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The 10 Best Work Log Templates to Track Your Productivity in 2024

Professionals across industries and roles prioritize staying organized and productive. But productivity isn’t only about working hard and putting in long hours—instead, it’s about working smart. 

Tracking time spent on tasks is a proven method of improving productivity. The patterns that emerge over time provide invaluable insights into how you spend your time. 

Work logs simplify and standardize how you record your work. 

A work log is a tool that individuals and teams use to track time spent on tasks. You can use work logs for various purposes—optimizing productivity is one. 

You have numerous intelligent work log solutions to help you automate a large part of this process. Evaluate leaks in productivity and make improvements to increase work efficiency with the right work log.

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What are Work Log Templates?

A work log template is a document or spreadsheet that records your tasks, the time you took to complete them, and your work hours in a standardized format. 

Such templates help you track your efficiency at individual tasks at a fixed frequency, say daily or weekly, and then identify patterns in your work habits. 

The goal? Get more done in less time while maintaining quality.

By analyzing those patterns retrospectively, templatized work logs enable you to make informed decisions to improve your work performance

Whether you’re a professional services provider seeking to improve your efficiency, a leader looking to optimize team performance, or an individual looking to increase productivity, ClickUp’s work log templates will prove handy.

These free templates are powerful tools that empower users to streamline their workflow and maximize efficiency. And their capabilities extend far beyond simple task management. 

With free work log templates, you can

  • Optimize your workflow: Identify recurring tasks and automate and standardize processes, freeing up valuable time and resources
  • Accelerate collaboration: Share insights with team members, facilitate communication, and ensure everyone is on the same page
  • Boost accountability: Foster a culture of transparency and empower your team to take ownership of their tasks
  • Sharpen your focus: Prioritize effectively and eliminate distractions, allowing you to dedicate your energy to what truly matters
  • Record billable hours: Build a log of time spent providing a particular service over days and weeks to charge your clients and customers 
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What makes a good Work Log Template?

Work logs are simple tools with essential functions. With so many work log templates offering many features, choosing one that addresses your specific needs is vital. 

Look for these essential factors in mind when selecting a good template: 

  • Intuitive interface: Ensure the template is user-friendly and offers an intuitive interface, making it easy for  team members to input and interpret information
  • Customizable layout: Look for a clear structure, outlining sections for date, start time, end time, tasks, custom statuses, and additional details
  • Auto-update: Check if the work log automatically captures the date and time for each entry—even better if it can auto-update task statuses
  • Detailed views: For team settings, it must have details such as task categories, team function, task descriptions, and assigned individuals
  • Flexible: The template must  accommodate different project requirements and support flexibility and adaptability for diverse workflows
  • Collaboration: The template or platform should support collaboration, allowing team members to access and update the work log simultaneously
  • Integration: Integrate with other project management tools or software and be accessible on mobile devices for on-the-go updates.

A good work log template has to strike a good balance between simplicity and comprehensiveness.

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10 Work Log Templates to Use in 2024

The 10 templates listed here are valuable and effective for capturing and storing information and later analysis. 

Choose one that suits your needs the best.

1. ClickUp Daily Log Template

Use ClickUp’s Daily Log Template to create a to-do list and stay on top of all your activities

A daily log is the most common work log: It helps you record progress on your tasks hourly. Daily work logs are often an essential part of professional services, while individuals and teams utilize this to track their productivity over time.  

This Clickup Daily Log Template captures your activity throughout the day, giving you the visibility and accountability you need to stay on track. Use the daily work log template to:

  • Create a project for each day, assign tasks to your team, and designate a timeline 
  • Keep track of all activities in one place, from meetings to conversations
  • Organize tasks into categories to keep track of progress
  • Set up notifications to stay up-to-date on progress
  • Monitor and analyze tasks to ensure maximum productivity

Here are some of the benefits of using a daily log template:

  • Gain insight into what tasks are consuming the most energy and resources
  • Identify tasks that need more attention
  • Keep track of progress and achievements throughout the day
  • Stay focused and motivated to complete tasks on time

This template’s useability isn’t confined only to the professional sphere. Record daily, repetitive tasks at home and set reminders for personal tasks.  

2. ClickUp Employee Workload Template

Employee Workload Template to view capacity by team or department

The ClickUp Employee Workload Template is optimum for managers and supervisors who want to keep track of their teams’ tasks and progress. The template helps everyone stay on the same page when allocating tasks and managing resources.

Managing employee workloads is challenging but essential for organizational success. This template will help you to

  • Measure the capacity of each employee and assign tasks accordingly
  • Create a clear overview of who is accountable for each task
  • Set expectations and prevent burnout among employees

The Tasks View will allow you to monitor task progress and update task status. Organize the tasks with two status markers: Open and Complete.

The Individual Workload View will help ensure employees are not overloaded with tasks and present a comprehensive overview of the team’s workload. 

Set clear expectations with this employee workload template to ensure employees are prepared for the tasks and can manage their time well.

3. ClickUp Statement of Work Template 

Create a summary of your first project together with your supplier by sharing the ClickUp RFP Statement of Work Template, a fully customizable pre-designed SOW document

A good Statement of Work (SOW) is a prerequisite when managing projects, especially at the beginning. A SOW sets the expectations between a company and its clients or contractors by outlining project goals, deliverables, timelines, and more.

Creating a detailed SOW can be time-consuming, but ClickUp’s Statement of Work Template makes it easier. 

This template helps you

  • Streamline the SOW creation process
  • Outline project details quickly and accurately
  • Keep everyone on the same page throughout the project

Contractors and freelancers use the SOW template to communicate their scope of work and agreement with different stakeholders. It is useful when drafting and managing contracts.

Whether you’re creating an SOW for internal use or client work, this template will help ensure all your bases are covered!

4. ClickUp Getting Things Done Framework Template

Get Things Done Template by ClickUp
The Getting Things Done (GTD) Template, based on the GTD system by David Allen, helps you organize tasks and projects by recording them and breaking them up into actionable work items

ClickUp’s Getting Things Done Work Log template is a valuable tool for anyone who wants to take control of their productivity. This template allows you to break down large projects into manageable tasks and become better organized at your work.

Prioritize tasks based on importance and urgency, and allocate your time and resources effectively by focusing on high-impact tasks first.

Also, track progress visually: Gain a clear overview of your progress through Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

The collaboration features of this template allow you to share work logs with team members. Assign tasks, leave notes and comments on individual tasks, and keep track of discussions and decisions related to specific tasks.

This fosters transparency and accountability by allowing everyone to see progress and identify dependencies.

Capture your ideas and tasks, get them sorted, and get things done with ClickUp’s Getting Things Done Framework template.

5. ClickUp Simple Work Plan Template

Use the ClickUp Simple Work Plan Template to organize your tasks and keep your team united

The Clickup Simple Work Plan Template simplifies project planning with a visual timeline of tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Define roles and responsibilities for every team member and set up notifications for all stakeholders. 

This free work log template provides a structured and intuitive framework for daily planning and task tracking—perfect for teams who value simplicity and organization.

This template includes

  • Custom Statuses: Mark task statuses such as Complete, In Progress, In Review, On Hold, and To Do and track the progress of each task in a project
  • Custom Views: Open four different views in different ClickUp configurations: Summary, Timeline, Progress, and Getting Started Guide, so that all the information is easy to access and organized
  • Project Management: Improve project progress tracking with time-tracking capabilities, tags, dependency warnings, emails, and more

This template helps teams and individuals stay on the same page when establishing goals, tasks, and deadlines.

6. ClickUp Work To Do Template

Tackle your tasks with the revamped ClickUp Inbox—designed to to swiftly navigate through your priorities and get work done

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a team leader, leverage the Clickup Work To Do template to take control of your workload, conquer your tasks, and achieve project objectives with greater complete clarity and organization.

This template will let you:

  • Prioritize tasks based on importance, effort, and urgency
  • Organize projects into lists with subtasks and due dates
  • Visually track progress with Kanban boards and Gantt charts

Here’s how the Work To Do Template helps you complete your tasks:

  • Visualize your tasks on a simple and intuitive Kanban board and set priorities
  • Create and add tasks directly into the template, break down complex projects into smaller steps, and set deadlines and due dates
  • Keep track of crucial deadlines and ensure timely completion of tasks
  • Assign tasks to team members, leave comments and notes, and share to-do lists
  • Monitor your progress visually, identify bottlenecks and roadblocks, and measure efficiency objectively 

Use the ClickUp Work To Do template and experience the power of organized efficiency. 

7. ClickUp Scope of Work Template

ClickUp Scope of Work
The ClickUp Scope of Work template can help you outline all the details of a project

The Clickup Scope of Work Template helps you chart the specifics of your service or project, such as the project’s objectives, deliverables, and timeline. 

By laying down the project’s scope of work, ensure that stakeholders remain informed of progress and success.

This template lets you:

  • Break down a large project into manageable chunks by creating tasks and assigning owners to the tasks
  • Gain an instant overview of your completed tasks and track time spent on tasks to understand your productivity patterns and identify areas for improvement
  • Communicate with team members and stakeholders, delegate tasks directly within the template, and ensure everyone is aligned on project goals
  • Establish the limitations of your service and set up restrictions for team members
  • Set up recurring tasks and notifications, automating a part of the project’s workflow

This template is invaluable for individuals and teams of all sizes, but more so for project owners and team leaders. 

8. ClickUp Project Log Template

ClickUp Project Log Template
Manage your project’s daily log easily by keeping track of every task individually with the ClickUp Project Log Template

Tracking time can sometimes be a daily or weekly exercise. Work logs are helpful even for specific projects, where you track each task hourly or day-wise.

The ClickUp Project Log Template is custom-made for tracking progress and completion of tasks within projects. 

This free work log template is an excellent tool for project managers who want to supervise their projects in an organized way and prevent delays.

This template allows you to

  • Set task statuses: Create tasks, set deadlines, and share the log with your task owners
  • Update and revise timelines: With real-time updates and custom statuses,  keep checking off one task after another
  • Custom Views: Visualize and control the project plan through List, Gantt charts, Workload, Calendar, and other views
  • Track timelines: Create a tracker for timelines. Identify delays and optimize timelines for repetitive tasks

The template also enables real-time collaboration to post-project support and fosters clear communication between all stakeholders. 

9. ClickUp Work Breakdown Template

Work Breakdown Structure Template by ClickUp
Work Breakdown Structure via write: Tam Pham

A work breakdown structure is a step-by-step approach to a project that makes allocating tasks and tracking progress easier. 

The ClickUp Work Breakdown template organizes project deliverables and scopes into logical groups or project phases, with each level increasing in detail and specificity.

Whether managing a development project or organizing a complex event, utilize this template to break the work into smaller components. Create workback schedules that are easier to manage and deliver.

To take advantage of the full potential of this template, 

  • Create a project for each work breakdown goal
  • Break down the project into individual tasks and assign them to team members
  • Decide on timelines and prioritize tasks
  • Set up notifications to stay up-to-date on progress
  • Monitor and analyze tasks to ensure maximum productivity

Unlock your team’s full potential by breaking down complexity and fostering collaboration to achieve project goals clearly and confidently.

10. Excel Daily Work Record Template by WPS Template

Excel daily work record template

The Excel daily work record template offers a straightforward, customizable, and effective solution for tracking daily tasks and activities.

You can use these functions in this template:

  • Use conditional formatting to highlight critical information. For example, you could use conditional formatting to highlight all tasks that are high-priority or overdue
  • Apply formulas to calculate totals and averages. For example, you could use a formula to calculate the total time you spent on your tasks on a given day
  • Create charts and graphs to visualize your data. For instance, you could create a bar chart showing the percentage of time you spent on different tasks
  • Share your work record with your manager or team members, which will improve communication and collaboration

Through this template, you can unlock greater productivity levels, closer collaboration, and easier goal achievement by consistently tracking your activities and analyzing data.

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Unlock ClickUp’s Power with Work Log Templates

ClickUp’s work log templates are more than mere trackers. They are gateways to self-awareness, improved productivity, and collaborative success. 

Work log templates allow you to

  • Uncover hidden patterns in your workflow
  • Optimize time allocation and resource scheduling
  • Prioritize tasks and achieve goals faster
  • Foster transparency and accountability within team settings
  • Gain valuable insights for continuous improvement

With ClickUp, you also gain powerful tools that address the common needs of every solopreneur, project manager, team leader, and professional service provider. 

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