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10 Best Project Assessment Templates to Evaluate Projects

“What gets measured gets managed”, wrote Peter Drucker, one of the most well-known and influential thinkers and writers on management theory and practice.

This popular saying applies to project management as well. 

According to The Wellingtone Annual Report on the State of Project Management (2021), 47% of Project Managers, PMO specialists, and programme managers do not have access to real-time project KPIs. 

No wonder, then, that 66% of organizations report not being able to complete projects most of the time. 

Having a realistic way to evaluate your milestones and check whether you’re on track to meet your goals is important to win at the project management game. That’s what a project assessment template can do for you.

But how do you know which template is right for you? 

Use this article as your guide map to discover the 10 best project assessment templates, and pick the ones most suitable for your use-case.

What is a Project Assessment Template?

A project assessment template is a document used to evaluate the performance and effectiveness of a project. It typically includes sections to record key project details, goals, budgets, timelines, deliverables, quality, risks, issues, lessons learned, and recommendations. 

Whether you’re building a skyscraper or launching a new app, a project assessment template provides you with a structured way to analyze what went well and what could be improved to inform future projects.

What Makes a Good Project Assessment Template?

Here are the absolute essentials for a good project evaluation template: 

  • Comprehensiveness: Good project evaluation templates cover all aspects of project performance with sections for goals, budget, timeline, risks, issues, quality, team effectiveness and more.
  • Clear goals and measures: The template should allow you to record the original goals of the project and define the project’s success metrics to evaluate if those goals were achieved. Find templates that can give you such  quantitative feedback at a glance
  • Feedback compilation: The template should have a way to easily compile and analyze stakeholder feedback in one place
  • Accessibility: A good project assessment template is user-friendly. It’s designed for real people, not just project management experts. The easier it is to use, the more likely your team will embrace it, making it a part of your project routine.
  • Customization: Projects are like snowflakes—no two are exactly alike. A good template isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal and moulds itself to your project.
  • Visual reporting: Visual timelines, charts, and graphs allow for data-driven assessment reporting that can be easily digested by all stakeholders

Selecting a template aligned to these criteria will lead to actionable, insightful project assessments for improved project delivery.

10 Project Assessment Templates to Use in 2024

No matter the scale and scope of your project, these diverse templates from ClickUp will simplify project tracking and evaluation for you and your team members. 

No matter the scale and scope of your project, these diverse templates from ClickUp will simplify project tracking and evaluation for you and your team members. 

1. ClickUp Project Assessment Template

ClickUp Project Assessment Template
ClickUp Project Assessment Template saves you time and boosts your project management capabilities.

ClickUp’s Project Assessment Template is like having a super-efficient assistant—it keeps things organized, spots potential issues and improvement areas, and ensures team collaboration is always on point. 

This template comes with a host of customizable features including:

  • Custom Statuses: to keep track of the different stages of your project assessment
  • Custom Fields: to categorize and add attributes that provide visibility to project stakeholders
  • Custom Views: to build out your ClickUp workflow which includes List, Gantt, Workload, Calendar, and more
  • Project Management: to improve project assessment tracking with tags, dependency warnings, emails, and more

The best part? 

All of it is neatly presented with powerful visuals in a single place for quick understanding. 📊

Using it is super simple too! Just six steps: set it up, define project goals, break tasks down, monitor progress, address issues, and celebrate milestones.

2. ClickUp Assessment Report Template

ClickUp Assessment Report Template
ClickUp Assessment Report Template allows for swift and efficient gathering, analysis, and communication of organized data.

Want an easy way to track employee performance?  ClickUp’s Assessment Report Template is a game-changer for capturing performance metrics and assessing operational effectiveness.

But the real beauty of this template lies in its versatility. You can use it for measuring the effectiveness of employee training programs, evaluating customer feedback, or monitoring the success of various projects as well.

Having a consistent format to document assessment data saves time and supports the logical organization of information. The biggest benefit is that it helps you standardize assessment reports org-wide. 

With features like comment reactions, nested subtasks, and multiple assignees, this ClickUp template helps you manage projects and track assessments without breaking a sweat. 

To make the most of it, follow five steps: 

  1. Gather info including the objectives of the assessment, the tasks and activities being used, the criteria for evaluation, and the results of the assessment 
  2. Use ClickUp’s Table View to create a spreadsheet that will form the base of your assessment report. Include details like the assessment title and the name of the assessor
  3. Add the relevant data using Custom Fields in ClickUp 
  4. Analyze the data you entered using the Board View. Look for patterns, trends, and correlations to evaluate performance and identify areas of improvement 
  5. Create action items to implement changes with ClickUp Tasks

Making your assessment reports clearer is quick and easy with ClickUp.

3. ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template

ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template
The ClickUp Project Management Risk Analysis Template lets you nimbly review risks based on threat level, then build an appropriate plan to mitigate the threat

ClickUp’s Project Management Risk Analysis Template is a must-have for project teams. 

It allows teams to spot risks, determine how likely they are to crop up and plan actions to steer clear of them. Whether it’s a big project or a simple task list, this template ensures your project stays on track, no matter what hurdles pop up. 🕰

Use this template to:

  • Estimate potential risks and their impact on your project
  • Allocate resources and put mitigation measures in place
  • Prioritize threats by severity
  • Ensure the delivery of projects on time and within the budget

The template’s special features, like tags, due dates, alerts, and comments, make tracking and planning for risks simpler.

Here’s a simple 5-step guide to preventing risks from derailing your projects:
List risks using a ClickUp Doc, rate their importance with ClickUp Tasks, set ClickUp Goals for laying out action plans, use ClickUp Automations to get alerts to keep an eye on risks and update your risk list as the project goes on. 

4. ClickUp Evaluation Form Task Template

clickup evaluation form task template
Review employee performance with a simple, user-friendly task template.

The ClickUp Evaluation Form Task Template is a user-friendly template for managers to check how well their team members perform. It asks simple questions about awards, teamwork, skills, and more. Once someone fills out the form, it turns into a task in ClickUp automatically. This makes it easy for managers to review everyone’s performance in one place.

This template is not just for employees; it works for anyone contributing to a project, like freelancers or contractors. It also helps managers keep a neat record of everyone’s work and progress over time. 

5. ClickUp Project Note Template

Store and organize all project-related information quickly and easily using ClickUp Project Note Template

ClickUp’s Project Note Template is like having a super-organized notebook for your projects. It helps you keep every detail of the entire project lifecycle in one place. 

You can easily track tasks, handle changes, and collect feedback from various stakeholders. ClickUp makes it easy to invite relevant members or guests to your project or Workspace to start collaborating. 

In addition to ensuring that every team member retains context at all times, this template also gives you a consistent way of recording details, ensures nothing important is missed, and enables you to analyze your project’s progress easily.

To use it, just gather project info in a ClickUp Doc, set up the template with project details, add tasks for each goal, and assign them to team members. 

With timely notifications via ClickUp Automations, you don’t even need to have to worry about missing out on updates! 

6. ClickUp Evaluation Report Template

ClickUp Evaluation Report Template
Optimize employee evaluations using our Evaluation Report Doc template and keep everything concise, consistent, and objective

ClickUp’s Evaluation Report Template is a vital tool for understanding the ins and outs of any project or process. This template simplifies the documentation and analysis of data, ensuring accuracy and transparency in your evaluations.

Whether you’re launching a product or conducting a customer survey, this template helps you find out what works and what doesn’t. It also makes your job easier with clear suggestions for improvement.

Use this template to:

  • Have a consistent and easy-to-follow reporting format 
  • Summarize data from various assessments 
  • Compare results across assessments
  • Improve evaluation tracking with handy ClickUp features, like comment reactions, nested subtasks, multiple assignees, and priority labels

7. ClickUp Lessons Learned Template

ClickUp Project Management Lessons Learned Template- Needs action view
Get a more custom view to include or remove the action needed field in the lessons learned template

In your project journey, ClickUp’s Project Management Lessons Learned Template is a handy tool for project review. It helps you reflect on what went well and what you could have done better. 

This user-friendly tool allows you to easily document successful aspects so you can replicate them, identify and address shortcomings, and gain a clear visual overview of your project’s progress through easy performance tracking tools.

By capturing the most important learnings from each project, this template helps you and your team improve with each project. 💪

The good news? This is not the only Lessons Learned Template you have at your disposal. ClickUp offers a variety of customizable project review templates, including the ClickUp Project Retrospective Template and the ClickUp 4Ls Retro Template to empower your team for more successful projects ahead.

Need help with visualizing quick takeaways from your projects? Check out ClickUp’s  Project Summary Templates

8. ClickUp Project Management Review Template

The Project Management Review Template by ClickUp allows businesses to assess the current state of the project and help teams determine if it's worthwhile to continue the project.
The Project Management Review Template by ClickUp allows businesses to assess the current state of the project and help teams determine if it’s worthwhile to continue the project

ClickUp’s Project Management Review Template makes it easy to gather feedback from stakeholders, spot areas for improvement, and organize your project review process. Whether you’re handling one project or many, it ensures your reviews are thorough and effective.

Benefits include keeping track of progress, making sure tasks are completed on time, adjusting project resources as needed, and giving everyone a full view of the project. With custom ClickUp features, it’s easy to edit tasks together, view timelines, and collaborate on different aspects of the project.

For the best results with this template, ClickUp suggests following a four-step process: set clear goals, collect info with simple tables, look at how the project is going using custom details, and plan what to do next with a visual chart.

This template makes project reviews simple, promoting teamwork and smart decision-making for making projects a success.

9. ClickUp Post-Mortem Template

ClickUp Project Post Mortem Template
Open a Board view to visualize tasks with the ClickUp Project Post-Mortem Template

ClickUp’s Project Post-Mortem Template offers a simple way to evaluate project success or failure. It lets you gather and study feedback from everyone involved, analyzing trends in both project implementation and communication. ⚠️-> 🎯->📈 

It’s helpful for all project managers, whether you’re just starting or have lots of experience.

Why? Because it gives you a clear way to write down problems, insights, and things you’ve learned so you and your team can fix any issues and do better next time.

ClickUp’s Project Post-Mortem template has many useful features for retrospective project review:

  • Custom Statuses: to keep track of the progress of each issue from Investigation to New Entry to Resolved, and/or Unresolved
  • Custom Fields: Get visibility into the project’s sector, resources, category, and root cause
  • Custom Views: Configure project views as per your needs. Choose from Insight Input Form, Pending Tasks, Status, Post Mortem Meeting Board, Getting Started Guide, and more
  • Project Management: Improve post mortem project tracking with comment reactions, automations, AI, and more

Here are some more post-project debriefing templates by ClickUp to help improve your future projects.

10. ClickUp Project Log Template

ClickUp Project Log Template
Manage your project’s daily log easily by keeping track of every task individually with the ClickUp Project Log Template

ClickUp’s Project Log Template helps you document every step of your project, assign tasks, and visualize your workflow—all in one place. Whether your project is big or small, this template keeps everything organized, making it easier to track progress and hit deadlines.

It comes with features like custom statuses and fields, along with various views like List, Gantt, and Calendar. These allow you to customize the template to fit your project’s unique needs. Plus, you get handy project management tools like time tracking, comment reactions, and even some AI assistance.

To use it, start by gathering your project details and setting up the document with the project name and timeline. Then, add tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Keep the log updated regularly to ensure accuracy. Share it with your team to improve collaboration and keep everyone informed.

Adding this template to your ClickUp Workspace is easy and a great way to streamline project management. It’s designed to help project leaders like you stay organized, communicate effectively with the team, and ultimately ensure successful project outcomes.

Are You Ready to Use ClickUp’s Project Assessment Templates to Deliver  Projects Successfully?

Getting a project from point A to point B seems simple until variables, risks, and scope creep topple plans. But successful project delivery IS possible with the right co-pilot—ClickUp project assessment templates.

These customizable templates bring much-needed direction and clarity to uncertain projects, big or small. Their structured approach helps you continually track risks, enabling early course corrections to prevent minor hiccups from escalating. Real-time task management and insights guide teams to collaborate smarter.

And the biggest reward? Not just successful outcomes, but getting better each step of the way. Rigorous project evaluations mean each initiative strengthens your process capabilities for the next one.

Think robust templates are hard to find? Not with ClickUp! 

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