template, the Task-centric version zooms into the micro-tasks that constitute larger design projects. This template is akin to a magnifying glass, focusing on individual design stages, categories, and outputs.

Breaking down projects into manageable tasks ensures that every detail, no matter how minuscule, gets the attention it deserves.

Prioritize tasks, monitor deadlines, foster collaboration, and share your masterpieces effortlessly. With custom fields capturing the Design Stage, Design Category, and Final Output, every important detail is just a glance away.

5. ClickUp High-Level Project Plan Template

ClickUp High-Level Project Plan Template

Project planning can feel like navigating a maze, but not with ClickUp’s High-Level Project Plan Template. This powerhouse tool transforms the way you plan, breaking down complex processes into easily digestible tasks. This template isn’t about the nitty-gritty; it’s about setting the tone and direction for a project. 

Its structured layout ensures that project leaders have a panoramic view of the project, including goals, tasks, and expected outcomes. Be it creating a detailed project overview or setting team expectations, this template has your back. The custom statuses like “Deployed” and “In Progress” ensure you’re always in tune with your project’s heartbeat. 

Data richness is guaranteed with custom fields such as Copy Stage and Approver. Dive into various views, including the Timeline and Deliverables List, and you’ll see why this template is a project manager’s best friend.

6. ClickUp IT Project List Template

ClickUp IT Project List Template

Information Technology projects are an intricate web of details, dependencies, and dynamic shifts. Recognizing this complexity, ClickUp’s IT Project List Template provides an all-in-one solution, enabling you to easily oversee multiple IT projects. This template emerges as a cornerstone for any IT manager striving for meticulous organization and oversight.

This template serves as a command central by consolidating every element of an IT project into a singular, cohesive dashboard. It’s more than just a tracking tool; it’s an enabler of alignment, where teams orbit around common tasks, deadlines, and objectives. 

Key benefits include centralized project information, efficient resource allocation, and a structured planning framework. The template integrates custom statuses like ‘Blocked’ and ‘In Review’ and custom fields such as ‘Task Complexity’ and ‘Effort Level’ to optimize the visualization of progress.

Integrated views, including a ‘Project Summary’ and ‘Calendar,’ facilitate a swift start and efficient project management, further supported by features like tagging and email notifications.

7. ClickUp Project Deliverables Template

ClickUp Project Deliverables Template

Every project manager recognizes the value of a well-defined deliverable to track progress and set expectations. ClickUp’s Project Deliverables Template ensures a comprehensive account of project requests, every phase, and milestone, presenting a clear roadmap towards success. 

It’s a navigational tool, charting the course from conception to culmination. Each project phase is meticulously outlined, turning abstract deliverables into tangible milestones with clear timelines, responsibilities, and outcomes.

By encompassing every nuance, from budgetary allocations to contingency planning, the template doesn’t merely track a project’s journey; it shapes it. The template’s inclusion of crucial elements like costs, project coordination, development stages, and stakeholder involvement makes it a comprehensive blueprint for success, ensuring that every project sails smoothly from its docks to its desired destination.

8. ClickUp Projects Template

ClickUp Projects Template

In the realm of project management, no endeavor is too small to lack complexity. Recognizing the unique intricacies of smaller-scale projects, ClickUp Projects Template offers a systematic structure for project management. It provides clear frameworks for collaboration, aiding in efficient progress tracking. 

This template offers an assemblage of project lists, each meticulously designed to ensure a linear, structured, and efficient execution. At the same time, it provides a clear framework for navigation; the heart of its brilliance lies in its flexibility—offering teams the autonomy to tailor their project tracks. 

With multiple view types, including ‘Weekly Status Reports’ and ‘Gantt,’ teams can comprehensively overview their projects. Customizable statuses and fields, such as ‘Budget’ and ‘PMO Item Type,’ further enhance the user experience, ensuring projects are completed efficiently.

9. Excel Portfolio Management Dashboard by ITSM Docs

Excel Portfolio Management Dashboard by ITSM Docs
via ITSM Docs

In today’s data-driven business landscape, efficient project management is often the bridge between ideas and their realization. Harnessing the capabilities of Excel, this Gantt chart template within a dashboard offers a transformative solution for managing multiple projects simultaneously. 

Beyond mere consolidation, this dashboard unravels a project’s journey—right from its roadmap to its fiscal facets, resource dynamics, and risk radar. Crafted intricately in MS Excel, the template can juggle up to ten projects with an ease that’s commendable. 

Its brilliance lies in its simplicity—offering project managers a straightforward way to update project information while delivering profound insights. Whether it’s a snapshot of a project’s health, a drill-down into financials, or a spectrum of the project’s risks, this dashboard crystallizes every facet into tangible metrics.

It can accommodate up to ten projects, consolidating all relevant data in a single tab. The dashboard also integrates essential metrics, such as open risks and pending action items, making it an indispensable tool for project managers.

10. Powerpoint Project Management Template by SlideTeam

Powerpoint Project Management Template by SlideTeam
via SlideTeam

The art of project portfolio management is as much about presentation as it is about orchestration. SlideTeam’s Powerpoint Template exemplifies this by transforming raw project data into a visual masterpiece. With ready-made slides, managers can effectively showcase portfolio performance, risk assessment, and department-specific projects. 

This visually appealing presentation incorporates KPIs such as ‘portfolio summary’ and ‘net allocations,’ providing a holistic view of the company’s investments. Further, it allows for the illustration of potential risks, ensuring comprehensive oversight of all projects. Whether you’re looking to track finance, IT, or marketing projects, this template has you covered.

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Organize Project Tasks and Align Teams With ClickUp

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected business world, project management and oversight are more critical than ever. Whether it’s IT projects, deliverables, or small-scale initiatives, managers need a structured, systematic, and streamlined way to monitor and guide their endeavors. 

ClickUp’s comprehensive template library stands as a testament to its commitment to meet these demands. Offering tailored solutions, from the intricacies of IT Project Lists to the broader strokes of general project deliverables, ClickUp ensures that organizations, regardless of project scope or size, have the tools they need to succeed. 

When it comes to project portfolio management, the diverse range of templates in ClickUp’s arsenal showcases its adaptability, ensuring that businesses can seamlessly stay ahead of their projects.

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