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How the Coding Escape Team Plans their Next Virtual Escape Game in ClickUp

Imagine this:

You woke up trapped in a room with a group of people, and you look around to find that the only way out is to search for clues and solve riddles that would unlock secret passageways.

Kinda like in the movie Saw… 🕴🏻😳

And if you’ve seen that movie before, I bet you immediately visualized Jigsaw saying, “let’s play a game.” Or maybe even imagined hearing that creepy doll sound it made every time it showed up on your screen.

Okay, sorry if that brought your nightmares back… but if you enjoy riddles, mystery, code, and the thrill of escape rooms, then we’ve got something for you!

It’s a virtual escape room game brought to you by Coding Escape!

That’s right. It’s a virtual game, meaning you won’t have to voluntarily trap yourself (and your group) in an escape room. You can enjoy the missions wherever you are!

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The product team constantly works hard to craft fun-filled virtual missions that suit people of all skill levels. They design escape rooms to test teamwork capabilities and improve team collaboration while creating fun memories with each other. And to accommodate their project needs, they rely on a dependable task management tool like ClickUp to turn their creative ideas into life.

We had a chance to virtually connect with Loick Michard from the Coding Escape’s Product team. Read on to learn more about Coding Escape and how the team uses tasks in ClickUp to manage their workload and create fun and interactive games for both coders and non-coders to enjoy.

Tell us about Coding Escape!

Coding Escape is the very first escape game for coders and non-coders.

It was created as a new collaborative and inclusive experience that allows tech teams to bond and work together.

We know how difficult communication between coders and non-coders can be, and the spread of remote work has increased this gap. To be efficient and retain talent, team cohesion and communication are essential.

How can we help?

By offering a 100% remote, free and online escape experience. You can play with family, friends, or colleagues, and don’t hesitate to invite non-coders along for the ride! It’s a race against the clock in a collaborative way!

Coding Escape virtual teammates

The game consists of a fun mix of riddles and coding puzzles in 12+ programming languages.

For now, we have 3 exciting missions: Steam house, Aguateca collapse, Back to the 80s. Each mission takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. You’ll have to share information and discoveries with your team to progress. Work together to fulfill your mission.

This all-new challenging experience offers both coders and non-coders the chance to have fun together as a team. Play with your family, friends, or colleagues, and have fun as a team, 100% online, remotely, or on-site.

Coding Escape virtual escape room mission

What do you do with the time you save using ClickUp?

With the time I save using ClickUp, I’m able to put more time into production.

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

It makes it painless to plan and track tasks and enables me to stay focused and parallelize the work.

Tasks in ClickUp can be customized for every need, which makes planning, organizing, and collaborating on any project so much more manageable.

Customizable views in ClickUp
Customizable views in ClickUp

What is your favorite ClickUp feature?

Our favorite CU feature is the ability to create and customize Dashboards.

It enables different teams to make their own workflow and guidelines.

For cross-skills projects, it simplifies parallel tasks follow-up across multiple teams, especially when working remotely. This is a great guarantee to respect our deadlines.

Customizable widgets in Dashboard
Customizable widgets in Dashboard

How do you use ClickUp to push projects forward?

ClickUp helps make the best out of every team and every person for a specific project. We use it to plan and monitor our team’s work capacity and split the work across the company to reach stronger outcomes.

Adjusting tasks dates in Workload view
Adjusting task dates in Workload view

What advice would you give others who are looking to streamline their productivity?

Productivity is about trust and communication.

I believe that it is important for teams to share moments to enhance communication in and between teams.

Everyone should know each other’s strengths related to skills and help and coordinate efforts toward common goals.

It would help if you made every person autonomous in their own specialty while keeping everyone aware of the whole company’s current direction.

It could be very challenging given the circumstances of working remotely, but with tools like ClickUp, we can get transparency and feedback.

Looking to follow along on Loick’s and Coding Escape’s journey? Check them out on their website here and sign up for ClickUp today to discover how it can help manage your team’s workload and push your projects forward! 🚀

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