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10 Interview Templates: Questions & Guides for Hiring Managers

An effective interview can make the difference between a great hire and a costly mistake. Hiring managers and recruiters can ensure they conduct interviews effectively and fairly by using an interview template.

Interview templates help structure the interview process, creating a consistent framework for asking candidates questions and logging their answers. They also make it easier to compare and contrast the candidates to ensure you are hiring someone who is an excellent fit for your organization.

Not all interview templates are the same, though, and you’ll want to explore your options to find one that works for your interviewing needs. Let’s explore what are interview templates, what a hiring manager should look for, and 10 job interview templates to maximize your process. 

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What is an Interview Template?

An interview template is a predetermined outline that a recruiter or hiring manager uses to guide them through the interview process. It ensures that every job candidate is asked the same interview questions, which helps eliminate bias by sticking to an interview template.

This allows all stakeholders to make fairer comparisons between job candidates. The job interview template standardizes the interview questions and will help a hiring manager stay on topic. It should also organize the interview questions and provide a space to provide feedback or concerns about candidates.

For the most part, a job interview template starts as a fairly generic set of interview questions. It can customize be with questions about leadership skills, previous position experience, personality, what the position entails, or other factors they want to explore. 

Most templates will also include open-ended questions, encouraging candidates to answer in detail and share more about themselves and their relevant skills. Open-ended or behavioral interview questions ask candidates to draw on past experiences.

But they also ask the person in the job interview to provide hypothetical answers about how they’d handle a specific issue at work. This helps you eliminate potential bias and create a structure that allows interviewers to choose the best candidate for the job. 

You can also use our AI to generate ideas for your interview process.

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What Makes a Good Interview Template?

A good interview template should confirm information about a candidate’s tech and organizational skills, previous employer experience, and chances for them to solve problems with specific examples from your team. You don’t just want a template to have questions to ask so you can spot the wrong answer.

Other factors that go into a good interview template include:

  • Relevance: The template is relevant to the industry and the open position
  • Customizability: You need to customize an interview template to fit you, which is why a customizable doc is so important
  • Structure: An interview template should structure the interview time and take you through the process from start to finish
  • Objectivity: Templates should be objective and eliminate as much bias as possible, so they actually help recruiters get unbiased insight into the candidates’ skills, qualifications, and fit 
  • Scoring system: An interview template that includes a scoring system is handy and can help recruiters fairly evaluate candidates more objectively
  • Feedback: Templates should have plenty of space for interviewers to add input and provide specific examples of why a candidate stands out as the wrong or right person for the job

Legal compliance is another thing to remember when looking for an interview template. Whatever you choose, it needs to adhere to legal and ethical guidelines for interviewing, such as avoiding questions that could be considered invasive or discriminatory. 

Considering these factors, you can find an interview template tailored to your hiring needs to help you find the best candidate for the position. 

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10 Interview Templates

To make this easier on you, we’re providing a list of the top 10 interview templates to help you through the process so you stay on track.

1. ClickUp Interview Process Template

ClickUp Interview Process Template

This free ClickUp Interview Process Template is ideal if you want a comprehensive interview template. The template includes a step-by-step process covering everything, including interview questions to help set the tone, general and role-specific questions, and a conclusion process. The pre-written interview questions can be easily customized for your industry or job description.

The scoring system can help you evaluate candidates fairly. The interview template also includes a handy space to embed the candidate’s cover letter and resume, so recruiters can quickly reference their information on the same screen. There is also a helpful chart for making notes on reference checks. 

It provides a bird’s eye view of the interview process in a visually appealing design. Recruiters can visually track candidates as they like, from the initial screening through to a final evaluation. This doc helps automate a lot of the note-taking, scoring, and analysis process, which can help save hiring managers time and reduce their administrative workload.

It’s also easily integrated with other ClickUp workspaces, so team members can collaborate and share candidate information to make the hiring process more streamlined and efficient. This interview template is easy to use and can be customized to suit your organization’s needs. It’s a valuable free tool that can help improve your interview questions and process. 

2. ClickUp Interview Management and Report Template

ClickUp Interview Management and Report Template

The ClickUp Interview Management and Report Template was designed to help managers and recruiters organize the interview process. The template includes a customizable interview process flow and pre-built interview evaluation forms that help interviewers standardize the interview across all candidates.

All interviewers will have access to the same information in a central repository, making it easier to keep the process consistent even if there are multiple stakeholders. The template also has a summary report that compiles all relevant interview data into one place, making it easy to compare performance across candidates.

Managers can quickly determine which candidates have the most robust skill set and identify top candidates for their open positions. One of the most significant advantages of this template is its ability to provide real-time tracking of the hiring process.

All stakeholders have immediate access to real-time data, so they can track the progress of each candidate and identify any bottlenecks in the hiring process. With this template, interviewers can streamline the process and make more informed hiring decisions from a more efficient interview process. 

3. ClickUp Meeting Notes Template

ClickUp Meeting Notes Template

While not specifically an interview template, the ClickUp Meeting Notes Template can be easily customized to help with interviews. The meeting template provides a structured format for taking notes during an interview, with space to add interview questions or to create a framework.

It can include sections for taking notes on the candidate’s qualifications, their responses to behavioral interview questions, and other relevant information. Hiring managers and recruiters can use the template to track crucial information and use their notes later to make a hiring decision.

The template commenting feature makes it easy for managers and other stakeholders to add feedback to the interview notes or provide questions to ask in future rounds. They can add this information in real time, making it simple to share their perspectives on each candidate almost immediately.

This can help make the hiring process more collaborative. If some stakeholders aren’t able to attend the interview, the notes can be easily shared with them for their evaluation later on. Using the template, the hiring team can capture interviewer feedback and use it to make an informed hiring decision. 

4. ClickUp Employment Agreement Template

ClickUp Employment Agreement Template

Once a candidate has been selected for the available role, you can use the ClickUp Employment Agreement Template to outline the terms and conditions of the employment relationship clearly. The template is customizable, so the hiring manager can ensure the agreement is tailored to the specific position.

An employment agreement ensures that all parties are on the same page regarding the job, which can help avoid misunderstandings in the future. This can also be a helpful document to incorporate into the job interview process, as it can give candidates a clearer understanding of the terms and conditions of employment. 

5. ClickUp Hiring Candidates Template

ClickUp Hiring Candidates Template

The ClickUp Hiring Candidates Template centralizes all of your applicant tracking processes. The template helps recruiters and hiring managers track and manage job openings, candidates, and their progress throughout the hiring process.

With this template, recruiters can organize candidate information, schedule interviews, and collect feedback from the interviewers. It even offers a template for automating manager requests for creating new job positions, making it easier to streamline the onboarding process.

6. ClickUp Hiring Selection Matrix Template

ClickUp Hiring Selection Matrix Template

When screening many candidates for multiple positions, the ClickUp Hiring Selection Matrix Template can help you streamline the job interview process. The matrix lets you objectively compare candidates across various criteria, such as the essential skills, experience, and traits necessary for the position. You can evaluate each candidate against the needed skills.

A visual rating system makes it easy to pick your top candidates and compare them side-by-side. You can tailor the matrix to your needs and streamline the hiring process even when hiring numerous candidates simultaneously—so you find the right person.

7. ClickUp Hiring Checklist Template

ClickUp Hiring Checklist Template

There is a lot to remember when onboarding a new hire. The Hiring Checklist Template from ClickUp is a comprehensive tool that can help you stay organized and complete the initial onboarding process. This HR template includes a step-by-step guide covering everything from signing a job offer, attending medical evaluations, and reading the training manual.

New hires can check off the items and collaborate with the HR team to ensure all steps are completed on time. The template is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of any organization. This is a valuable addition to your hiring toolkit.

It can help you ensure nothing is missed after choosing the perfect candidate. 

8. ClickUp New Hire Onboarding Template

ClickUp New Hire Onboarding Template

If you want a more comprehensive onboarding template to manage the new hire process, check out the ClickUp New Hire Onboarding Template. This is an all-in-one solution for streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring nothing is missed.

The template includes a step-by-step process covering everything from paperwork to training, along with customizable checklists you can tailor to your process. There is also an easy-to-use Kanban board that allows you to track and update new hire progress quickly.

This template is a great resource for HR managers and team leaders to ensure new hires get a comprehensive onboarding experience, ultimately leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity. 

9. ClickUp Company Culture Template

ClickUp Company Culture Template

The Company Culture Template from ClickUp is a helpful tool for organizations wanting to define their company culture and values in a collaborative, shareable way. The template provides pre-built sections and questions to help organizations assess their culture, values, and mission.

You can easily update the template and include a company timeline, mission statement, and values. The template allows management to define these organizational essentials, then easily share them with all stakeholders.

It’s a great document to use during onboarding or share with potential candidates during the pre-job interview stages. 

10. ClickUp Prospective Employee Evaluation Report Template

ClickUp Prospective Employee Evaluation Report Template

The ClickUp Prospective Employee Evaluation Report Template can help evaluate candidates during job interviews. Created for employee evaluations, the template is easily customized to allow hiring managers and recruiters to assess candidates based on set criteria.

The rating system makes it easy to compare candidates to find the best fit objectively. There is additional space to add feedback, and the template is easily sharable so all interviewers can stick to a standardized assessment. 

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Don’t Go Unprepared in Your Next Interview

Your interview process is a critical step in selecting the most suitable and best candidates for a position. When done right, it allows hiring managers to assess the candidate’s skills, experience, work style, and cultural fit within the organization.

Use one of these 10 templates and conduct a thorough interview process so you rest assured that you’re hiring the perfect candidate while reducing turnover, and saving your team’s—and recruiters—time and resources in the long run.

Questions? Comments? Visit our Help Center for support.

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