Sales Podcasts: Unlock Your Sales Potential with Expert Insights

Sales Podcasts: Unlock Your Sales Potential with Expert Insights

Sales podcasts are a vast source of knowledge that offers real-life insights from sales professionals, marketing leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re a B2B sales leader, sales coach, entry-level sales rep, enthusiast in the quest for personal development, or a business leader aiming to build a supportive sales culture, these resources are a goldmine of high-quality sales information.

This blog lists the top sales podcasts to listen to in 2024. Bookmark this blog so you can share it with your team to improve your organization’s sales effectiveness. 

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Importance of Listening to Sales Podcasts

To rise higher in your sales career, you must learn how the best leaders achieve success. Here are three factors to consider when reflecting on the importance of a sales engagement podcast. 

Continuous learning

Time is of the essence for sales managers, but upskilling for professional development requires time. Podcasts offer sales professionals the perfect alternative to the traditional classroom learning format. 

The best part is that you can listen to a sales podcast at work between coffee breaks or at home while completing household chores. Did you know that 43% of podcast listeners listen to their preferred podcasts during transit? However, if you’re serious about learning, dedicate time to listening to sales podcasts, as you’ll be more mindful of the practical advice rather than multitasking. 

Motivation and inspiration

Leading sales experts willingly share their strategies, success stories, and practical advice on real-time challenges in the business and sales world. They give you a peek into how they cracked complex deals that became the turning point of their sales careers and insights from the sales success community trailblazers.

If you’re looking for a new source of inspiration, podcasts might motivate you to build a growth mindset or become a sales expert. 

Networking opportunities

Podcasts are great conversation starters and excellent networking tools when connecting with seasoned sales professionals.

The official SaaStr podcast host Jason Lemkin even allows listeners to join the SaaS online sales success community, which counts veteran tech sales leaders as its members.

Such forums offer listeners the opportunity to engage in feedback and discussions. Capitalize on networking opportunities to connect with fellow sales professionals and share strategies for improving your craft.

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Top-Rated Must-Listen Sales Podcasts

Here’s our list of the 13 best sales podcasts to help you upgrade your sales skills, learn new sales strategies, and take inspiration from sales success stories.

1. Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

Andy Paul is a seasoned sales expert with more than three decades of experience in sales leadership. His YouTube channel has over 700 videos.

Head over to Apple Podcasts to listen to the latest episodes of Paul’s sales enablement podcast. Each episode features interviews with sales experts and business leaders and covers various topics, such as sales enablement strategies, sales technology, sales leadership, and success stories.

We can’t recommend this podcast enough to sales professionals. The in-depth B2B sales insights this sales leadership podcast provides will fast-track your learning journey. 

Must-listen episodes:

2. Practical Prospecting

Jed Mahrle, a former outbound sales executive at PandaDoc, hosts the practical prospecting podcast. He built PandaDoc’s outbound team and helped the company achieve a billion-dollar valuation. After leaving PandaDoc, Mahrle worked with Mailshake, booking over 100 qualified outbound meetings monthly.

If you want to sharpen your outbound sales prospecting strategy and learn the dos and don’ts straight from the horse’s mouth, this podcast is for you. Apart from Jed’s hands-on experience building teams from scratch and generating leads from cold emails, the podcast also features illustrious guest speakers.

Apart from covering technical details, Mahrle, as a sales host, covers interesting topics. In one of the episodes, he invited Kris Rudeegraap, founder of Rendoso, to chat about how sales executives should send gifts to their prospects.

Must-listen episodes:

3. Your Sales MBA Podcast

Jeff Hoffman and Cece Aparo host the Your Sales MBA podcast—a one-stop destination for beginners to learn about sales. Hoffman is an award-winning sales-training program creator with over 25 years of experience working with companies like Google and Akamai Technologies. Aparo is a sales and marketing veteran and has worked with global organizations, helping them improve their revenue and pipeline.

Together, they act as virtual sales coaches, motivating and building your confidence as a budding sales professional. The Sales MBA podcast focuses on the ‘how’ instead of the ‘why’, delivering impactful advice and actionable insights to help you navigate challenges and close more deals.

Must-listen episodes:

4. The GTM Podcast

Hosted by Scott Barker, the GTM Podcast brings you the latest insights from market leaders and strategists worldwide.

It gives you access to the latest trends (such as social selling and using sales psychology to boost your sales) and insights from thought leaders and industry practitioners. The topics include sales enablement, development, account-based selling, and B2B sales and marketing alignment. 

This podcast is great for professionals at all levels because it offers sales techniques you can implement immediately. It is designed to take your career to the next level, whether you’re a rep, a sales veteran, or anyone in between. 

Must-listen podcasts:

5. B2B Growth Show

Benji Block hosts the B2B Growth Show with James Carbary. James is the founder of Sweet Fish, a podcast agency for B2B brands, and the author of the book Content-Based Networking.

B2B Growth Show posts 20-30 minute weekly videos covering various topics beyond sales. For example, they recently covered influencer marketing for B2B brands and how it has gained traction. B2B leaders are trusted by their audience, so their product recommendations are far more convincing than branded advertising.

Must-listen episodes:

6. Make It Happen Mondays

John Barrows, the host of the Make It Happen Mondays podcast, has done it all—from sales to business acquisitions. He is the founder of JBarrows Consulting, and his clients include Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Okta.

Every week, John releases a new podcast discussing the different areas of sales and prospecting. His guest list includes sales reps, account executives, and CEOs who share actionable sales tips on growing a career in sales and practical tactics for getting better results from prospecting.

Must-listen episodes:

7. The James Altucher Show

James Altucher is an angel investor and a serial entrepreneur. He has founded 20 companies and shares his learnings and experiences about business, life, and finance in his podcast. We highly recommend his Wall Street Journal best-selling book, ‘Choose Yourself,’ to all sales professionals.

Altucher started his podcast in 2014 and has featured guest speakers ranging from actors and rappers to astronauts and billionaires—Altucher refers to his guests as ChooseYourselfers. 

Mark Cuban, Sir Richard Branson, and Tyra Banks are among the rich and famous that have graced the show. If you want to be the best version of yourself and seek ways to create financial freedom, this is the place to seek inspiration.

Must-listen episodes:

8. Conversations with Women in Sales

Lori Richardson hosts the Conversations with Women in Sales podcast and heads the sales strategy firm Score More Sales, which helps companies in SaaS, financial services, and other industries grow their sales revenue. Richardson is also the author of She Sells, a guide for business leaders to hire and promote more female sales professionals.

Conversations with Women in Sales showcases the successful journeys of women entrepreneurs. Each episode features a successful woman sharing their learnings and best practices to help sales professionals grow their careers. Most episodes are less than 30 minutes long and cover enterprise sales, sales leadership, and content creation.

The podcast also covers other topics, such as leadership, career management, dealing with imposter syndrome, building confidence, strategic partnerships, social media, and content creation.

Must-listen episodes:

9. Sales Gravy 

Jeb Blount, host of the Sales Gravy podcast, is a 15x writer, sales leader, speaker, and specialist in sales acceleration who has trained thousands of sales professionals and advised leading companies globally.

In this podcast, Blount breaks down complex sales topics into simple formats that are easy to understand. Each podcast ranges from 10 minutes to an hour and focuses on different aspects of sales management, like how to build better relationships with customers, negotiate, and become a better closer. 

The podcast also features guest speakers like Ryan Taft, author of the sales book Story Getter. Together, they explore how buying is an emotional experience and how sales pros use curiosity and empathy to sell more to their customers.

Must-listen episodes:

10. The Sales Evangelist

Sales trainer Donald Kelly is the founder, CEO, and host of The Sales Evangelist podcast. Kelly believes that sales professionals should easily earn six figures, and he started his podcast ‘Evangelize,’ to share what worked well in his sales career.

The podcast is an excellent sales training source. Kelly invites sales experts, entrepreneurs, and sales leaders to share their sales success stories and motivate salespeople to overcome challenges and achieve top-income status. 

In one of the episodes, sales leader Matt Doyon talks about his game-changing concept of the 3X3 coaching methodology. Matt shares his insights to show how his coaching framework has the potential to revolutionize sales training and improve performance. 

The podcast also features other topics like building a sales pipeline, turning lost deals into opportunities, and how to get a response from ICP on LinkedIn.

Must-listen episodes:

11. The Failure Factor

Megan Bruneau hosts the Failure Factor podcast. She is a therapist, speaker, and an executive coach.

The Failure Factor podcast covers stories of career perseverance. Although the hour-long episodes are released infrequently, they feature professionals from different walks of life who successfully transformed their lives by surviving lows in their careers.

Sales work is challenging, and motivating yourself daily takes work. Podcasts like Failure Factor will help you push through when you feel like you’re in a slump or have hit a low in your career.

Must-listen episodes:

12. The Advanced Selling Podcast

Sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale jointly host The Advanced Selling Podcast. Don’t let the word ‘advanced’ misguide you into thinking this is a boring podcast. Caskey and Neale’s 20-year sales experience and humor-peppered insights on building a successful sales career make this podcast a perfect resource for sales beginners to learn advanced sales concepts.

This is one of the longest-running sales podcasts, with over 700 episodes in 15 years. The podcast focuses on building long-term client relationships and developing a mindset for winning deals. Prospecting, sales communication, buyer resistance, cold calling, deal coaching, and sales forecasting are other topics often discussed on the show.

Must-listen episodes:

13. Mental Selling: The Sales Performance Podcast

Mental Selling is hosted by Will Milano, the CMO of Integrity Solutions, a company known for running virtual sales training programs. This podcast covers the various emotional and psychological drivers of sales and leadership that help sales reps uncover their full potential.

Sales leaders and industry experts share their insights on developing the mindset and skill set required to forge successful client relationships. The podcast features stories on self-limiting beliefs that keep sales leaders from achieving extraordinary career success. The complexities of B2B buying cycles and the rise of virtual selling are a few other topics discussed in this podcast. 

Success in sales performance depends on how well a sales professional balances their mental and emotional presence. The Mental Selling podcast is the ideal destination to learn more about the sales process from the best in the industry.

Must-listen episodes:

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Meet Your Sales Goals with ClickUp

Meet ClickUp- the best alternative to Pipedrive vs Salesmate
Manage your sales pipeline and workflows on one comprehensive platform using ClickUp

Successful sales leaders have a business secret—they use the best sales tools to catapult their sales performance and skyrocket their careers. 

For example, ClickUp is an end-to-end tool for sales teams, keeps your sales funnel organized in one place, and automates repetitive tasks to make your sales process more efficient. 

Let’s look at some of the key ClickUp features for sales teams. 


Assign, update, and prioritize tasks automatically so leads keep moving in your sales pipeline without manual intervention. Use pre-built automation or customize it according to your needs. ClickUp Automations also works with external apps to bring everything into a single workflow. Moreover, you can automate over 50 actions, specify the event that sets off the trigger of an automation action and control the entire process the way you want. 


Use the ClickUp Dashboard as your headquarters to track how your team is performing and closing deals. Manage work by distributing the workload through scrum points and organizing resources in a dashboard for easy visualization. Plan and track your quarterly goals through completed tasks, and manage everything with a customized control center. Identify bottlenecks in the process with the help of Burnup, Burndown, and Velocity charts.

Custom reports setup in ClickUp
Monitor your sales performance, revenue generated, pipeline activity, and more with custom reports and dashboards in ClickUp CRM  


Create branded forms to capture data from leads, organize them, and automatically create tasks to assign to your team. The ClickUp Quote Form Template is one of the most popular templates salespersons use as it simplifies tasks like collecting client information and service quotations.


Set sales goals for targets, milestones, and timelines. Keep your goals organized to track sprint cycles and employee scorecards. Track progress with numerical or monetary value and true or false. Group goals into a folder to visualize progress percentages. Or link all tasks to a single goal, and ClickUp will automatically track your progress as you complete them.

ClickUp Goals
Visualize progress, celebrate milestones, and maintain motivation by tracking progress toward goals in real-time


Create SOPs and proposals on ClickUp Docs and collaborate with your sales team to edit them in real-time. Create Wikis with nested pages, create bookmarks, and format documents the way you like. Link your docs to the tasks, add widgets to update workflows, and change status. Add them to any part of your workspace and categorize them so your team can easily access the docs.

Pre-built sales pipeline template

Manage each stage of your sales process using the ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template

The ClickUp Sales Pipeline Template is the easiest way to build a sales process. This template will help you establish different stages of the pipeline, gather leads, assign tasks, track progress, and analyze results.

Use this template to visualize the entire sales funnel in a single view, manage customer data with a drag-and-drop feature, and prioritize leads based on urgency and order value. 

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Try ClickUp Today

Sales has always been a competitive field. To excel in a sales career, you must keep yourself updated with practical tips from sales experts, listen to sales leadership podcasts, and use tools like ClickUp to streamline your sales processes from start to finish.

We shared the best sales podcasts with you and the platforms where you can hear them. 

To start using ClickUp, create your account for free now.

Common FAQs

1. How will listening to sales podcasts help me? 

Sales podcasts are easy to listen to. Sit back and listen to experts exchanging ideas in your field. They add a new dimension to industry news and trends by offering interesting viewpoints and often go deeper into technical subjects than traditional textual content. 

2. How do I become a good salesman?

Continuous learning is one of the best ways of becoming a good salesman. Listening to sales podcasts and using modern tools like ClickUp will keep you ahead of the competition and maximize your career growth.

3. How are podcasts used for sales and marketing?

Podcasts are used in sales and marketing to create thought leadership content, engage new listeners, and convert them into potential leads. They’re also an excellent medium for building strong relationships with existing customers, promoting new products, and expanding industry connections.

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