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10 SMART Goal Templates to Define Your Goals in 2024

Need a gentle push to stay on track with your goals and aspirations? 

Follow these steps: 

  • Write down your goals
  • Take decisive and consistent actions
  • Track how far you’ve come 

But simplicity is elusive. Staying true to your goals may seem easy, but it’s definitely not. 

If you’ve ever set New Year resolutions and forgot about them three weeks into the year, you know we’re stating facts. 

But hey, you’re not alone! 

As a busy individual, you cannot simply rely on pen, paper, and motivation to stay on track with your goals. You need discipline, and you need to create systems. 

The solution? SMART goals that systematize the goal-tracking process from head to toe. The SMART acronym refers to goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. And why start from scratch when you have templates that get your goal-setting exercise up and running quickly?

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What are SMART Goals Templates? 

A SMART goals template is a framework for organizations and individuals to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals or SMART goals, track progress, and review them from time to time.

Using a SMART goals template offers multiple benefits, both for individuals setting personal goals and professionals setting goals for their work: 

  • Set realistic expectations 
  • Stay on track with short-term objectives by setting daily goals, weekly goals, and monthly goals 
  • Keep teams focused on the long-term vision with yearly goals
  • Achieve communication goals by establishing clear objectives and offering team members visibility into progress 
  • Measure progress with advanced goal-tracking features
  • Review performance and adjust the objectives on the go 
  • Improve collaboration with the transparency SMART goals offer 
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What Makes a Good SMART Goals Template? 

A good SMART goals template is easy to use, adaptable, and seamless to track and update. You should be able to customize the template to fit your personal and professional needs. 

Being detail-oriented is another marker of a well-crafted goal template. It should offer enough space to include the essential details related to your goal, such as timelines, which team members to collaborate with, or the steps involved in reaching a goal. 

Adding a brief context for each goal will create clarity and help you attain those goals faster. 

The goal-setting template must seamlessly visualize progress to inspire you to keep going. It should have a neat structure for swiftly assessing whether your actions align with your goals and for identifying areas for improvement. 

Explore different template options to see which one makes goal-tracking feel less like a chore and more like a step toward making meaningful progress. 

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10 SMART Goals Templates to Use in 2024

We found the top SMART goal templates that are easy to use, don’t require technical expertise, and keep you productive. 

Here are 10 of the best ones.

1. ClickUp SMART Goals Template

Organize your SMART goals, add details for clarity, and visualize how taking regular actions propel you and your team toward success with ClickUp’s SMART Goals Template

Do you know your goals but aren’t sure how to take steps to achieve them? Most often, all you’ll need to do is break down your goals into small, actionable tasks.

ClickUp’s SMART Goals Template can help you do so.

The comprehensive template helps you add the necessary details to your goals, such as what you want to accomplish, who needs to be included, how much effort must go in, and the due date. With these details in place, you can map a clear path to reach your target. 

Personalize the template with custom statuses such as Complete, Crushing, Off Track, On Hold, and On Track to monitor progress on your tasks. Use custom fields to include additional details related to a goal. 

The template lets you divide company or personal goals into manageable chunks. Staying on track will become easier thanks to custom view options such as SMART Goals, Goal Effort, and SMART Goal Worksheet. 

2. ClickUp Smart Goals Template

Assess if your goals are truly SMART with the ClickUp Smart Goals Template

The ClickUp Smart Goals Template comes in handy when you’re not sure if your objectives could fit into the SMART framework. 

This template helps you evaluate if your goals are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound based on a set of prompts and checklists. With good and bad examples of goals, it showcases the right way to frame your personal or professional objectives for maximum impact. 

This one’s suitable for people just starting their SMART goal-setting journey. This customizable template serves multiple purposes, from helping you define SMART organizational and professional goals to identifying your personal goals. 

3. ClickUp SMART Goal Action Plan Template

Outline a plan of action to achieve your SMART Goals and monitor progress with the ClickUp SMART Goal Action Plan Template 

Reading goal-setting books and writing SMART goals is not enough. You need to create a plan of action to follow through with your targets. This is something ClickUp’s SMART Goal Action Plan Template can help with.

Designed for busy professionals, this comprehensive template covers the multiple steps involved in a goal-setting and tracking system, making it easier to stay organized.

It allows you to break down large objectives into smaller milestones, map out actions you need to take, list outcomes, monitor goal heath, assign timelines for each task, and more using custom fields. 

As in the first two templates, you can add statuses such as Complete, Evaluation, Execution, Not Started, or Planning to maintain track of progress on your tasks and keep external stakeholders updated. 

While this one’s best suited for establishing organizational objectives, you can personalize it to fit your personal and professional goals. Create an easy-to-follow action plan, pursue it consistently, and you’ll get closer to your aspirations before you know it. 

4. ClickUp Daily Goal Template

Break down big goals into daily actions and stay productive every day with the ClickUp Daily Goal Template 

Among the best ways to stay on track while chasing long-term goals is to break down tasks into specific daily actions. With the ClickUp Daily Goal Template, you can set short-term SMART objectives that ultimately lead you to your BHAGs (Big, Hairy, Audacious  Goals). 

This free template helps you focus on tasks one day at a time. Use it to outline SMART daily goals, stay motivated, and monitor progress over time to see how far you’ve come. 

This free SMART goals template empowers you to maximize productivity throughout the day, allowing you to set measurable goals, review them daily, and adjust them if needed. 

Custom statuses such as Complete, Reviewed, and To Do keep you updated with how much you’ve accomplished and what’s still left; custom fields allow you to add context or additional details to your task list; and custom views such as the Daily Notes, the Getting Started Guide, and the Notes List keep every information right at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re a college student, professional, freelancer, or business owner, this template is useful to tame your never-ending to-do list and give you a direction to handle your everyday workload. 

Bonus: 10 SMART Goals for College Students (Goal-Setting Tips and Examples)

5. ClickUp SMART Action Plan Template

Devise an action plan for your team, assign roles and responsibilities, and manage progress effortlessly with the SMART Action Plan Template by ClickUp

In any managerial role, you must align your team’s goals with the organization’s. Try ClickUp’s SMART Action Plan Template and accomplish your project management goals like a pro. It’s fully customizable, beginner-friendly, and makes the tracking process super organized. 

The template offers advanced goal-setting software capabilities, helping you outline every little detail related to your goals. From setting objectives, mapping out tasks and resources, and prioritizing tasks based on importance to tracking outcomes—you get an entire goal management system pre-built and ready to go. 

Customize the template to assign roles and responsibilities to team members—add custom fields to manage projects the way you want, add custom statuses to check progress, and use custom views such as List, Gantt, Workload, or Calendar to visualize your workflow. 

This SMART goal worksheet is particularly useful for remote or hybrid cross-functional teams. Project managers can implement the template to streamline collaboration and keep their project teams accountable. 

6. ClickUp Goals Signals Measures Template

Establish objectives, set signals to keep you on the right path, and track KPIs with ClickUp’s Goals Signals Measures Template

When dealing with complex workflows and chasing multiple goals in different areas of your business, simple goal-tracking templates will not suffice. You will need a thorough framework like the Goals Signals Measures Template by ClickUp to consistently hit your targets. 

It follows the goals-signals-measures (GSM) framework. With this template, you can 

  • define measurable goals
  • prioritize tasks
  • identify signals to ensure you’re moving the right way
  • set measures (key performance indicators or KPIs) to quantify the success of your goals
  • compile data related to the signals
  • track progress in real time with automated updates

Custom statuses help monitor each goal, signal, and measure, while custom statuses enable you to categorize GSMs and add details. Visualize your workflow using List, Gantt, Workload, Calendar, or any other custom view you choose. 

From managing internal business processes to handling client relationships, you can adapt this SMART goal framework for multiple business goals. 

7. ClickUp Individuals Goal Setting Template

Stay accountable to your personal goals with the Individuals Goal Setting Template by ClickUp

Sometimes, you get so busy with the company’s objectives that personal goals take a backseat. If you and your team struggle with this, use the ClickUp Individuals Goal Setting Template.

This ready-to-use template helps you set meaningful goals for your personal life, break them down into small steps, and document your progress. 

You can add context to your own SMART goals with 12+ custom fields, such as ‘Do you have the skills required to achieve this,’ ‘Why am I setting this goal right now,’ or ‘Amount of effort required.’ Custom statuses make it easy to track your performance against each goal. The template also offers multiple custom views for visual progress tracking. 

Give yourself a pat on the back as you achieve a milestone, and derive motivation from the statuses to inch forward. 

8. ClickUp Annual Goals Template

Take consistent actions toward your long-term goals with the Annual Goal Template by ClickUp 

We’ve all been there—starting the year in high spirits and setting lofty annual goals, only to lose motivation midway and abandon the plans. 

A framework to track progress and stay accountable could be missing in those yearly goals. 

ClickUp’s Annual Goal Template is a great tool if you want to stick to your goals throughout the year. It helps you write SMART goals and break them down into manageable tasks, turning them into a monthly checklist.

You can use this template to set long-term goals for your organization—things you want to achieve one, two, or five years later. Visualize progress with custom views and make adjustments on the go as needed. 

It keeps all team members on the same page, leading to more focused work and higher productivity. 

9. ClickUp Company OKRs & Goals Template

Stay on top of your quarterly goals with the Company OKRs and Goals Template by ClickUp 

When your business has many ambitious goals, you need a solid OKR system to manage, track, and adapt your objectives to changing circumstances. This is where ClickUp’s Company OKRs & Goals Template can help. 

It provides your team a helpful roadmap to work toward the OKRs and stay aligned with the organization’s vision. Standardized employee performance measurements make it easier for your team to attain their objectives, boosting team morale and creating a positive work environment. 

Assign 30+ custom statuses to your tasks, such as To Do, Needs Attention, Awaiting Approval, or Off-Track, which helps with seamless goal tracking. You can also use custom fields to add additional information about goals. 

You can visualize your workflow any way you want with the OKR Submission Board, All Related OKR Items, OKR Calendar Board, or any of the eight available custom view options. 

Businesses of any size that set quarterly OKRs can use this template to keep team members accountable for their quarterly goals. 

10. ClickUp Yearly Goals Template

Keep your eyes fixed on the year-long objectives and inch closer to them with ClickUp’s Yearly Goals Template

Staying focused on yearly goals requires clarity and consistency. Clarity keeps every team member aligned with the bigger vision, while consistency leads to monumental results with small, regular actions. ClickUp’s Yearly Goals Template can help you with this. 

It allows you to set measurable objectives, assign tasks to team members, monitor progress, set timelines, evaluate performance, and adjust the targets as required. 

Tailor the template with custom statuses, fields, and views and improve transparency among team members at all levels. 

Whether you want to set business or personal goals, you can customize the template to suit different needs. 

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Rethinking Goal-Tracking: The SMART Way 

The process of measurable smart goal tracking ensures you don’t lose sight of the things that matter the most in your life, personal or professional. 

However, setting SMART goals, tracking them, and monitoring progress requires time and effort. 

That’s why ClickUp templates are a popular solution. No need to start from scratch—work on a ready-to-use outline, tailor it to your workflow, and follow through with regular actions. Keep your eye on the prize and there’ll be no stopping you!

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