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Integromat + ClickUp: Workflows From Your Favorite Apps

Integromat + ClickUp: Workflows From Your Favorite Apps

Feeling a bit sticky? Or maybe unstuck? Or maybe you need to stick two of your apps together?

Then you need Integromat. Here’s why:

What Can You Do In Integromat?  

Glue Your Online Apps Together

What does that mean?

It means that Integromat can quickly send info back and forth between the apps you use most often and automate some of the tasks you normally do by hand…or by rapid typing. It’ll take that info, then seamlessly organize it where you need it.

For example, maybe you want to show your availability AND share your calendar across the communication channels you use most–including Slack and Twilio. Perfect, that’s what Integromat was built for!

If you’re not sure where to start, or want to see templates to get started, this site has it all.  

Integrate with The Tools You Use Most

In Integromat, you can use their suggested templates to begin integrations.

Here’s an example. Your Google Analytics reports can be sent directly to Slack each day, so you get a full report without you logging back into GA, downloading the info, and then reposting it back in Slack. Integromat will do it for you.

Want more? Yes, of course you do!

This integration can also take any attachments from your work email and automatically send them over to Google Drive, or Dropbox or any document storage of your choice. Fancy.

Write Your Own Functions

Can’t function without functions? Look at you – spreadsheet guru! Integromat has your back. If you need to move over a date, or sum up multiple values all at once, then you can use a function. Integromat has a whole list for tests, numbers, and more.

What Can You Do With Integromat and ClickUp?

A whole lot of things! Here is the full list, but a few are listed below. Strap on your helmet, because your mind will be blown.

1. Create ClickUp Tasks from Starred Emails in Gmail

When you a star a message in Gmail, a new task will be added to ClickUp. Well that’s easy!

2. Take Messages From Slack and Turn Those Into ClickUp Tasks

You could create a dedicated channel in Slack strictly for ClickUp tasks. And if you add those in, Integromat will take your info and create a new ClickUp task.

3. Send Google Tasks To ClickUp

If you keep a to-do list in Google Tasks, and a few of those need more work or some help, you can make your Google Task list into ClickUp tasks. It’s fast, easy, and your whole team will know what you’re working on. Then you can assign and invite others to collaborate within ClickUp.

Integromat + ClickUp = Smoother Workflows

If you implement Integromat to automate some of your tasks, then you’ll eliminate a few of those friction points in your workflow You won’t have to remember to copy this or that over – Integromat and ClickUp will do it for you.

Need even more integrations with Integromat? ClickUp has you covered.

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