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15+ Discord Hacks: Enhance Community Engagement Beyond Gaming 

What started as a community experience for gamers is now among the most popular chat platforms, with tens of millions of daily users.  

And this is a natural progression. 

Gamers still constitute the majority. But with voice, video, and text exchanges within invite-only communities, Discord has captured the imagination of practically every type of online community—artists, fandoms, influencers, enthusiasts, investors, backpackers—the list goes on. 

Businesses aren’t far behind. Discord is emerging as a challenger to the tried-and-tested apps for internal communication. There’s a lot to discover with this platform, and armed with a list of Discord hacks, you can bring into play features that serve a variety of applications.  

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Discord For Beginners

While Discord started as a platform for gamers to interact and team up, it has grown into a flexible chat platform that professionals outside gaming communities use. Its multiple features have expanded its user base, including businesses and brands.

Discord may seem easy to use, but its full range of capabilities lies in its hidden features. Let’s explore some Discord tips and techniques to enhance productivity and engagement in your community.

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Our Top 15 Discord Tips and Tricks to Make Your Community More Productive

Discord quickly became gamers’ go-to social networking platform, slowly expanding into other industries like art, sports, and Web3. Discord offers more features for developers aiming to build a group than Discord alternatives.  

How should your Discord group look, though? How do you establish and maintain a lively community? 

It comes down to 15 simple Discord tips to create an engaging and productive community on Discord.

1. Integrating Discord with ClickUp

You can easily integrate ClickUp with Discord and your favorite apps in just a few clicks. 

Build and automate workflows seamlessly by integrating these platforms, allowing you to design tasks for your work visually. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to integrating Discord with ClickUp.

1. Access the App Center

  • For ClickUp 2.0: Click your account avatar in the lower-left corner, then select ‘App Center’
  • For ClickUp 3.0: Click the Quick Action menu in the upper-right corner, then select ‘App Center’
ClickUo App Center
Bring all your tools into one central location with ClickUp

2. Select Discord

  • In the App Center sidebar, look for ‘Communication’ and choose ‘Discord’

3. Manage integration:

  • Click ‘Manage’ and then ‘Add to Discord’
  • Review the permissions required for the integration to function effectively
  • Choose the Discord server from the dropdown menu and click ‘Continue’

4. Authorize access

  • Grant ClickUp access by clicking ‘Authorize’

Once authorized, you can enable specific Discord notifications using ClickUp 2.0 or ClickUp 3.0

  • For ClickUp 2.0:
  • Go to your account avatar > Integrations > Discord
ClickUp Discord Connection
Connect Discord to ClickUp in quick and easy steps 
  1. Add notifications for specific Spaces, Folders, or Lists
  2. Select the Discord Channel for notifications and save your settings
  • For ClickUp 3.0
  1. Access the Quick Action Menu > App Center > Discord
  2. Add notifications for specific Spaces, Folders, or Lists
ClickUp-Discord Notifications
Connect Discord to ClickUp to receive messages in one place
  1. Choose the Discord Channel for notifications and save your settings
  2. Remember, only Workspace owners and admins can disable the integration. To remove the Discord integration:
  • For ClickUp 2.0/3.0
  1. Go to Integrations > Discord and follow the steps to remove the integration
  2. This Clickup with Discord integration enables seamless communication and notification sharing between ClickUp and Discord, enhancing collaboration and workflow management

Access thousands of existing apps or utilize our toolkit to connect with apps not yet in our library without having to code.

2. Customizing server roles

Custom role icons are a fun way to personalize and categorize roles in your server. They can signify role hierarchies, reflect personal interests, or match your server’s theme for a more cohesive look.

These role icons will appear in the members list alongside the role name and next to each user’s name in the chat. Additionally, within the server, you can view all the roles and associated icons in a user’s profile.

Interested in setting custom role icons? 

First, ensure you have the ‘Manage Roles’ permission on your server. Only members with this permission can create, modify, or delete icons.

If you have the necessary permissions, follow these steps:

Open Server Settings > Roles

  • Choose any role from the list
  • In the ‘Display’ section, locate the ‘Role Icon’ field
  • Select an emoji. Use a custom emoji from your server or upload an image
  • Note: Icons can be chosen from default emojis, custom server emojis, or uploaded images

Remember that image requirements are 64×64 pixels, and the maximum size allowed is 256kb.

3. Maximizing bot functionality

Discord bots are the best part of team communication apps. Marketers and business owners use them to automate different jobs on their servers.

Building a group on Discord gives you a unique chance to create a personalized and engaging community using your existing audience.

Effective Discord marketing uses high-quality bots to keep the group interested and entertained. Here are the ten most useful Discord bots:

  • MEE6: A comprehensive bot that lets you create custom commands to automatically assign roles and send messages based on specific events.
  • ProBot: Welcomes new members with personalized greetings, showcasing your server’s unique style.
  • Dank Memer: While not seemingly crucial for marketing, memes can strengthen a group’s cohesion.
  • Voicy: With a library of over 50,000 funny sound clips, Voicy engages your users for an immersive experience.
  • Centers for Community: This bot aims to transform cross-server and cross-platform communication by linking Discord channels with Hub rooms, facilitating easy information sharing between different areas.

4. Creating interactive polls

VotaBot simplifies creating engaging polls on Discord. Type ‘!poll help’ to explore the available commands. The bot can only be used by admins or people with the ‘Poll Creator’ role. Check out ‘!poll’ examples for some samples.

VotaBot features:

  • Up to 10 options in a poll
  • Polls that run for up to a week
  • Provides poll results as percentages
  • Allows only specific user access to the bot

Operating the bot—hosting

  • Make a file in the bot’s folder called ‘botconfig.json’ or change ‘botconfig-sample.json’ to host 
via Discord

Include the bot token with the prefix (!poll is the usual prefix), and add an invite link if you want to. 

Increase engagement within communities by utilizing Discord’s polling feature.

5. Utilizing voice channels effectively

Optimizing voice channels can significantly boost engagement on your Discord server. Here are some tips to make voice channels more effective for different purposes:

Organize channels by topic or activity

  • Topic-specific channels: Create voice channels dedicated to specific topics or interests (e.g., gaming, music, discussions). This helps users find like-minded individuals easily
  • Event channels: Designate channels for special events, gatherings, or scheduled activities to encourage participation

Use proper naming and descriptions

  • Descriptive names: Use clear and concise names for voice channels, indicating their purpose or topic
  • Channel descriptions: Add brief descriptions or guidelines to help users understand the channel’s rules

Control access and permissions

  • Role-based access: Restrict access to certain voice channels based on user roles to maintain order and privacy
  • Moderation tools: Assign moderators who can manage voice channels, control permissions, and maintain a welcoming environment

Enable additional bot features

  • Music bots: Integrate music bots to allow users to listen to music together or host listening parties
  • Activity bots: Incorporate bots that facilitate games, quizzes, or interactive activities within voice channels to engage users actively

Encourage engagement and participation

  • Scheduled activities: Host regular voice-based events, discussions, or game nights to encourage users to join voice channels at specific times
  • Voice channel announcements: Use text channels to announce ongoing activities or events happening in voice channels to attract more participants

Optimize audio quality and settings

  • Voice channel settings: Adjust voice channel settings to optimize voice quality, set appropriate bitrates, and ensure clear communication
  • Provide guidelines: Offer users tips for improving their microphone quality or settings to enhance voice channel experiences

6. Organizing events with calendar integration

Select a reliable calendar bot like ‘CalendarBot’ or ‘ReminderBot,’ and seamlessly integrate it into your server. 

Create a designated channel for event announcements and bot notifications, ensuring clear communication. Use the bot’s commands to create and manage events effortlessly, specifying crucial details like date, time, and RSVP instructions. 

You can enable automated reminders to remind members about events, maintaining informative notifications without overwhelming the server. Additionally, you can manage event details efficiently by allowing organizers to edit, cancel, or reschedule events promptly. 

Next, use workplace communication tools like posts with reactions, comments, and suggestions for future activities. Explore integrated features like syncing events with external calendars for added convenience.

Here’s a small list of steps to optimize Discord’s calendar integration for event organization.

  • Select a reliable calendar bot for seamless integration
  • Create a dedicated channel for event announcements and notifications
  • Use bot commands to create and manage events with specific details
  • Set up automated reminders to prompt member attendance
  • Allow organizers to manage event details and changes efficiently 
  • Encourage community engagement with event posts through reactions and comments
  • Explore additional features like syncing events with external calendars for convenience

7. Emoji and reaction etiquette

Emojis and reactions can add a fun element to Discord conversations. Use emojis to match the message’s tone, keeping the conversation clear. 

Like other Google chat alternatives, follow the Discord community’s rules regarding emoji usage, avoiding excessive use for a friendly chat environment. Include diverse emojis representing different feelings, cultures, and attitudes to support diversity and acceptance. 

Best PracticesCreative Engagement Ideas
Clarity and contextReaction-based polls
ModerationInteractive Emoji games (Identifying series of emojis)
Respect community normsEmoji storytelling
Diversify your representationsFeedback via Emojis
Stay relevantReady to unlock content
Celebratory reactions
Custom-made Emojis
Emoji reactions for emotions

Choose reactions relevant to the conversation and either support or add to what is being said.

8. Moderation tools for community managers 

Regarding moderation, community managers must keep things positive in the Discord group. Use monitoring bots like Dyno or MEE6 to manage users and automatically filter content. 

Establish and regularly update clear guidelines and rules, specifying the expected behavior and content tone.

An essential part of keeping the atmosphere healthy is actively monitoring channels and responding quickly to reported material or conflicts. 

Managing a group well involves using tools like moderation logs, conflict resolution skills, and feedback loops. 

Providing moderators with training, resources, and a robust support system ensures they can handle different situations well, which helps the Discord community grow and feel welcoming.

9. Managing notifications

Customizing notifications is like choosing the news you want to hear and when. Whether it’s updates on your phone or computer, you can tweak this as per your preferences. 

Discord Notifications Setting
via Discord

Plus, it’s a way to keep the Discord experience enjoyable and not too noisy. Customizing settings ensures everyone has a good time without feeling bombarded by too many alerts.

Tips for managing notifications effectively

  • Customize notification settings: Enable notifications selectively for specific channels or opt for mentions-only alerts
  • Role-based notifications: Encourage role mentions for critical updates or allow users to opt-in for role-specific alerts
  • Scheduled quiet hours: Establish quiet hours to minimize notifications during specific time frames.
  • Aggregated notifications: Receive bundled notifications or regular digests instead of individual pings
  • Device-specific settings: Customize notification preferences separately for mobile and desktop devices
  • Encourage user customization: Educate users about customization options and periodically remind them about the available settings
  • Collect feedback: Gather user feedback to understand preferences and adapt notification settings accordingly

10. Create custom commands 

When you create custom commands on Discord, it helps automate repetitive tasks. With bots or specific features, these commands act as shortcuts, executing specific actions with a simple command. 

Commands Functionality
!websiteInstantly share your community’s website link
!rulesProvides a brief overview or a link to the server rules
!eventSets up reminders for upcoming events, including date, time, and details
!role @user RoleNameQuickly assigns a specific role to a user upon command activation
!greetTriggers a welcoming message for new members joining the server

These commands will help you simplify repetitive tasks and create custom commands using bots and other features.

11. Understanding server analytics

Discord’s analytics tools are a game-changer. They track metrics like the number of people on the server, message frequency, and the most active channels. 

These tools help admins understand peak server activity, preferred topics or channels, and if the community is growing. They also reveal user retention and the impact of events and announcements. 

  • Member count: Provides insights into the total number of members on the server
  • Message frequency: Tracks how often messages are sent across different channels
  • Active users: Shows the number of users actively participating or online
  • Channel activity: Highlights which channels are most active and engaging
  • User retention metrics: Analyzes trends in user retention and growth within the server
  • Event impact analysis: Measures the impact of events or announcements on user engagement

By analyzing this information, admins can plan events, schedule quick meet-ups with online meeting tools, create enjoyable content, and adjust server settings based on popularity. Using these analytics enhances engagement for everyone within a server or channel.

12. Enhancing security measures

Creating a secure environment within your Discord community is vital for the safety of all members. Remind members regularly to use strong, unique passwords (2FA) for their Discord accounts.

Here are a few additional tips to enhance security:

Regular security check-ins: Ask members to check their connected apps periodically and remove any they no longer use or trust to minimize vulnerabilities.

Link safely: Advise users to avoid clicking on suspicious or unfamiliar links within Discord messages to prevent phishing attempts or malware infections. 

Beware of direct messages: Remind members to be cautious when engaging with unknown users via direct messages, especially if it involves sharing personal information or clicking on links

13. Incorporating multimedia into Discord

Adding multimedia to Discord enhances discussions. Use images or videos in relevant channels, such as gameplay snippets or teasers, to spark engaging conversations. Interactive events like creative contests encourage diverse content sharing and liven the community vibe.

Supported multimedia formats on Discord

  • Images: Common image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, and BMP are widely supported
  • Videos: Discord allows the sharing of video files in formats like MP4 and WebM
  • GIFs: Animated GIFs can be shared for added visual engagement
  • Links: Discord permits sharing links to external multimedia content, including videos from platforms like YouTube or Twitch

14. Server organization and channel structure 

Organizing your Discord server involves arranging channels for easy use. Start by grouping channels into gaming, hobbies, or announcements categories. 

Discord Channel Structure
via Discord

Then, name each channel according to its use with names like ‘General Chat’ or ‘Gaming Zone’ to help people know where to go.

Keep things consistent and tidy by regularly reviewing your channel setup. This way, everyone can easily find what they’re looking for, making chatting and sharing on your server simpler and more enjoyable.

15. Utilizing Discord for educational purposes

Educators have explored various ways to integrate Discord into their classrooms. But before getting in, it’s critical to clarify your objectives, as the Discord server offers many uses. 

Discord online collaboration tool
via Discord

Whether you aim to facilitate class discussions, organize homework assistance, or provide online collaboration tools and features for student teams, Discord has everything you need.

  • Make text channels for lessons, homework, or study groups. Have channels where students can discuss assignments or ask questions
  • Use voice channels for 1:1 or group talks or even for extra help sessions
  • Try Go Live for live teaching up to 50 people at once
  • Think about different roles and permissions for students in each channel. You can make some channels for announcements only, restricting students from posting
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Game up With Discord and ClickUp

Discord has grown into a dynamic platform offering team collaboration tools and has expanded beyond the gaming zone. This guide gives you advanced tips to boost engagement and results in any business. 

There are many ways to work together on Discord, from using bots and combining tools like ClickUp to making the most of multimedia.

Why not start with the first one on the list? Get a free sign-up with Clickup and use Discord to the fullest.

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