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How to Use AI in Real Estate? (Use Cases & Tools)

Buying or selling property involves endless viewings, grunt work, and red tape—it’s the harsh reality. Like any other business, real estate buyers and businesses are increasingly turning to AI for solutions to improve efficiency and client experience.

For house hunters, AI can be your real estate matchmaker, finding hidden gems from the comfort of your couch. But for those in the real estate business, AI can transform how businesses function and maximize returns. 

A McKinsey report predicts that the real estate industry will significantly transform as AI—especially Generative AI—continues to evolve. With enhanced customer engagement through chatbots, content creation including text and images, the ability to synthesize insights from unstructured data, and code generation abilities, Gen AI offers multiple benefits to real estate.

The commercial real estate businesses, investors, and institutions have accumulated a wealth of data about the market. AI allows them to identify new opportunities, improve building and interior design, create innovative marketing materials, open new revenue streams, and produce targeted marketing materials.

In this article, we’ll explore how real estate businesses can use real estate marketing tools to unlock innovative applications that will reshape the real estate business for buyers and sellers.

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Understanding AI in Real Estate

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps computers and machines tackle tasks that traditionally require human intelligence. Machine learning, a significant part of AI, accomplishes this by training machines on past data. This enables the machines to recognize patterns, analyze information, and generate predictions through advanced algorithms.

The potential of AI in real estate is vast, with McKinsey estimating that generative AI could generate between $110 billion and $180 billion in value for the industry. 

However, to fully reap the benefits of AI, real estate companies must adapt and implement strategic actions to integrate these technologies effectively into their operations. 

Read on to understand the extent of  AI use cases in real estate. 

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How to Use AI in Real Estate for Different Use Cases

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be utilized in real estate through various use cases to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. 

Here are some ways AI can be applied across different scenarios in the real estate industry.

1. Predictive analytics

Assessing or appraising property values has traditionally been time-consuming and often frustrating for real estate agents.

From manually analyzing comparable sales to researching trends in the residential real estate market, the process can overwhelm you. AI algorithms simplify this task. By crunching large data sets, AI software can estimate property value in seconds.

These predictions consider hundreds of factors that influence a real estate’s worth, including crime rates, school districts, and proximity to amenities. This lets you make informed decisions quickly, saving you valuable time and frustration.

For example, HouseCanary is a valuation-focused real estate brokerage company, positioning itself as a leader in AI-powered residential real estate data and analytics. 

 A recent study revealed that HouseCanary’s Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and comparable property selection tools mitigate the impact of racial bias in the traditional home appraisal process. This is because AI models rely on objective data analysis, minimizing the potential for human biases to influence valuations. 

HouseCanary also offers home value forecasts stretching up to 36 months into the future, providing crucial guidance for market navigation.

2. Compilation of data 

Managing an extensive portfolio of properties involves accumulating mountains of lease documents—dense contracts filled with hard-to-grasp legalese. This can make it a nightmare for owners with multiple properties to find specific information and sell properties quickly.

Generative AI or GenAI tools can analyze lease repositories and summarize key themes, such as monthly rent amounts or the impact of local regulations on lease terms. 

It also helps you filter out users’ specific parameters. For example, you can instantly generate a report on all leases with rent below a particular price per square foot. 

3. Planning and designing

Virtual tours are no longer unique than e-brochures—the AI-powered, computer-generated replicas allow potential buyers to explore a property before a physical visit virtually. 

Enhanced with augmented reality, it expands the pool of interested buyers by showcasing properties to anyone with a connected device. It facilitates the process for everyone involved, saving time and money by filtering out less serious buyers.

GenAI tools can create renderings of buildings that have yet to be built. They can also assist architects by providing cost estimates based on different designs and even generate floor plans optimized for specific purposes. 

While human creativity remains irreplaceable in adding artistic touches and emotional depth, AI in the real estate business allows architects to focus on these aspects with less guesswork regarding functionality.

4. Interior design

With AI-generated models of interior spaces, you can tour a potential apartment and virtually customize it with furniture, articles, and finishes—all through custom-made software meant to create an exceptional experience for customers. 

AI allows you to envision couches, window treatments, and appliances that match your desired style. If you love the look, these items can be conveniently ordered and installed to coincide with your move-in. 

You benefit from a space that reflects your style, while the brokerage or apartment company generates additional revenue through seamless cross-selling.

For instance, Planner 5D, a leading house design software company, is using AI, VR, and AR technologies to transform the design process for both professionals and enthusiasts. Its innovative technology takes the grunt work out of creating 3D models. 

Their AI-powered system scans an image, detects measurements, and automatically generates a 3D representation. This feature saw a significant surge in usage, with 38% more users adopting it in 2022 alone. This highlights how AI streamlines tedious tasks, allowing designers to focus on the creative aspects of their projects.

4. Property management

AI chatbots, similar to those used in customer service, can answer renter inquiries about availability and rental rates, guide buyers through the application process, and ease the burden on human agents.

Beyond tenant interaction, AI automates tasks like rent collection, workflow management, and market analysis. It even assists real estate professionals with collections and generates reports that track leasing performance.

5. Brand building

By integrating real estate AI tools into your content creation, client interactions, and brand strategy, you can establish a memorable real estate brand that attracts clients and drives long-term success. 

Generate high-quality blog posts, social media captions, and property descriptions with AI tools to sync suggested keywords and ensure consistent brand voice across content.

Leverage AI tools for decision-making to segment your audience based on interests and property preferences to send highly targeted email campaigns with relevant content and property recommendations, fostering deeper connections with potential clients.

Analyze market data and generate reports highlighting local trends, pricing forecasts, and buyer demographics. This data-driven content positions you as a leader in the space and attracts potential clients eager for market expertise.

Let’s put into practice all this AI in real estate knowledge to establish your brand. 

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Using AI Software for Real Estate

Are you looking for a work, team, client, and real estate project management solution combined with the power of AI? 

ClickUp is the obvious answer! 

ClickUp can be a valuable asset for real estate management and help you become a leader in the real estate industry. It offers a suite of features designed to simplify various business aspects.

Let’s look at some of its features that can help you.

1. Real estate project management

ClickUp Real Estate Project Management Software
Create custom fields for tracking spends, expenses, and profits from clients and businesses within ClickUp Real Estate Project Management Software

Manage all your real estate development projects—from commercial acquisitions to residential sales listings—with the ClickUp Real Estate Project Management tool. Map out stakeholders, milestones, dependencies, and more to keep projects on track. Update timelines on the fly and save time by identifying and removing inessential tasks.

With 1000+ ClickUp Integrations, make work simpler. For instance, sync your Google and Outlook calendars with ClickUp to manage meetings, showings, and contract signings. Display task and meeting details directly on your calendar and use color coding to take in all your work at a glance.

View your tasks on an interactive map. For example, map out property listings for a client so they can see exact locations and what’s nearby. Use color coding to differentiate listings by price range and easily save information for later.

To make your work easier, use the ClickUp Real Estate Spreadsheet Template to create a highly customizable list of all your properties for selling and organize it according to your needs. 

Organize all information regarding your work, transactions, clients, and team members on ClickUp Real Estate Spreadsheet Template

This template helps you to organize and track all your real estate investments in several ways:

  • Create custom stages like ‘Negotiation,’ ‘Under Contract,’ or ‘Sold’ to instantly visualize the status of each property
  • Add vital details like net income, purchase price, square footage, and annual insurance costs to each property for a comprehensive overview
  • Create different views tailored to your needs. Quickly access properties by their location, sale status, or a dedicated ‘Getting Started’ guide—all within the same template
  • Optimize your workflow with built-in time-tracking capabilities, efficiently categorize properties using customizable tags, and missed deadlines, and miscommunication with dependency warnings and email notifications

2. Built-in AI assistant

Building a memorable brand takes a strong content strategy, consistent efforts, and futuristic insights to become a trendsetter in the industry. 

ClickUp Brain
Generate ideas, blogs, social media posts, sales emailer, optimize content, predict trends, and more with ClickUp Brain’s writing assistant

With ClickUp Brain’s AI Writer for Work, bring the craft of personalized messaging to your marketing campaigns. 

It offers real estate marketing teams a suite of ready-to-use prompts, such as an AI content generator, to optimize campaigns, facilitate content creation, and enhance marketing ROI. You can use it to craft compelling blog posts quickly, write engaging social media captions, or generate persuasive emails for potential buyers and sellers. 

Additionally, ClickUp Brain’s AI Knowledge Manager gives instant, accurate answers based on context from any work within and connected to the ClickUp platform. You can automate manual and repetitive work with accurate AI updates and status reports for tasks, documents, and even people.

With ClickUp Docs, store all your information in beautifully designed wikis, embed links or videos, insert images, and edit as a team with collaboration detection. You can share the docs with your team and link them to tasks, whiteboards, mind maps, and your dashboard to view all your work at a glance. 

You can also use the ClickUp Real Estate Newsletter Template to create and share engaging real estate newsletters.

Build a strong connection with your clients and offer value to their real estate search with the ClickUp Real Estate Newsletter Template

Crafting compelling real estate newsletters can be a time-consuming task. But with this template, you can easily create professional newsletters that connect you with clients and attract new buyers.

This template offers a variety of features to help you:

  • Create custom statuses to track the progress of your newsletters, from drafting to sending. Easily categorize and manage your newsletters with custom fields, and access your mailing list information with ease
  • Facilitate communication and feedback with comment reactions. Break down complex tasks into smaller, manageable ones using nested subtasks. Assign tasks to multiple team members and set priorities to ensure timely completion
  • Use AI writing tools with docs to generate topics, spot trends, and refine content according to your brand tone and voice

3. Pre-built tools to strengthen communication

Real estate management requires excellent communication tools to keep all stakeholders in the loop. This is critical to faster and more strategic decision-making in a competitive market. 

With ClickUp Notes, you can create notes for meetings, brainstorm ideas, create to-dos for the day, share notes with team members to keep everyone aligned and use AI to automate notes into tasks or transcribe meetings into task lists

ClickUp Notes
Bring your notes to life with excellent editing and organize notes the way you want with ClickUp Notes

Stay connected to your notes with ClickUp’s Chrome Extension and mobile app. You’ll always be able to capture important notes and ideas from anywhere. 

You can leverage 1000+ ClickUp Templates or use AI prompt ready-to-use templates for real estate management, client management, construction, incident reporting, social media management, content design, and more. 

For instance, the ClickUp Real Estate Marketing Template helps you craft a marketing strategy to make you stand out. 

Manage, plan, strategize, and monitor your entire marketing flow with the ClickUp Real Estate Marketing Template

Are you overwhelmed by real estate marketing, struggling to manage multiple tools, and losing track of your campaigns? This template is your one-stop shop for strategic planning and seamless execution.

Here’s how you can use the template:

  • The Schedule View lets you plan social media posts and campaign launches with ease
  • Organize and categorize content effectively with the Posts View. Never lose track of a fantastic post again
  • Brainstorm and develop targeted campaigns to showcase properties in the Campaigns View
  • Craft a unique marketing plan for each property using the Getting Started Guide View
  • Gain a clear picture of your listings with the Property Map View, location tracking included
  • Organize tasks into clear statuses (Approved, Cancelled) and keep everyone informed with progress updates
  • Monitor and analyze tasks to identify bottlenecks and maximize your marketing team’s efficiency with detailed reports in the dashboard
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ClickUp AI for Real Estate Management

Like natural language AI, which is becoming standard in other enterprise software, real estate technology embraces its potential.

While we’re still exploring the full extent of how to use AI in real estate, one thing is clear: the next few years will see significant changes. Early adopters will be well-positioned for success, while those who resist risk falling behind.

Some roles, like those of real estate agents, will evolve into comprehensive content managers. Instead of solely managing listings and social media, they might become content curators overseeing AI-generated content and ensuring its quality. This shift could lead to a focus on strategy and oversight, potentially requiring new skill sets.

The good news? AI can handle various tasks, freeing human talent for more strategic thinking and creativity. Take the first step towards a future-proofed real estate business with ClickUp, a tool that leverages AI to streamline your workflow and strengthen client management and team members.

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