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11 Free HR Templates & Forms to Improve HR Processes in 2024

The Human Resources department is essential to improve every employee’s experience and performance within a business.

Because of their wide-ranging duties, one way to ensure the work doesn’t become overwhelming is by streamlining the HR process from start to finish. From tracking personal tasks to onboarding new hires, HR templates help teams drive productivity.

There are endless possibilities for what you can accomplish using HR templates. We’ve compiled a list of 11 human resources templates that will allow you to stay on top of your duties while creating a safe and enjoyable working environment for all employees!

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What is an HR Template?

An HR template is a pre-formatted document designed to help HR professionals quickly create documents such as job descriptions, performance reviews, contracts and other human resource related tasks.

Templates can save time, ensure accurate formatting and provide guidance when dealing with standard HR activities. With quality templates, organizations can maximize the efficiency of their HR operations while saving time on administrative tasks.

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Top 11 Free HR Templates for Human Resources Teams

1. ClickUp HR SOP Template

Use ClickUp’s HR SOP Whiteboard Template to organize and establish your HR to-dos

An SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is a set of mid-to-high-level instructions that document how an organization or team should accomplish specific tasks. SOPs ensure you achieve efficiency, consistency, reliability, and constant quality in any HR process.

If you’re having issues creating sustainable HR processes for employees, then the ClickUp HR SOP Template is the answer to your questions. This HR document template is here to help you stay organized and establish your to-dos, ensuring your staff is not only well-trained but remains motivated throughout.

Add the template to your Workspace and access two statuses and six views, including Recruitment, Performance Evaluation, Training, Offboarding, and Onboarding to manage your work.

2. ClickUp Corrective Action HR Template

The ClickUp Corrective Action Plan Template helps organize the tough discussions and talking points with your team

A corrective action plan details every step to accomplish targeted outcomes. But when you’re tackling complex issues, things can get messy!

The ClickUp Corrective Action Template is fully equipped to help you move quickly and efficiently. It has a guide to cover key events, including:

  • Areas for Improvement: Identify the fields around your business operations or team performance that needs changes and attention
  • Problems and Root Causes: Define the challenges, roadblocks, and supporting sources
  • Possible Solutions: List down all the possible solutions to make a change for improvement
  • Measure of Success: Define your success that’s measurable through key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics beneficial to your team and overall operations
  • Task Owners: Assign team members to every task for the next steps and follow up
  • Timeline: Plan ahead and allocate enough time to prepare for change and improvement

3. ClickUp Company Processes Document HR Template

Use this ClickUp Doc Template to clearly define HR processes

Many startups and growing companies lose momentum after their team expands because they assume things will fall into place on their own and procedures will work themselves out. The more a business grows, the more complex things become.

The employee number goes up, the business gains more work, and there are more steps. All of these things need to be arranged in an efficient way.

Process documentation gives you a detailed description of how best to execute a process from the beginning to the end. So what better way to do that than to use a template that further simplifies the process?

With the ClickUp Company Process Document Human Resources Template, you can manage your projects, onboard new employees, and take meeting minutes. Think of it as a recipe that helps you duplicate a tried and tested process.

4. ClickUp HR Evaluation Form Template

Easily collect information and responses within this simple Form Template

Employee evaluations help HR teams review how every team member contributes to the company’s goal. These HR forms are the official documents used to review a team member’s performance and gain their acknowledgment that they were evaluated.

This helps support crucial HR decisions when the time arises. The ClickUp HR Evaluation Form Template prevents you from starting afresh anytime you need to conduct an evaluation on employees in the company.

The template includes 10 Custom Fields to organize key information, including Job Title, Technical Skills, Date of Evaluation, Total Hours Rendered, and Awards and Milestones.

Additionally, this HR forms template allows you to have a one-stop shop for all the evaluations you’ve done, thanks to the three views, which contain an Evaluation Form for each staff member and a List of Employee Evaluations for easy access.

Learn about HR automatization trends to upgrade your current processes!

5. ClickUp Likert Scale Template

This template is often used to measure average preferences, emotions, attitudes, and skills across the organization

No matter how confident you feel about your employee satisfaction rates, you should always ask the source. HR teams everywhere have varying go-to models for conducting an employee engagement survey, but one approach has stood the test of time: The Likert Scale.

This survey prompts the takers to respond to a question with one of five answers ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree. However, while a Likert Scale offers a great way of gauging employee satisfaction and opinions, creating one is a time-consuming task.

If you want to be more specific with your survey, you need not worry, as the ClickUp Likert Scale Template is easily modifiable.

The Likert Scale in ClickUp is a valuable resource for Human Resources teams looking to make informed decisions based on the responses received. Get a big picture of the company’s scale using the six custom fields and two statuses provided.

6. ClickUp Maternity Leave Template

ClickUp Maternity Leave Plan Template
The ClickUp Maternity Leave Plan Template helps track all tasks and duties while employees are on leave

The transition before, during, and after a person’s maternity or paternity leave is a busy time. But with the help of ClickUp’s Maternity Leave Template, you’ll have a dependable resource equipped with checklists, policies, and discussion plans all in one!

Customize and save a private version of this template for people who want to get an overview of your company’s maternity/paternity leave policy and process. Once they’re ready to share the exciting news with their manager, they can collaborate with the team on an action plan for replacements.

This template is also a powerful resource to keep internally within Human Resources. Use the dedicated sections to cover Details, Budget, and Action Items to align on important dates and reminders. In the blink of an eye, weeks can go by fast. Document your workflow in the ClickUp template to stay three steps ahead and welcome them back from leave stress-free!

7. ClickUp Human Resources Policy Memo Template

ClickUp Policy Memo Template
Use this policy memo template to clearly track and organize every policy, whether you’re starting new or making changes

Businesses have HR Forms, handbooks, and policies to ensure things are documented correctly. When policies change or new ones are added, it’s up to Human Resources to notify all teams of changes.

The first step is to write a memo for the updated policy.

While you can write a policy memo on your own, HR document templates make the task of formatting the memo a lot easier. All you need to do is to add your content to the policy memo template, which is exactly what ClickUp Policy Memo Template is built for.

The ClickUp Policy Memo Template features two Docs: The Policy Memo and Getting Started Guide. Apply the ClickUp Policy Memo Template to your workspace and edit it to your desired facts within seconds to ensure no one on your staff misses out on the updates.

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8. ClickUp Staffing Plan Template

Use this template to better understand the various types of personnel your business needs to achieve objectives

The HR department uses staffing plans to identify additions/reductions of employees and skills required. The steps used in coming up with a staffing plan help HR teams ask the right questions and make informed decisions on the current and desired state of the company.

HR professionals use staffing plans during budget cycles to plan and allocate funds. However, these plans aren’t only limited to this function as they can be used whenever there’s a major adjustment to the workforce.

An excellent staffing plan helps HR professionals decide the type of expertise they should look for in new candidates, and the ClickUp Staffing Plan Template makes this process easy.

9. ClickUp Time Off Request Template

ClickUp Time-Off Request Template
If you need a better way to track time off requests amongst your team, try this ClickUp template

Time off is essential for employees and ensures they remain motivated and rested to continue with the company’s objectives. Many businesses keep a schedule for approving time off for their staff members. This helps maintain the necessary manpower to ensure the business runs efficiently at any given time.

As an HR professional, you’ve come across several employee requests for time off or leave of absence. The email threads can easily become overwhelming. But why accept time off requests through your work email when there’s an easier and more efficient alternative?

The ClickUp Time Off Request Template is a great example of how easy it is to simplify administrative processes. It lets you redirect all the employees requesting some time off to the location of your choice, allowing you to have all the information you require to assess, approve or deny the requests.

10. ClickUp HR Recruitment Action Plan Template

ClickUp Recruitment Action Plan Template
This template helps teams map or track potential candidates to recruit with details on how and when you’ll contact them

A recruitment action plan is an approach designed to kick the recruitment process into full gear. It is the procedure that you need to follow while recruiting new partners and employees. The strategy helps you locate potential employees who can offer significant contributions to the organization.

It also helps you figure out when and how you will get in touch with said prospects.

The ClickUp Recruitment Action Plan Template is an excellent resource to take your Recruitment Action Plan to the next level. This template is slightly more advanced than the other templates in the list, but it is equipped with the resources you’ll need to get the most value.

The template’s five custom statuses will tell you whether or not the candidate is a good fit and their recruitment progress. You’ll also be able to see if the process is still ongoing, on hold, or complete.

11. Excel KPI Dashboard Template by Someka

Excel KPI Dashboard Template by Someka
via Someka

The Excel KPI Dashboard Template by Someka is perfect for HR professionals who need a straightforward, comprehensive tool to track, visualize, and present their most important metrics.

This dynamic, pre-built dashboard provides a real-time snapshot of crucial data points like employee turnover rate, time to fill positions, training efficacy, and much more. It’s easy to use, with simple instructions, customizability options, and compatibility with most versions of Excel.

With its customizable charts and graphs, this dashboard allows you to drill down into your HR data, visualize trends over time and present HR metrics in a clear, digestible format. This makes it invaluable for informing strategic decisions, demonstrating progress to upper management, and ensuring continuous improvement within your HR processes!

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What to Look for in an HR Template

Each of these HR templates can help your team stay organized and ensure that everyone is on the same page. We’ve made sure that each of these ClickUp templates have these key features to look out for in an HR template:

  1. Compatibility with existing software and hardware.
  2. Ability to customize and tailor templates for different types of documents.
  3. Clear instructions that make it easy to fill out and understand the document’s contents.
  4. Scalability so that you can easily add more information or sections as needed.
  5. Regular updates to ensure that your templates remain up-to-date with any changes in industry standards or requirements.

Check out these employee management software!

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Get Started With Easy-to-use HR Templates in ClickUp

As businesses adjust strategy and policies to stay competitive, these changes shouldn’t disrupt employee productivity. With ClickUp, Human Resources teams can facilitate hassle-free experiences for every process type.

People management success begins with a central hub to connect with employees and departments. ClickUp helps you stay organized and proactive in any situation. Download your must-have templates and get started today.

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