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How ClickUp Timeline View Helps AMSD Plan Large Projects

Planning and executing a project for clients can be daunting because it includes a series of important steps.

Not only do you have to understand their business inside and out, but you also have to conduct market research, create optimization strategies, test the concept with a prototype, design user interfaces, perform A/B testing, and more!

Not to mention that you have to think about the who, what, when, where, and how the heck you are going to manage the project and your team, meet deadlines, and deliver quality work to your clients, too.

Now add 10 more projects just like that to your plate… 😅

When you’re juggling multiple projects at once, it’s inevitable to feel overwhelmed.

So how does one go about managing all the projects effectively?

You need dynamic approaches, a system, a clear action plan… and a dependable project management timeline tool to increase project visibility and help operations run smoothly!

We had the opportunity to virtually chat with Avani Miriyala, the founder and UX consultant of Avani Miriyala Strategy + Design (AMSD)! Read on to learn how she uses ClickUp’s Timeline view to effectively track deadlines, targets, and hold everyone accountable for their part in the project. 

Let’s get to it, shall we?!

Tell us more about AMSD!

AMSD is a UX/Product Design Agency. We help consumer-facing tech companies design world-class apps and websites and effortlessly create user-friendly digital products.

We specialize in industries such as Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Healthcare Tech, Marketplace Products, and Mobile App Development.

Our clients absolutely love working with us because we deliver the feel of an in-house designer with the fire-power of an agency team.

AMSD knows that design can’t happen in a vacuum.

Because of this, we constantly monitor market trends, conduct user research, and help design Multi-Variant Testing to get answers to inform design experience decisions. Our services help you increase customer delight so you can impact your bottom line.

What’s your favorite ClickUp feature?

My favorite ClickUp feature is the Timeline view!

Timelines are essential to every project and provide a clear direction for everyone involved in the process.

The Timeline view gives a linear way to visualize the schedule of each project with flexible organization; choose to view schedules as weeks, days, or months at a time. It’s perfect for creating visual Roadmaps and helps monitor the project’s progress.

You can also turn your timeline into a public roadmap to be shared with clients to improve project visibility and keep them up-to-date with the process.

customize timeline view in clickup

What tools, if any, do you integrate with ClickUp?

I use Toggl for time tracking and Zapier to connect apps and automate work.

Integrating work apps and tools is extremely helpful because it makes different systems work together, making workflows more manageable. This is especially true when working with multiple projects at once!

How do you use ClickUp to push large projects forward?

ClickUp has helped us stay organized because we often have 8 to 10 projects in progress.

With ClickUp, the team has transparency, and we can effortlessly plan out large, daunting projects. We do everything from task management and note-taking to timeline creation and client management in ClickUp.

custom statuses in ClickUp
client management in ClickUp

About how many hours a week do you save using ClickUp?

I save about 7 hours a week using ClickUp!

What do you do with that time back?

Sell more and have virtual happy hours! 👩🏽‍💻🥂

How has ClickUp improved your work and life?

It has given me peace of mind that my team is getting everything done.

What advice do you have for others looking to streamline their productivity?

Get a project management system NOW. Even if you’re just one person managing your own work.

Looking to follow along on Avani’s journey? Check her out on her website here and sign up for ClickUp today to discover how you can beat deadlines and push your projects forward faster, too! ⚡️

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