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Planning Tools

Stay on budget & schedule.

Map out stakeholders, milestones, dependencies, and more to keep projects on track. Update timelines on the fly and save time by identifying and removing inessential tasks.

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Planning Tools

Manage your schedule in one place.

Sync your Google and Outlook calendars with ClickUp to manage meetings, showings, and contract signings. Display task and meeting details directly on your calendar and use color coding to take in all your work at a glance.

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On the go

Access your work from anywhere.

Manage to-dos, meetings, and projects on the go. Sync your email accounts with ClickUp to keep up with clients and easily share docs, attachments, and more.

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On the Go
Location Tools

View tasks on an interactive map.

Map out listings for a client so they can see exact locations and what's nearby. Use color coding to differentiate listings by price range and easily save information for later.

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Location Tools

Your home for all things project management.

Collaboration tools
Bring your team together for project planning with collaborative docs. Share resources to help with site selection, track zoning and permit requirements, draft contracts, and more.
Turn brainstorming sessions about anything, from site development to marketing, into actionable plans with ClickUp's Whiteboards.
Task management
Organize simple to-dos in task checklists, track updates through comments, and attach docs files to tasks to keep all your resources in one place.
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High-level overviews
Keep track of important documents and resources, project progress, and more with customizable Dashboards.
Contractor tools
Organize contractor contact info, responsibilities, availability, and more in a flexible spreadsheet-style view. Record billable hours with native time tracking.
Guests & public sharing progress
Give investors, partners, and contractors visibility into individual projects and tasks with guest accounts, or share documents with clients.
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Workload management
Keep track of who's working when and for how long with Workload view. Set and manage schedules for all employees, from contractors during construction to custodial staff.
Chat and messaging
Create chat channels for announcements, updates, and scheduling questions. Notify individuals or groups, add attachments, and more to make sure no message slips through the cracks.
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Improve Workflows

Streamline work processes.

Manage client and account information, keep track of feedback, and automate routine work with ClickUp's highly customizable toolkit.


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Bring your tools together with ClickUp.

Connect ClickUp to over 1,000 apps with native and third-party integrations. Access your scheduling and messaging apps, cloud storage, and more in one place.


Why real estate teams love ClickUp.

Leader Spring 2022 ClickUp
Alex Brosch
Alex Brosch,
Director of Operations
"ClickUp helps me really narrow down my tasks in a way where I can see each bite I need to take in order to complete it... This program is a planner's dream!"
Ritwik A,
Managing Partner at Titan Star Real Estate
"ClickUp enabled me to delegate weeks of tasks in advance for my employees, and then plan further. Mind Map view helped to clear roadblocks in business development... while Box view showed me how proactively everyone took up tasks got them to completion."
Pawel Michalski
Pawel Michalski,
Head of Operations
"ClickUp's integral approach... combines project management, task management, lists with calculated fields, gantt charts, mind maps, timesheets, email and context focused chat all into a single application."

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